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Pittsburgh Member of Council District 3

Council consists of nine members elected by district by the city of Pittsburgh voters. The legislative power is vested in the council. Council members in odd-numbered districts are elected 2 years after the even-numbered district members are elected.

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  • Bruce A. Kraus

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    Jacob Nixon

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

Last Name Kraus
First Name Bruce
Middle Name A.
Age 65
Campaign Phone (610) 207-7419
Campaign Email
Education 1 year of college
Qualifications for office 3 successful terms as a City Councilor, 3 successful terms as City Council President.
District 03
It is my continued deep conviction that the people of Pittsburgh deserve good government, that leads me to seek re-election. I sincerely believe we are granted elected office because of our history of service to community and a strong commitment to rigorously work toward policies which serve to unite us, and not to those that would seek to divide us. To this end I have dedicated myself to the service of preserving and improving our quality of life, ensuring every voice is truly heard, and every neighborhood comes to our common table with equal representation and equal resources.
During my tenure, I have been deeply committed to policies that address social and racial injustices and have passed legislation that: - Bans the box on city employment applications - Banned conversation “therapy” - Passed LGBTQIA+ discrimination protections - Instituted mandatory sexual harassment training for all City Electeds and City Directors
Police officers are to be accountable public servants who work transparently and fairly with all communities they serve. Lack of accountability erodes community trust and fosters suspicion and resentment. Elected officials must proactively encourage policing reforms and provide adequate training and resources. Pittsburgh Bureau of Police requires implicit bias training in considering an officer’s racial bias and record when hiring, certifying, deploying, or evaluating police officers.
Last Name Nixon
First Name Jacob
Middle Name A.
Age 29
Campaign Phone (412) 345-1571
Campaign Email
Campaign Web Site
Education Community College of Allegheny County
Qualifications for office Currently serves at the Associate Director of Development for the Pennsylvania College Access Program. Has served as an Administrative officer for the Pennsylvania Expungement and Pardons Program assisting individuals to clear their backgrounds and get their lives back on track. I have worked as a lead foreman/ installer; and a detailer in numerous construction and roofing companies.
Facebook Elect Jacob Nixon @votejacobnixon
District City Council District 3 includes the neighborhoods of Allentown, Arlington, Arlington Heights, Beltzhoover, Central Oakland, Knoxville, Mt. Oliver, Oakcliffe, South Oakland, South Side Flats, South Side Slopes, and St. Clair
-Grow small business development within our communities -Cleanup our neighborhoods and repave the streets -Repair our deteriorating Firefighter, Police and EMS stations

I will continue to work with all residents in the education field promoting social and racial justice as I currently do in my position as Associate Director of Development for the Pennsylvania College Access Program. It is important that everyone work together regardless of their age, race, sex, or sexual identity. The beauty of Pittsburgh is that we have numerous major colleges, universities, hospitals and businesses with multi-diverse backgrounds. I want to continue to work with all residence of Pittsburgh keeping this tradition.
I want our police officers to treat all individuals fairly and within the law. I want a culture of accountability that our police officers have a system of internal checks and balances to make sure they carry out their duties properly and act with integrity.This will be done by training and equipping each officer with body cameras.