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Hilltown Township Supervisor (6 YR Term)

The Township Board is the governing body for the township. The Township Supervisor oversees the provision of township services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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    Caleb Torrice

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Experience I have owned an operated a small business for the last 20 years and have vast experience in dealing with employees and a large customer base. This has taught me team building and leadership skills.
Education Cornell University 1998, Plant Science LEAD NY 2001
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 249-3016
Open communication and transparency from our local government needs to be improved. I will maintain a Facebook page, Gmail account and can be found at my place of business. Elected officials need to be available to their constituents and respond in a reasonable, fair, and respectful fashion to issues. I will sit down with residents to come up with solutions to problems, not rule from a desk without all of the facts. Decisions need to be made in the public forum, not behind closed doors, so the public can be aware and comment on issues. I will make sure executive sessions are not abused and details made behind closed doors are shared with the public; true transparency. Hilltown businesses need to be able to responsibly grow and develop without irresponsible over regulation. I will increase our tax base through businesses selling more goods, not by allowing developments throughout our countryside.
I am passionate about helping others and my community. I am not just going to sit on the sidelines, I’m going to stand up and do my part to make a change. I grew up in a family where service to others was ingrained in my being. My parents have always served others either through the military, our church or charity. Hilltown residents need to have a voice and an advocate for them in local government. I have had an interest in serving in local government for over a decade and the time is right for me to step forward. As the owner of Tabora Farms, you may hear that I am running for my own self-interest. By the time I take office in January, my business’s issues will be resolved. I am running for the businesses down the street, the neighbor that wants to improve their own residence, so no one else is a victim to arbitrary decision making.
I started my own business as a student studying at Cornell University. Since that time I have been dealing with personnel and the public on a daily basis. For the last twenty years, I have had to react to business problems, immediately respond to customers' needs, work with the public, balance budgets, and interact with governmental officials. This has taught me leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. The position of a township supervisor is extensive, but I am confident that the skills I have acquired will serve me very well. As a farmer, I know what hard work is. I know how to adapt to the ever changing environment that I see daily and I know it is critical to be resilient and a diligent problem solver. I believe these life skills will help when dealing with the dynamic nature of Hilltown Township.