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The Township Board is the governing body for the township. The Township Supervisor oversees the provision of township services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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    Barry Moore

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    Rick Sorensen

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What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

Why are you running for this office?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience 20+ years Township resident. Business experience (small and large companies) in contracting, finance and continuous improvement; over 25 years as a business lawyer. Extensive real estate knowledge
Education Wharton: BS Economics/Finance concentration; University of Pennsylvania Law: JD
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 606-7964
We need to move beyond small town politics. Our township leadership must become more transparent, wiser stewards of our tax money. We should be welcoming all town residents to participate, ask questions and serve as volunteers. It would enhance our community and well-being if more of our community members were given the opportunity to join and share their knowledge and experience. Northampton Township has grown tremendously over the past 20 years, and balancing development in a thoughtful way while preserving the character and small town feel of Northampton is key. By emphasizing resources like the sports, recreation and cultural attractions that we offer our residents - we will draw and support work/lifestyle centers and smart growth. Day to day issues like road repairs, traffic and nuisances that affect quality of life have to be addressed, while we modernize Township services, develop a long-term plan, seek non-tax resources. Ethical sound stewardship of Township funds is key.
Now that my children are grown, I want to offer my time and knowledge to serve the community as a supervisor. With my husband, I have had the benefit of raising our family in Northampton Township for 20 years, educating our children in the Council Rock public schools. I feel it is time to give back to our Northampton community by bringing my business and personal experience to the role of Supervisor. We need a fresh set of eyes to look at all that the community has to offer, while taking a closer look at how our tax dollars are being spent and rethinking how we maintain and manage Township resources for the future. By not maintaining local roads, past boards have allowed more roads to need repair then there is money to fix them. Water and sewer costs are increasing and we have to address service levels as contracts expire. I believe we need someone with a strong business background, who can see the bigger picture and has experience outside the Township to take us forward.
My Wharton and Penn law education helped prepare me for the business and legal environments. I have worked in various capacities as a business person and for over 25 years as a lawyer in challenging fast paced environments like New York City and Philadelphia, as well as here in Bucks County. These experiences have given me a broader knowledge of possible solutions and options then I would have had otherwise. I have extensive negotiation and contract knowledge, and I am accustomed to getting to the heart of a matter quickly and efficiently. I know that every dollar counts and that budgets have limits. Having lived in Northampton Township for 20 years and raised my family here - I also understand what we need to preserve the unique benefits of living and working here - while we address and plan for the challenges. I believe my straightforward and transparent approach and business and legal acumen will be of great value. I am the only candidate with this unique background.
Experience Chairman of Board of Supervisors, Small business owner with more than 30 years as a financial executive for large corporations. Resident of Township for 25+ years: 4 grown children, 3 grand kids,
Education MBA in Finance University of Connecticut BS in Accounting FDU
Email address
We must continue to hold the line on taxes while providing quality, accessible services to our residents. Prioritize Police, Fire and EMS services. Continue to improve bridges, intersections, and paving more roads. We have recently received over $2 million in grant money to enhance walkability within the Township. I would also like to make the Township safer for bike riders by adding bike lanes and riding trails. Promote economic growth and responsible development in our township. Continue to support the great programs we have at the Library, Senior Center and Park and Recreation department. Over the last six years in office our current Board of Supervisors has secured over $20 million in state grants for our residents. We need to continue to get more money back from Harrisburg to fund local needs.
I am very proud and honored to serve on the existing Northampton Township Board of Supervisors. We all work very well together bringing a wealth of knowledge from our various backgrounds. We operate in a very professional manner with a healthy debate of the issues. Over the last six years we have accomplished a great deal; we have improved more roads, received over $20 million in grants, added to the value of our parks, improved public safety, and preserved over 350 acres of open space. We have also worked very hard to revitalize our community centers of Richboro and Holland. I want to continue to maintain the quality of life we all have enjoyed in our community.
Two major areas come to mind. I have over 30 years experience working as a Financial Executive for several large multinational corporations managing people, budgets and businesses in North America, Asia and Europe. I currently own and operate Moore Energy, a family run business that provides renewable energy solutions. This knowledge and experience has enabled me to help manage the finances of the Township to keep taxes low while maintaining the highest level of services for our residents. I have also worked with the current BOS and the Administration to receive over $20 million in state grants to fund Township needs. My wife and I have lived in the Township for over 25 years and are raising four children and three grand kids here. Our family has played on every ball field, spent time enjoying all aspects of our Parks and Recreation, Library and Senior and Nature Center. I know the Township and I am committed to work hard to maintain and enhance our community.
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Experience Engineering, Service mgr & Sales in the bldg equipment industry to commercial, industrial & government markets; design, install & maintain bldg controls & electronic & chemical fire protection systems
Education Electronic Engineering Technologies; manufacturer’s software and hardware training
Campaign Phone (215) 357-5769
Development in Northampton Township has outpaced the necessary changes to traffic control and road upgrades and repairs. Our community is congested, our building aesthetics are disjointed and the "town-scape", which is the result of uncoordinated, run-away development, all needs to be addressed with a view of a larger plan. Additionally, the public water/sewer costs/billing irregularities and lack of responsiveness of the Water & Sewer Authority to customers’ inquiries needs the attention of our governing body. The Board of Supervisors should be more transparent and responsive to resident’s needs and desires. Our community boards and commissions need to be open to all residents. We must encourage and aid more resident’s inclusion in the process of governing the township. We need to be consistent when making decisions concerning the community in which we live. More importantly, we should develop a holistic approach to development by taking into account all the impacts of our decisions.
Our township has grown since my family moved here over 30 years ago. I have watched the township become more urbanized, congested and less walkable and bikeable. We have become a commuting location instead of a hometown. The township down-towns have empty store fronts and have become strip malls with no real community cohesiveness. Our authorities and administration seem unresponsive to resident’s needs. I want to make sure that we are fiscally responsible and consider our residents when making decisions on infrastructure upgrades. We will continue to assist businesses in coming to the township, but these considerations must balance with long term benefits for residents of our township. I want to make sure that the township boards are open to all residents and not limited to those who have connections. When township offices and elected positions must be filled due to resignations I want to make certain that they are filled fairly and equitably, with no hint of impropriety.
I have spent over 40 years in business, serving local, state and federal governmental agencies, developers, engineering firms, commercial and institutional facilities and contractors. I am familiar with the governmental processes and procedures as well as the ethical rules and foundations essential to working with and for government at all levels. I have extensive experience in negotiations of contracts and a broad knowledge of contract language.

My background as a customer service rep in several industries, at multiple levels of public contact and responsibilities, as well as my consistent observation of our local government gives me a unique perspective, ability and desire to provide residents and tax payers with the level of responsiveness they deserve. I want to end partisan politics in local government and focus on benefiting all residents of Northampton Township. Being retired, I have no resume to build, no business contacts to cultivate and no political debts to pay.