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Please indicate your top three state priority issues and explain how you would address them.

What, if anything, do you propose to address concerns regarding property taxes?

What would you do to promote job growth in our state?

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Campaign Address 8 Pinewald Lane Burlington, NJ 08016
1. EDA Tax Incentives: repeal the 2013 expansion of the legislation, reform application process, institute stronger oversight measures; 2. Public Worker Pensions: insure full funding; revisit constitutional amendment to keep pension system fully funded; 3. Millionaires Tax: increase income tax on personal income over $1,000,000
I believe that property tax relief can only be achieved if we find new sources of revenue, like the millionaires tax, and if we decrease spending on corporate tax incentives.
Job growth starts with education. We need to retain our great teachers, fund our public schools, train students for the future economy, and train displaced workers in new technologies. We need to get back out in front as leaders in renewable energy technology in order to attract business opportunities. We also need to encourage small business development.
Campaign Address Moorestown
Double Dipping politicians, Irritating Robocalls, and drug use. 1) The practice of Double Dipping politicians holding two political jobs at the same time needs to end. This action greatly increases their pensions based on the highest three years of their salary. These politicians would possibly make more in their pensions than a teacher would. They are working the system and we need to eliminate this. This is unfair. 2)The irritating and possibly illegal robocalls are hitting all residents' phones. We need to stop this practice. Our state legislature has not acted on forceful legislation. Other states such as Indiana and Missouri have acted on robocall laws and it has greatly reduced the automated calls by using stiff penalties to those who send them. 3) Should we be talking about what drugs to legalize? What we need to recognize is the serious and deadly drug problems from opioid and fentanyl overdoses in NJ. We need to enact stricter penalties to those who distribute the drugs.
New Jersey remains as the highest property tax state in the union. The high property taxes are the biggest reason why people are leaving the state. There are some people I know that moved to Delaware because the taxes are so low. For New Jersey to be an attractable reason to stay and move here there should be a mechanism like tax credits for those residents over 55 years old "empty nesters" and the senior citizens homestead rebate level increased to encourage them to stay in the state. There should also be a proposal to encourage millennial age property owners to live in our state by offering a tax credit. We need to provide tax incentives and credits to small businesses. There should be more effort to encourage new businesses to our state and local communities without having the high tax burden and stiff regulations that currently are in place,
What needs to be done to promote job growth in our state is to lower taxes and regulations on businesses. Have the least restrictions on starting a business. No large amount of jobs come in due to high taxes. Our goal should be to keep the businesses here and encourage others to open here. There should not be a burden and cause them to leave to other states. As an example, about 20 years ago I was on ferry from England to Ireland. I spoke with an engineer from Ireland who stated people were leaving Ireland to work in England because the taxes were so high. About 10 years ago Ireland lowered the business tax rate dramatically. People are now staying in Ireland, perhaps coming back, because of the low taxes and in turn good employment opportunities. Perhaps we should copy the states that have done this succeessfully like Ohio? We should also create tax credits for first time workers,teenagers through high school programs,and tax credits to businesses for hiring special needs adults
Campaign Address PO Box 181 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
The top three priority issues that I will focus on in my next term would be state finances, transparency and mental health.

As a member of the Budget Committee, I have seen firsthand the fiscal and affordability challenges we face, and the need to modernize our infrastructure. To help address this we need structural tax reform to tackle our multitude of layers of government that is a massive spending driver, and consider real reforms, which address spending and sustainable revenue sources.

Related to our fiscal crisis is the need for government transparency reforms, so we can find inefficiency/waste in government spending, and locally by implementing zero based budgeting practices, we could require the justification of every tax dollar being spent to find smart cost savings.

Learning about the gaps existing in mental health issues facing our high school students, I'm working towards reforms to help our kids by improving the process to screen in the school system & raise awareness.
For decades we have paid the highest property taxes on average in America, and we have taken some steps to alleviate these challenges from a 2% cap on property tax increases, freezing property taxes for lower income senior citizens and rebates/credits for middle-class families, but we need a more comprehensive approach to truly bring about change. It is my view that in a state known for our duplicative layers of government that we should review sharing of services, regional consolidation and attack the real cost drivers impacting taxpayers the most. Additionally, we should end paying for public schools through property taxes, and instead shift that responsibility to income taxes, which would dramatically reverse income inequality in our state. Lastly, we need government transparency reforms to help spotlight inefficient/redundant spending practices to be addressed, and incorporate zero based budgeting practices to justify every dollar of local government spending.
I'm proud to work closely with local business owners to hear directly from them at roundtable discussions, which provide me a unique perspective of what they need to grow our economy. Together, we have focused on ways to promote the Route 130 corridor in my legislative district, and the Rancocas Woods section of Mount Laurel attempting to build up their downtown area. Additionally, we need public policy that supports our local businesses to hire and retain employees. And, despite recent criticism of tax credit programs, I strongly support these efforts that have been the backbone of investing in New Jersey because we must be competitive against neighboring states, and a break in that approach will do severe harm to our economy.