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Middlesex County Sheriff

The primary duty of the Sheriff is the Security of the County Courthouses and protecting all personnel assigned to these facilities. This function is one of several duties mandated by the New Jersey Constitution. In addition, the Transportation division is responsible for transporting inmates to and from the courthouse as well as to and from other law enforcement departments and correctional facilities throughout the state.

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    Anthony Gallo

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    Mildred Scott

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What are the biggest issues facing the Sheriff's office at this time? What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these issues?

If you had the chance to undertake one new initiative to improve the Sheriff's office, what would it be?

What can the Sheriff do to improve public trust in law enforcement?

1-Sanctuary Policies 2-Sheriffs Officers are not treated properly 3-Sheriffs Department is under utilized 4-Lawsuits due to lack of leadership I will Cooperate with All law enforcement agencies to keep Criminal Illegal out of our back yards, I will re build relationships with my Officers and have an open door policy so no Officer will be mistreated, The current Sheriff does not address the issues of her Officers and this is why she has lost over $5Million in lawsuits from her own Officers for Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. I will expand the Sheriffs Department with Programs that are already being utilized in other counties using Grants, like a program in effect now in Monmouth county for People with Alzheimer’s and special needs children in the form of a life saving bracket that can track these people when they are lost and find them usually within 30 minutes. I owned my own companies in the past which is where my managerial experience will come in handy and a team of support experts that know the sheriffs department inside out.
I would immediately start a rotation of the Officers so they are not stuck on one assignment for more than 3 months. We have a lot of well trained and highly experienced Officers in the Sheriffs Department that are leaving due to this issue.
I will visit every municipality in my first year and meet with local leaders in each to discuss their needs. I will also make as many events that pertain to the safety and security of our communities as I can. The current Sheriff was invited to one town because the community was experiencing many robberies and home invasions and never showed up. I will be at those events.
Since my swearing in on January 1, 2011, I’ve been honored to serve the residents of Middlesex County as Sheriff. As Sheriff, I’ve overseen major advances in the security of the courthouses and satellite offices including upgrades and installation of additional security cameras; establishment of a Joint Fugitive Task Force in partnership with the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office, and addition and training of a narcotics dog. I am proud of the work I’ve done not only as Middlesex County Sheriff, but throughout my entire career in law enforcement. In 1968, I was one of the first females to graduate the County Police Academy to then be sworn in as a Sheriff’s Officer. I rose through the ranks, becoming the first female to serve as Chief Sheriff Officer. In this role, I supervised all Sheriff’s Officers, oversaw all courthouse security, instituted fingerprinting programs in schools, established a senior home security program, and coordinated prisoner transport services. When I was later elected Sheriff, I recognized it was important to refine and expand these programs and the others which I have mentioned, to provide for the safety of our residents in a responsible, efficient manner.
I have made it a priority for the Middlesex County Sheriff's Office to expand our presence in and service to the community. We’ve expanded the ways we serve the community through programs like Project Lifesaver, which assists aging or disabled family members by providing tracking bracelets which the Sheriff’s Office can use to find missing loved ones. We’ve also expanded community programs to provide education about the Sheriff's Office and vital public safety topics. In 2018, we launched D.A.R.E. Junior Academy, which provides education and awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse in addition to education about the function of the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement. I am especially proud to have sponsored a gun buyback program which removed firearms from our streets and helps keep our schools and communities safe. I will continue to prioritize our Office’s community activities to build stronger relationships with the residents we serve.
As Sheriff, I have strived to build accountability into all Sheriff’s Office operations. This has included changes in the personnel structure, as well as technological improvements, to ensure we are serving our constituents in an efficient and effective manner. For the first time in the history of the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office, I lead us through an accreditation process because I recognized the need to ensure we were adhering to best-in-class policies and procedures. This process resulted in our Office receiving the prestigious New Jersey Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Accreditation. We are one of only 10 Sheriff’s Offices in the State to receive this accreditation. I can and will continue to hold the Sheriff’s Office to the highest possible standards of service to our residents.