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    Harold J. "Hal" Wirths

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Please indicate your top three state priority issues and explain how you would address them.

What, if anything, do you propose to address concerns regarding property taxes?

What would you do to promote job growth in our state?

Campaign Address 121 Wintermute Road, Newton, NJ 07860
1. I believe in protecting and strengthening the quality of New Jersey's education system. We need to ensure that we attract top quality individuals into the teaching profession, pay them appropriately and mandate a fair funding formula. 2. We need to make New Jersey a competitive state in which businesses and individuals wish to live and work. To accomplish this, comprehensive tax reform is needed. 3. New Jersey needs to invest in infrastructure that will encourage the needed economic development. Funding is needed for bridges, roadways and internet services.
Increased shared services and consolidation of local governments, police and fire departments and school districts.
One size does not fit all in terms of economic development. An analysis of each region of the state and the strengths and weaknesses of each needs to be done. And efforts at job growth should be directed at the strengths of that region. For example, LD 24 has amazing outdoor activities and farms. Job growth efforts should focus on enviro-tourism and agri-tourism projects.
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Campaign Address PO Box 263, Sussex, NJ 07461
1. Property Taxes 2. Promoting Job Growth 3. Keeping Northwestern New Jersey the special place that it is. I serve on the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee. As a farmer I know the difficulties farmers face year after year. Prices for equipment and labor keep going up while people do not want the price of food and other agricultural commodities going up. Farmers keep vast amounts of land in open spaces and out of development. If we can’t preserve the farmer, we can’t keep the land fertile and open, and where would we get our food? There are positive things that have happened such as the legalization of industrial hemp but unfortunately here it is mired in red tape and Governor Murphy may not allow a growing season in 2020. We need to do more to promote agritourism and other profit growing capabilities such as the allowing the selling of raw milk and the selling of home-baked goods, and reducing the excise taxes on craft distilleries. If not, more farms will vanish.
Property taxes is the Number 1 issue in New Jersey. Period.

Assemblyman Wirths and I believe now is the time for a special session of the legislature solely on the issue of property taxes. We are sponsors of that resolution to do so. Our resolution (ACR-87) will allow the presiding officer and the minority leader of each house to each present bills to be considered by that house at the special session and such bills have to be called for a vote. We owe it to the taxpayers of New Jersey to have a special session now.

Assemblyman Wirths and I sponsor 100 pieces of legislation to combat high property taxes, all of those which haven’t been enacted by now, could be voted on during a special session. These bills cover the topics of direct property tax relief, education spending and funding reform, civil service reform, pension and health benefit reform, shared services, local government unit savings and mandate reform, government reform and reforming housing mandates.
My family and I are small business owners. I know what it is to meet a payroll, to hire and fire, to deal with government red tape, and to provide quality services and products to consumers. The more burdens and regulations and taxes imposed on families and employers, the less the economy will expand.

I will continue to fight against any and all proposals by liberal Democrats to increase mandates on businesses and raise taxes. We need to lower our state income and corporate business taxes across the board. In addition, we need to protect the estate tax elimination and other tax cuts implemented during Christie’s eight years in office.

We need to make the Red Tape Review Commission permanent and get business owners more involved so we can propose even better legislation to make New Jersey more competitive for jobs and economic development.

We also need to expand job training and technical education programs to better prepare our workforce.
Campaign Address 12 Cornwall Court, Hamburg NJ 07419
1. Property Taxes 2. Promoting Job Growth 3. Protecting children

I am actively pursuing action on legislation to ensure the constant supervision of children who are placed in child-psychiatric facilities.

A3958 was introduced at the request of a Sussex County parent. She was the long-time foster parent to a seven-year-old boy who was placed in a child psychiatric ward of a prominent NJ hospital. To her horror, when he returned home after a five-day stay, he reported that he had been repeatedly sexually molested by his nine-year-old male roommate.

This is a parent’s worst nightmare. What this family has had to endure is horrendous. We urgently need to address these facilities’ inadequate supervision policies through legislation by requiring them to properly supervise and protect children who are in their care due to psychiatric crises.

I introduced A3958 to require every children’s psychiatric facility in to supervise each child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Property taxes is the Number 1 issue in New Jersey.

I am sponsoring 100 bills to address property taxes by direct tax reduction, government transparency and the elimination of wasteful spending.

I am fighting for fair school funding for children in rural and suburban school districts. I support ACR-22, Proposes an amendment to Constitution specifying a method of providing for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools and allocating all income tax receipts to school districts. The Fair School Funding plan which would eliminate the court’s meddling in school funding once and for all and bring back precious state resources throughout New Jersey.

Enact judicial reforms to keep the state Supreme Court from raising our property taxes through their decisions on school funding (Abbott). These include retention elections and giving the Legislature and/or the voters the power to overturn decisions.
New Jersey’s business climate was decimated because of high taxes, overregulation, and excessive lawsuits. We were on a path towards job loss and stagnant growth before the national recession began.

Republicans have taken steps to eliminate burdensome laws and regulations, and help reform the regulatory process all of which will make our State a desirable place to live and work once again.

Now the Democrats want to do a full reversal of the progress made when I was Commissioner of Labor. Murphy and the Democrats have raised 25 taxes and fees in the last two years plus have been increasing the regulatory burden on small business owners.

Job creators need strong articulate voices representing them in the Legislature. The amount of devastating anti-business legislation that is being proposed for the next session is downright frightening. I have used my knowledge as a former business owner, freeholder, and Commissioner of Labor to oppose these efforts.