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Hewitt City Council, Ward 4 (At-large)

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    Michael S. Bancale

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    Mike Field

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1. Why and how are you qualified to be on city council? (limit 50 words)

2. What is the main issue you believe needs to be addressed by the city? (limit 50 words)

3. What is a second issue you believe needs to be addressed by the city? (limit 50 words)

4. What is your long-term direction for the city? (limit 50 words)

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Campaign Contact Michael Bancale
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I have lived in Hewitt for almost 32 years. I have seen a lot of growth over the years. We have also seen an increase in debt. I believe my experience with budgets and problem solving shows my qualifications to serve on the city council.
I feel the council needs to rebuild trust with our residents. I believe an increase in effective communications would be a good start in rebuilding that trust. I also believe being honest, showing a high level of integrity and being fiscally responsible will also help rebuild this trust.
While rebuilding trust with the residents in Hewitt, the council also needs to address the debt which has grown to the highest debt ratio in cities in McLennan County. We need to address road repairs as well as pedestrian safety without increasing our debt or raising our taxes.
My long-term direction for the city is to make sure we take care of our employees and our residents. In order to do this we must exercise fiscal responsibility. We must examine our spending levels and we need to work with our employees and residents for forge a lasting partnership.
Telephone (254) 315-7780
Campaign Contact Ann Schiltz
Title Treasurer
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As an attorney with 30 years experience in the public sector, I have dealt with the types of problems recently faced by the Council. As Assistant General Manager for the Brazos River Authority I managed more employees than currently are employed by the City of Hewitt. Please see my Facebook.
After interviews with the City Manager and several senior city staff members, I believe getting a fresh start for the City where all council members, city staff, and the public are treated professionally and respectfully is essential. I believe this is the most pressing short term need for the City.
The City is land locked. We can accommodate approximately 10,000 more residents at most. It is imperative that we engage in careful planning to ensure the most advantageous uses are made of our remaining developable areas. We need to maximize our revenues and carefully monitor our debt structure.
Our City needs to continue to be a safe, wholesome home for all our citizens. I will work to see that we provide excellent city services at the most cost effective prices possible. We need to carefully limit any new long term debt until some existing bonds are retired.