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Member of County Council District 13

Initiates and adopts ordinances, makes appropriations, adopts annual balanced budget, adopts an administrative code, approves Executive appointments, conducts investigations of County Departments, accepts grants,gifts or donations on behalf of County, may modify or eliminate departments,agencies or functions that no longer serve citizens.

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    Olivia Bennett

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for the office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

The renewable energy industry is providing a significant increase in good jobs in PA. If elected, how will you use your elected position to continue this economic growth?

What action, if any, would you support to improve air quality in Western Pennsylvania?

Last Name Bennett
First Name Olivia
Campaign Phone (412) 584-1640
Campaign Email
Campaign Web Site
Education Bachelors of Science in business, minor in information technology
Qualifications for office I am an activist and advocate and would like to transfer that passion to politics
District 13
Developing the citizen police review board for Allegheny county Environmental protections (Clean air and water) Advocate for separate housing for transgender incarcerated people in the Allegheny County Jail and to make sure all incarcerated people receive basic human rights Public Transit (fair fares, free transfers, extending the busway)
Forming the Allegheny County Citizen Police review board. Fighting for more protections for people of color and the LGBTQIA community Make sure that all of those who work 40 hours a week are actually making a living wage to help them get out of the cycle of poverty Working with our school board members to make sure that we are providing a quality education in our public school system and also making sure that the schools move toward a restorative justice model and not punitive Working with the state legislature to encourage a change in the use of force laws
I would encourage more training for folks be able gain the knowledge and skills in preparation for the jobs of the future. I would also make sure that our schools are educating our kids in clean energy jobs, IT and the jobs of the future so we, as a region, are in the best position to seize the jobs of the future.
I would encourage the Health Department to be more transparent in how they hold corporations that pollute our air more accountable. I would also advocate that the money collected as penalties be put toward improving air quality and not building the Health Department a new building.