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Biographical Information

If elected, what will be your three top priorities, and how will you address them?

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Date of Birth July 8, 1955
Education B.A., Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Kansas, 1977; M.S. Statistics, Northwestern University, 1980; Ph.D. Computer Science, Northwestern University, 1981.
Qualifications Board Member, State College Land Trust, 2014-2016; Member, Borough Council, since 2016; Member, Information Technology Committee, National League of Cities,since 2017.
Twitter None
My first goal is to work toward a sustainable State College Borough and Centre Region. On June 3, Borough Council unanimously passed a resolution I authored to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions and to move toward 100% renewable energy by 2050. The Borough has already set short term goals up to 2022, we need to set intermediate goals for years in between 2022 and 2050. During the zoning rewrite, I will continue to push for greener building standards and I will continue to argue for sustainable growth in the Centre Region. We also need to work with the Centre Region Council of Governments to plan for a future with a changing climate.

My second goal is to remain engaged in Council’s important work in sustaining strong neighborhoods, in sustaining a budget that works for us, and keeping a downtown that we all enjoy. These issues play an important part in keeping State College’s high quality of life.

My last but not least goal is to embrace State College's diversity and pursue policies that are welcoming to all residents. That includes student residents, retirees, long-term residents, and young professionals. That means being welcoming to LGBTQA residents, residents of color, and immigrants. During my first term, with my enthusiastic support, Council passed an ordinance banning gay conversion therapy in the Borough and established an LGBTQ Advisory Board. State College's diversity will continue to be an important part of its future.

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Date of Birth 9/8/63
Education B.A. Economics, French and Public Policy (Albion College, MI); M.A. International Economic Development (Ohio University); PhD Communications (Penn State University)
Qualifications Proven executive leadership in academia and government, including in the White House (Clinton administration) and Central Intelligence Agency; Community leader and Board member (Central Pennsylvania Community Action; Awesome Foundation; Friends of Fuse; various parent and booster organizations);
Twitter @Behring4Borough
My priorities are the three Es: Environment, Economy, and Equity. Environment--we must be more aggressive to adapt to a changing climate by promoting low-carbon living with walking/biking trails, support for public and creative transportation options, and borough investments. Economy--we need to actively support innovative people and ideas to diversify our economic base, keep young people in the borough, and strengthen our tax base. Equity--we need to move quickly to address the lack of affordable housing and ensure a safe place for all members of our community. All of this must be underpinned by fiscal responsibility, with better transparency and communication with our partners in the business and non-profit sectors, our university neighbor, our surrounding communities, and other government entities. With training in economics, public policy and communications, and experience building multicultural partnerships for program development, I am ready to deliver on this vision!
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Date of Birth 10/08/1998
Education Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School Class of 2017 - University of Pittsburgh Russian Summer Language Institute - Penn State College of Liberal Arts 2021
Qualifications Student Representative on the State College Borough Council. 2018 through 2019 - University Park Undergraduate Association At-Large Representative and Intrafraternal Council Representative 2018 through present - Vice-President of Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity Nittany Chapter 2018 through present
Increase equitable growth of State College in a safe way - The Borough of State College is reflecting a more diverse community and we must make sure that we are growing our community sustainably. Planning welcoming and embracing events for our different communities, while focusing on the safety of those groups is key to growing a safe and truly great State College. Before the end of 2020 I want to have a State College Borough PRIDE Festival to demonstrate our welcoming community to all people and reassure that their safety is our priority. Coordinating other events with the Community Engagement Office in the borough will make our State College a Safe Space.

More access to Affordable Housing for an Affordable Community - Allowing all members of our community to apply for affordable housing. With the increase of apartments downtown, there should also be an increase of units allocated for low-income residents. I want to make sure all members of our community can find State College a comfortable place to live in. This includes attracting diverse buisnesses to stimulate our local economy with the continuation of Co-opperative spaces.

