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School Directors are elected on behalf of the community to oversee the education of students in their jurisdiction. They serve as agents of the state legislature. They are responsible for curriculum and instruction management, all finances including development of annual budgets and levying of taxes and issuance of debt obligations when necessary; personnel; legal matters; management of facilities; and transportation of students as appropriate. Schools may includes pre-K and career and technical schools. The school board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office without pay. 4 year term

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    Barry Christenson
    (Dem, Rep)

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    Darren McGregor
    (Dem, Rep)

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    Jim Means

  • James Modrak
    (Dem, Rep)

  • Vincent Scalzo

  • Kimberly Walsh Turner
    (Dem, Rep)

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What can School Board Members do to encourage Early Learning in youngsters before they begin or enter school?

Last Name Christenson
First Name Barry
Age 53
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Education - M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University - B.S. Mechanical Engineering, North Dakota State University
Qualifications for office I’m running for a re-election on the Bethel Park School Board to help our district deliver the best educational value. My goal is for Bethel Park School District to provide an exceptional learning environment while utilizing financial resources in a responsible way. My first term on the board has highlighted our urgent need to excel further in academic performance through the right strategic investments in curriculum, programs and staffing. With my engineering background, I will continue to maintain a special focus on STEAM initiatives to prepare students for high demand careers.
District Bethel Park School District
1-Academic Performance: We need to do better at continually evolving our curriculum to ensure that our students are prepared to pursue high demand careers.

2-Vision: Bethel Park needs a vision for academic excellence, not just freezing taxes. This is an area we need to do better with more comprehensive involvement from parents, students, staff and the broader tax paying community.

3-School Rankings: In addition to assessing student opportunities, rankings play a significant role in defining the attractiveness of our community for families considering a new home purchase. This impacts all Bethel Park residents.
I believe that the school board’s role is to ensure justice through equal educational opportunity for all students. Essential to that is creating student awareness on the topic from the local to global level. As a society, our awareness of injustices, and demand for justice, have evolved in recent years. We need to reflect that in a more modern integrated K-12 curriculum. We have many subject areas that have not seen major curriculum changes in over 10 years and a lot has changed since then.
Bethel Park Schools can play a greater support role for parents who are preparing their children to enter school. Again, curriculum is important here. We need to improve the documentation and accessibility of the curriculum. This will make the required skills clear as parents are working with their children at home. We can also develop a specific Pre-K home school curriculum plan that is a parent’s playbook to successfully prepare their children for a positive transition into Kindergarten.
Last Name McGregor
First Name Darren
Age 50
Campaign Web Site
Education M.Ed. Special Education from California University of PA B.S. in Education from Kent State University
Qualifications for office Certified in Secondary Social Studies, Special Education K-12, and Administration. My two oldest daughters graduated from Bethel Park and I have 8 year old twin daughters attending William Penn and are in 2nd grade. My career in education dates back to 1992.
Facebook Darren McGregor
District I have lived in Bethel Park since 1999 and have taught and coached several sports in the Mt. Lebanon School District school since 1999.
1. To focus attention on all learners in an effort to improve academic excellence at all 3 levels.

2. To utilize resources effectively to accomplish academic excellence, advance a culture of learning, and to ensure updated facilities.

3. To invest in programs, activities, and events which will improve Hawk Pride in every student and each staff member.
First and foremost, social and racial injustice occurs when there is not equal access to resources. I believe that Bethel Park does a very good job ensuring that there is such justice regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. Policies that I would stand behind would be to identify children whom qualifies free and reduced lunch as a student cannot adequately access an education on an empty stomach. Secondly, follow through with established policies already publish
I would like to see a link on the homepage directing parents to resources identifying the skills a child would need to be both academically and socially ready for school as well as resources as to how to prepare their child (reading, playing, etc…). Such a link to an Early Learning page should also contain links to other sites, such as the library, CHIP, AIU and so on.
Last Name Means
First Name Jim
Age 69
Campaign Email
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Education BS Electrical Engineering WVU - 1972 MS Electrical Engineering Pitt - 1977
Qualifications for office 8 years as school director - 30 years as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology at California University of Pennsylvania - 3 decades performing k-12 home school evaluations
Facebook none
District Bethel Park School District
1 Continue to maintain and improve school security. The safety of our students is our highest priority.

2.Improve academic performance with an emphasis on high school mathematics. High school mathematics is currently the week spot in our academic performance.

3 Continue to meet the needs of the district in a fiscally sound manner. I advocate spending money where it is needed and effective, but not wasting resources.
Bethel Park has a variety of anti-bullying programs. Each of our schools has a program selected by the principal to meet the needs of that particular school. Additionally, the principals are communicating with each other in an attempt to glean the best features of each program for use in their individual schools.

Bethel's anti-bullying programs are designed to promote respect for all persons without regard to sex, religion, race or social status.
Numerous preschool opportunities already exist in Bethel Park. These include both faith based and private entities.
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Last Name Walsh Turner
First Name Kimberly
Age 44
Campaign Phone (412) 833-1561
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Facebook BPFWD
District Bethel Park School District
My three priorities are part of the long-term plan for the School District: 1. Academic – curriculum review that includes all areas of a child’s education. 2. Resources – A long-term plan will point out areas where resources need to be allocated each year based on facilities, class ratios, curriculum reviews and overall health of the district year over year. 3. Pride –When I say that my child attends BP, people ask why? As USC (#9), Mt. Lebanon (#18) and Peters (#19) all out rank Bethel Park (#277) in the US News Best High School Rankings published April 2019. As a BP graduate and parent the ranking is a concern.
I believe the administration at the school levels in Bethel Park do a great job with social and racial justice. These accomplishments are seen through anti-bullying, anti-drug and crime prevention programs at all school levels. Improvements with BP families that include a long term plan for services available by the school district, as well as outside the school district that is easily available to assist families in all aspects social and racial justice, beginning with pre-K to graduation.
I believe Bethel Park could expand the pre-K Counts program that started several years ago. The long-term plan could assist in expanding the pre-k program by looking at the possibility of offering the pre-k program at each elementary school to all students not just those that meet the grant requirements that currently funds the pre-k program. Again, the school district needs to look at development of a long-term plan to facilitate the development of an early learning program at primary level.