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Please indicate your top three state priority issues and explain how you would address them.

What, if anything, do you propose to address concerns regarding property taxes?

What would you do to promote job growth in our state?

Campaign Address 165 S CLINTON ST unit 2nd floor East Orange, NJ. 07018
Education: Parental School choice is essential. It has proven along with charter schools to improve students opportunities of learning and would break the School to prison pipeline. Parental Notification: Schools and institutions should have to consult Parents upon aiding an underage young lady in a decision to have an abortion. Parental notification would also aid law enforcement in deterring human trafficking in the state. Presently children are receiving abortion services without the notification of the parent which in many cases the child has been separated from the parent. The parent would also know the health history of the child which is vital in performing this surgery. NO NEW TAXES. Changing how we fund the education in New Jersey which is 1/3rd of the budget would immediately reduce taxes for homeowners and make New Jersey competitive once again as a place for the elderly as well as millennial's to live.
As previously stated I would never vote for a tax raise upon the citizens of New Jersey. Changing the formula on how we fund our public schools is the answer. There is far to much waste and corruption in the funding system. How can a billion dollars be missing and no one go to jail or be held accountable? The system is designed to hide money and certainly is used in no show jobs and inflated purchases. The money does not get to the classroom.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed New Jersey what not to do. Hey, You have to make businesses comfortable doing business in New Jersey. What happened with Amazon was typical of "left progressive ideology".The increase in workers would give a boost to local business and the housing market for those seeking to relocate to enjoy our moderate tax rate and job opportunities. Flight out of New Jersey is epidemic. Its small business that produces most of the jobs and they are immediately impacted when employment opportunities as well as education deficiencies prevail. Anyone supporting the status quo is personally benefiting from the present equation and is not considering the whole nor the future of New Jersey. .
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Campaign Address P.O. Box 43062, Montclair, NJ 07043-0062
The New Jersey State Pension System: As I have stated in previous responses, a stronger bi-partisan effort must be made to address this problem. New Jersey went from having one of the best funded state retirement plans in the country to one of the worst funded in a little over 20 years, how this happened is a matter of public record. Again, recent efforts to improve funding has been a step in the right direction but much more needs to be done and we must avoid short-term fixes. The Governor, Senate and Assembly must work together to exercise the fiscal discipline and improve the expertise and management skills needed to restore the fiscal health of the state pension system. If re-elected, I will continue to pledge my support for this effort.

Property Taxes - See below.

Promote job growth - See below.
Again, as I have stated in the past: New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the nation, we must continue efforts to implement shared services and cost efficiency on the state and local level. Efforts to establish full funding of schools has improved and must continue to do so as well as funding of property tax relief programs.

I still believe we should pass a millionaires tax.

New Jersey must look to the Federal Government for much needed and deserved financial support, this state has never received a fair share of returned Federal dollars and continued efforts must be made to accomplish this.
Again, Richard W. Roper, former Director of the Program for NJ Affairs at Princeton Univ. Woodrow Wilson School provided direction that I continue to support: From 1995 to 2013 more than 85% of N.J. jobs came fro home-grown startups and expansion of in-state businesses, only 4% moved here from other states. With a skilled work force and other amenities NJ can develop on-ramps to business growth."

We need smart growth solution, public investment in small business and continue to help NJ residents necessary education and job skills.
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Campaign Address P.O. Box 5052 East Orange, NJ 07019
New Jersey is ranked as one of the highest states in the country for foreclosure. To tackle high foreclosure rates and the loss of homes, I hope to pass the "Community Wealth Preservation Program," (A4412), which will make the foreclosure sale process equitable for community members and those trying to save their homes and wealth from being lost to outside investors. New Jersey is also often described as one of the most expensive places to live. So, in addition to tackling foreclosures, I hope to improve affordability throughout our state by requiring developers of residential housing to provide low, moderate, and middle income housing or pay fee. This create long term affordable housing units and homes that will be deemed affordable for 98 years. Another top concern I plan to address is environmental health. In May 2019, Governor Murphy signed my bill into law, A4416. The law prohibits the sale or distribution of products containing asbestos, a harmful chemical that has been known to
Overall, Affordability is a major issue throughout municipalities in our state. My bills, A-4412 and A-4414, work to address this issue by creating opportunities that expand access to high quality, affordable housing. In addition to this, we must also continue to expand our senior freeze program while further maintaining and establishing sustainable sources of revenue that will allow New Jersey residents to not be faced with a high property tax bill. This includes analyzing municipal spending, state spending, and education funding formulas to ensure that taxpayers are not being surprised with large property tax bills that make it impossible to remain in their homes.
During my tenure as President of the Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, I wrote a law called the Essex County Clean Jobs Initiative, an ordinance that was unanimously passed on January 18, 2017. The Clean Jobs Initiative establishes both job training and job placement for Essex County’s unemployed and underemployed residents on how to clean up brownfields and abate lead and asbestos to make communities safer and revitalize our environment. The Clean Jobs Initiative tackled two major issues in Essex County, the high unemployment rate and high levels of toxins in our communities. Job growth should be looked at from this standpoint: "How do we address longterm issues while also creating sustainable, longterm jobs that lead people int career paths?" This is just one example of how we can do that. In addition to the environment, we must also focus in on expanding access to jobs in STEM, advancing our state in a new way.