An increase of sustainable initiatives througout State College and the implementation of a renewable energy goal by the end of 2020 - With the urgency of climate change, the State College Borough should be making strives to be a leader in sustainability and the Green movement. We can be the role model throughout Pennsylvania.
Education B.A Economics
Qualifications Incumbent State College Borough Council Member, Experience in Management, Design, Organization, and Facilitation. Environmental Activist.
Facebook Janet Engeman for State College Borough Council
My top three priorities are:

Livability: We must address affordable housing, environmental issues such as clean air and water, local job development, and promotion of diversity. Transparency: We must continue to support and encourage community involvement in local decision-making. Sustainability: We must do our part to combat climate change by supporting green solutions for energy and life style activities.
Date of Birth October 30, 1956
Education B.A. Political Science, B.A. History, Masters of Public Administration
Qualifications I was elected PA State Representative for 24 years for this area including State College Borough, serving on the House Education Committee and Sub-committee on Higher Education so the concerns of our local schools and Penn State could be heard, Chairman of the House Local Government Committee where all the legislation dealing with boroughs, townships, and Councils of Governments came through my committee for consideration, member of the Local Government Commission, Chairman of College Township Council, Chairman of State College Borough Authorities Board and Tree Commission.
My top priority is the preservation of State College Borough's neighborhoods, community parks, open spaces, and beautiful tree lined streets. Neighborhood preservation for Borough residents is imperative as we have seen single family homes being sold and turned into apartment dwellings to accommodate the ever increasing demand for more housing for Penn State students. Many students, and other college age people with disrespectful behaviors, come to State College for sporting events, the Arts Festival, 4th Fest, and other occasions and encroach on the quality of life for long-time State College residents. I would put pressure on Penn State officials to provide more dormitory space on campus for future college applicants. More University Park dormitories would curb the need for more housing in State College neighborhoods. I favor zero based budgeting as a method of holding the line on property taxes. I will work for necessary improvements of our local streets with minimal disruption to residents and neighborhoods. Street contractors need to do a better job than past years in repaving Atherton Street so as to minimize traffic disruptions, uneven street lanes, and pot holes.
Campaign Website None
Date of Birth 5/14/37
Education Bachelor's Degree in Business at Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA Master's Degree in Public Administration from the Wharton Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Qualifications Full time municipal manager for 40 years. Managed State College for 17 years. Managed university communities for 30 years. Municipal consultant in Pennsylvania with over 45 contracts. I am very knowledgeable about Pennsylvania municipal law, municipal services, municipal finance. I am also very familiar with the kinds of problems that State College and other University communities face. If elected, I will not require time to become familiar with State College operations or with the role of a State College Council member.
Family Friendly Neighborhoods The Borough should work to improve family friendly neighborhoods. It is important for families to continue to find the Borough as a great place to live. Families add to the fabric of our community and they typically pay the Earned Income Tax (EIT), the Borough’s most important revenue source. Losing families would affect the ability of the Borough to continue to provide quality services. I will seek creative ways to help neighborhoods.

A Welcoming Community It is critically important for State College to be a welcoming and safe place for everyone who lives here and works and studys here, regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical or mental abilities. The Borough Council and staff should be the leaders in these efforts.

Environmental Sustainability Environmental sustainability should also be a priority for State College. This must continue as aggressively as possible.
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Date of Birth Dec. 6, 1973
Education B.A. Philosophy, Penn State University, 1996. Paralegal Certificate, Raritan Valley Community College, 2003.
Qualifications Experienced muckraking journalist and political agitator.
Twitter None
Black box accounting, cost-shifting (private profit at public expense), and municipal subordination are three primary tools used by corporations, state and federal legislators and courts, to restrict the self-governing liberty of local citizens.

For example, see the “Solicitor Advice” note on p. 16 of the 2017 Borough “Procedures Manual for Council Members,” threatening noncompliant elected representatives with court-imposed financial ruin if they freely exercise their voting rights on public issues by declining to follow solicitor advice.

To expand local citizens’ range of self-governing options, and thereby increase economic and ecological resilience, I plan to

1) present information during public meetings, about how and why anti-democratic tools and procedures are used;

2) support measures to increase fiscal transparency and individual legislator accountability for fiscal votes, and to reduce the public budget impacts of private corporations’ cost-externalization programs; and

3) advocate for municipal challenges to state and federal preemption and corporate-personhood doctrines.