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Pittsburgh Member of Council District 9

Council consists of nine members elected by district by the city of Pittsburgh voters. The legislative power is vested in the council. Council members in odd-numbered districts are elected 2 years after the even-numbered district members are elected.

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    Ricky V. Burgess

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    Barbara Daniels

  • Randall Taylor

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    B.DeNeice Welch

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

Last Name Burgess
First Name Ricky
Middle Name V
Age 62
Campaign Phone (412) 215-9766
Campaign Web Site
Education Rev. Burgess graduated from Central Catholic High School and LaSalle University and has a Masters from Eastern Michigan University. He has also studied at Penn State University and the Pittsburgh Theological University.
Qualifications for office For the past 35 years, Rev. Burgess has been pastor of the Nazarene Baptist Church. In that capacity, Rev. Burgess has served with faithful distinction with a firm belief in the greater power that guides and offers hope for us all. Rev. Burgess is Chair of the newly formed Pittsburgh Land Bank Board of Directors, a member of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing Authority for the City of Pittsburgh; where he has worked to establish clean, safe, affordable housing for the residents of Pittsburgh. Additionally, Rev. Burgess founded and chairs the Pittsburgh Wage Review Commission.
District Pittsburgh City Council District 9
Safe, clean, decent, affordable housing; Jobs and transit-friendly business districts; Safer neighborhoods that allow our children to grow and thrive.
Ensuring that Pittsburgh becomes an “All-In City” and pursues equity in all government services and business opportunities, and makes equitable development a core feature of the way the City does business, while ensuring that our neighbors, friends and loved ones can call Pittsburgh home not just tomorrow, but 30 years from now.
Amend Section 508 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, the statute that provides for use of force by law enforcement to restrict when a police officer can use deadly force on any person.
Last Name Daniels
First Name Barbara
Age 52
Campaign Phone (412) 339-9066
Campaign Web Site
Education Carlow University, College of Business Administration Pittsburgh.Bachelor of Science, Management Health Services. I was taught to have compassion and respect for others. Life experience taught me about government failure to deliver on promises and the need for officials to support its citizens.
Qualifications for office I feel it is my compassion for people that sets me above every other candidate. I have integrity and you can trust me with the issues and concerns of our community because I will do the right thing. I guarantee you that I will never sell you out just to put money in my own pockets nor will I treat you like you are beneath me. When I’m in office I will have a neighborhood Advisory Leveling Board made up of 3 members from each neighborhood in District 9 to be a part of plans and activities in our communities and each board member will receive a stipend.
Facebook Barbara Daniels
District City Council District 9
I am Barbara Daniels and I live in the Homewood neighborhood of City Council District 9. I am running for council because I want to restore the principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability to the office of Pittsburgh City council District 9. My priorities are: Affordable Housing, Public Safety and Jobs, and Responsible residential and commercial development
I will adopt policies that ensure that folks living the realities of income inequality can afford to remain in the communities in which they were born and raised. I will champion legislation that requires commercial developers and business owners to interview and hire a certain number of people from within the community. I want to ensure that minority community members have access to affordable living and a chance at economic opportunity. I would like to see growth in small Business. I want to support community own Business.
As your District 9 Council representative, I would review the police code of conduct to ensure that there is a protocol in place for when an officer can discharge a weapon or use extreme force. I would meet with the mayor and members of council to ensure that we create a protocol or update the protocol if necessary. I would also make sure that Diversity and Cultural Awareness Training are implemented into the training structure of police office so they would be able to better address the needs
Last Name Taylor
First Name Randall
Age 58
Campaign Phone (412) 339-0354
Qualifications for office Born and raised in Homewood and Liberty and having lived and worked in each, Randall Taylor has been fighting for this community nearly his entire life. From organizing on campus at the University of Pittsburgh to working with the Pittsburgh Coalition Against Substance Abuse and serving on the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Education. Since 2016, he has personally studied housing policy as he’s fought alongside and for his former neighbors as a member of Penn Plaza Support & Action Coalition following the mass eviction the incumbent oversaw and approved.
District City Council District 9
Turning the tide toward making Pittsburgh an example of city where housing truly can be treated as the human right that I know it is.

Attaining a living wage – in real wages accounting for the cost of living – in Pittsburgh.

Beginning to reform our broken criminal justice system such that all Pittsburghers can know they are safe here. That is not the case now and our whole structures need to be changed to make it so.
I would support public funding from the city’s growing surplus to go toward housing co-operatives, because you cannot get social and racial justice without a stable home.

I would move for the city to pick up its lawsuit challenging the nonprofit status of UPMC, because you cannot begin to talk about racial or social justice when such a large, union-busting employer sets the job market in a city where the median income for white men is twice what it is for black men.

I would legislate firing authority in to the city’s citizens police review board, because there is no social or racial justice
We must: •Diversify our police force •Pre-screen potential officers for anger management •Introduce steroid testing for officers •Add firing power to the civilian police review board via collective bargaining •Require implicit bias training
Last Name Welch
First Name B.
Middle Name De Neice
Age 59
Campaign Phone (412) 952-8829
Education Ph.D. - Healthcare Ethics Duquesne University May 2019
Qualifications for office President of PIIN - Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network - 10 years as a leader and community organizer Chair of Ntosake - National Women's Leadership Development Training Network - 5 years
Facebook Citizen's for Welch
District East Hills, Homewood, North and South Point Breeze, Lincoln, Larimer, Belmar, East Liberty, Garfield, section of Stanton Heights
My first priority is to provide better Constituency Service: to listen to the people of District 9: to respond to their needs; to seek their advice, and to build caring, respectful, and communal relationships among us as residents of a great community. Second; Equitable Development that benefits long time residents who need funding to repair their homes, seniors who need to feel secure, encouraging home ownership, and establishing rent controlled units that are truly affordable. Third, fostering partnerships among groups that are already doing great work in District 9.
To use the "Sacred Conversations" model engaged diverse communities over several months intense dialogue, confrontational activities that caused truth to emerge and promote healing and a change of attitude toward the “other.”
Police accountability is but one part of the need to reform our criminal justice system. The District Attorney’s office as well as the structure of judges need to be included when looking at improving police accountability.