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North Miami City Clerk

This is an election for City Clerk of North Miami The duties of the City Clerk are: (1) Give notice of regular and special council meetings; (2) Keep a journal of the council proceedings and record in full in a book kept for the purpose, all ordinances and resolutions as may be enacted and adopted by the council; (3) Be the keeper of official city contracts; (4) Be responsible for issuing occupational licenses and the billing and collection of said license fees; (5) Shall act as supervisor of all City of North Miami elections; and (7) Shall perform such other duties as shall be required by ordinance.

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    Elizabeth Jeanty

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    Vanessa Joseph

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    Jessica Tracy Wolland

Biographical Information

Why are you running for office and what qualities, training, experience and skills do you bring to this position?

What are the 3 most important issues facing the office of City Clerk and how do you propose to mitigate/improve/resolve the issue?

High school, MBA, Nursing, Surgical Technologist, speaks English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and French I have been active and working along with seniors, elected officials, community leaders and professionals. I am a radio host providing information and education on many topics to the community. I am a marketing director with great communication skills and event coordinator, also a philanthropist. Currently, I’m administering the prestigious well known national and international the Haitian American Historical Society a nonprofit which built the Haitian monument erected at Franklin square in Savannah, Ga. I'm running for office because I care for my community and I want to see the best for it. Plus I have a 14 years old girl, my daughter. I want her and any other young girl like her to know that If I can do this, they can do it even better. One day it may feel as there is a glass ceiling but is up to them to break through it and make all their dreams come true.
1. Communication, by using different routs like the radio, social media, podcasts, emails and any other routs available to connect with residents, in addition to support 3 minutes discussions for residents and before actual council meetings. 2. Senior services, financial education on how not sell their homes for less, how to ignore requests for sales, document reading, and to help understand how the city resolutions affect them as residents and home owners or not. 3. Customer service, keeping the passport services, bilingual staffs and faster record request.
I am running for City Clerk of North Miami because I am committed to helping my neighbors and fellow residents maintain the highest quality of life in North Miami. The City Clerk’s Office is essentially the gateway to democracy. I am dedicated to being a strong advocate in making sure that each and every resident feels connected to their local government. As a clerk, one must be able to remain neutral and impartial as services must be provided equally to all. To this office, I would bring with me strong interpersonal skills developed through my more than 10 years of experience working with diverse populations. I have learned how to conduct effective and efficient meetings employing guidance from Roberts Rules of Order. Additionally, I have kept detailed and accurate meeting notes throughout my time served as a secretary for several organizations and associations. Moreover, as it relates to maintaining records, I have been responsible for maintaining highly organized and detailed files.
To this point, the City Clerk’s office has done a satisfactory job in serving our residents. I appreciate the efforts of its hardworking and dedicated staff. My hope is that we can continue progress within the City Clerk’s office. I plan to explore ways to use technology and other innovative approaches to make it easier, and more efficient, for residents to have their voices heard. I plan to promote the Citizens’ Bill of Rights (Part I, Article II) and advocate that the allotted time for speaking be increased from two minutes to three minutes for each individual. I plan to educate the community about the City Clerk’s office and how to advocate before our local government. Finally, I will remain focused on ensuring that the residents feel connected to those whom they have entrusted to lead.
I was born/raised in NoMi & have been a homeowner for 12yrs. I have served my community for 18yrs in Parks & Recreation teaching our youngest citizens. I have invested in my community through city clean ups, serving on the Youth Opportunity Board, collecting school supplies/uniforms for our local schools, starting a Pre-Robotics club, donating to our public library & working with our senior citizens through the Gold & Silver Seniors Program. I have roots in this community. My father served as Mayor, Councilman & City Clerk. I grew up attending council meeting. I was instilled with a sense of civic duty which is why I want to serve on a greater level. My experience as a realtor/teacher fulfill the duties outlined in the City Charter & are transferrable. I understand contracts, the importance of accurately recording data in a timely manner, meeting deadlines, interpersonal skills, patience, disciplined approach to educating, maintaining an environment that is conducive.
The City Clerk does not vote nor speak for/or against issues. This office supports the city council and citizens in an administrative role.