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Centre County Prothonotary

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    Jeremy S. Breon

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    Patrick Miller

Biographical Information

If elected, what will be your three top priorities, and how will you address them?

Date of Birth September 23, 1985
Education Penns Valley High School- Penn State World Campus- Duke Paralegal Program
Qualifications I currently serve Centre County as First Deputy Prothonotary. I have 8 years of experience working in the office of Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts. I am responsible for handling and processing Civil and Criminal Documents. I receive and process passport applications as a Certified Passport Acceptance Agent. I participate in court proceedings including: Naturalization, Jury Selection, Sentencing and Bail Hearings.
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1. Maintain an office open to the public with friendly knowledgeable staff- Based on my 8 years of experience working in the Centre County Prothonotary office I have developed the skill set needed to run the office effectively and efficiently.

2. Implement New Rules and Systems - Work with the Judiciary and AOPC (Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts) to implement new rules and initiatives as directed or required by law. Working together we can implement new policies to assist the residents of Centre County.

3. Explore new ways to help our residents- The people of Centre County depend on the services provided in the Prothonotary office. I will utilize my skill set to assist the residents of Centre County. With my 8 years of experience I am prepared to manage and lead the office on day one.

Make 8 years of experience count! Please vote Jeremy Breon for Centre County Prothonotary November 5.

Date of Birth March 31, 1984
Education Penn State Law JD, 2019; Oregon State University BA, 2016
Qualifications As a recent graduate of Penn State Law School, I understand the court system and what to look for to improve it. I also understand how important the Prothonotary's Office is to the structure and function of county court operations. I know well how important it is for both civil and criminal court documents to be filed properly, and for court services to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible. I believe that I am the most qualified candidate for this position, and with my optimistic approach and organizational vision, I can help cut costs and help ensure that the county court system operates better for the residents of Centre County!
1. I will work toward getting better communication out to the Centre County public regarding what the Prothonotary's Office does exactly, and how important it is to the structure of our court system.

2. I will take a serious look at how all of the operations of the office are currently working, and how it can be significantly improved in order to make sure we have the most efficient services available for the citizens of Centre County. We should always be looking for ways to cut costs and save taxpayer money!

3. I will listen to the residents of Centre County to learn how they believe the Prothonotary's Office can be improved, and how I can be of assistance in making everyone's day at the courthouse a much easier process. I am always willing to learn and improve.