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The Borough Council is the governing body for the borough. A borough council member oversees the provision of borough services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them?

Why are you running for this office?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience Chalfont Borough Council since 2004. Regional Police Commissioner and past Chairman. Finance committee member of both organizations. Currently VP of Council.
Education MBA - 1974 Drexel University (Phila.) and BA - 1972 Wittenberg University (Springfield, OH)
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 534-5380
Since my first term in 2004, Chalfont has obtained over $5 million in grant revenues and so we need to keep this momentum going. Writing and acquiring grants is a core objective for the Borough Manager who will be held accountable to our Council. This effort supports our conservative control of Borough finances.
To continue the conservative control of Borough finances. There have been no annual local tax increases nearly half of the years I served since 2004.
As an elected volunteer with a 40 year career in Corporate America, I can exercise my leadership, managerial, negotiation, and financial skills to maximize the services provided by Chalfont's government for our community. We have built parks and trails, maintained sidewalks and streets, regionalized our police, and support our volunteer fire fighters. We control our annual expenses and continually seek new revenue from grants. We have invested well and returned the annual earned interest back to the community to avoid pressure of increasing taxes. Chalfont is financially healthy.
Experience Chalfont Borough Council 2017 - Present Chalfont Borough Zoning Commission 2012 - 2017 Chalfont Borough Planning Commission 2006-2011
Education Central Bucks East High School 1977 Springfield College Springfield MA 1981 B.S.
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 771-2226
The biggest issue facing Chalfont today is also one of the biggest issues facing our nation. We are dealing with aging infrastructure, in Chalfont's case, this can been seen in aging storm sewers. Staying on top of repairs that are expensive to fix and unseen (in many cases) until they fail is something the Council is very aware of and works closely with the Public Works Department to monitor and stay on top of. In addition, we have been able to maintain low taxes by working closely as a Council to monitor every dollar that gets spent in a responsible way. Finally, we have very little land left that can be developed but we have been diligent to make sure that any plan to develop in the Borough is thoroughly vetted by Council, Zoning and affected residents.
I've been a resident of Chalfont since 1991 and was raised by parents who taught our family that participating in the communities in which we live is essential to keeping those communities strong. My past service working on the Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board have helped to educate me about Chalfont and what works and more importantly what does not. I'm committed to the idea of fiscal responsibility. Maintaining low taxes is extremely important, especially for our senior residents. Making our community walkable is one of the things I am most proud of in Chalfont. The trails that are in place and the addition of sidewalks in the northern part of the town make leaving your car at home a much easier decision. Now as we start to see businesses like OwWowCow come to town, we know that the work we're doing is starting to pay benefits and should continue to do so for years to come.

I have served Chalfont in volunteer capacities (Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board and Council) since 2006

My professional experience includes nearly 30 years of business management and ownership. Currently I manage a team of 15 people who work directly with nonprofit organizations throughout the Philadelphia region. We help build strong practices in fundraising, strategic planning, governance and board support and organizational assessment. The work I do managing my team has many similarities to the work required to successfully serve on the Chalfont Borough Council.

Additionally, as a Charter Member of the Central Bucks Rotary Club, I am committed to our annual work to raise money for veterans throughout the Central Bucks area and over the past 9 years we have provided close to $400,000. to local veteran causes. All of my volunteer and professional work experience have served me well to continue my work on Chalfont Borough Council.
Experience 8 Years on Chalfont Borough Council. 3 Year on Chalfont Planning Commission.
Education Syracuse University School of Architecture
Email address
Campaign Phone (267) 347-0504
With the efforts of the borough’s “Blighted Property Committee” and the success of the Business Alliance, many of our run-down properties have been revitalized and several new businesses have re-purposed older buildings. But we’re not done yet. There are still properties to rejuvenate and areas in the borough that should be redeveloped for community use. Our parks continue to be a source of pride for our residence and joy for our children. Maintaining these assets and continuing to provide more opportunities is another issue I plan to advocate for.
The continued success of our borough depends on maintaining a leadership at Borough Council that respects each other and listens to our constituents. It is refreshing to witness local government working so well when a group of dedicated volunteers meet simply to better their community. I am running for reelection to continue the positive momentum we have worked so hard to achieve.
For the last 8 years I have served on the Chalfont Borough Council gaining a vast knowledge of how local government can truly help people and improve the community in which we live. As an architect and local business owner, I am especially committed to assisting our current business owners and growing more professional and retail opportunities.
Experience Served 4yrs Chalfont Boro council. Vice president boro council. 10 yr local business owner. Many professional management positions. Board member of Chalfont New Britain Business Alliance.
Education Architecture NYCCC. Various government training classes. Business training classes.
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 595-4419
Chalfont is experiencing yet another round of urbanization. Current council have allowed for zoning changes that has added to more urban type congestion. All the new homes are nice but on way too small lots. The added traffic congestion is obvious but there is a looming strain on our infrastructure and municipal cost. The one time windfall in real estate transfer tax will not be there when its time to fix our over burdened sewer, roads and maintenance. Further there is an added cost to our policing which is 50% of the boro budget. I would revisit the boroughs master plan and look to preserving the zoning that we have strengthen existing laws to control development. I would work with future developers and point them to low density housing that enhances our community.
I am running as a current resident who plans to retire right here in Chalfont borogh. I am running to preserve the Chalfont that I fell in love with and moved into, raising my family and starting my business. I am running because there are things in Chalfont that need fixing and I feel I have a lot to offer in that endeavor.
My past experience in 2006 on Borough council gave me the opportunity to make positive improvements in town. To this day I am proud of those that helped me in my work to rebuild Blue Jay playground. I have a past history of saving the tax payers thousands in controlled spending and seeking cost cutting while enhancing the borough.I attended classes in borough operations, trained in public planning and have over ten years of experience in running my successful business. I am currently an in town business owner and a board member of our own Chalfont New Britain Business Alliance. I am a member of a couple of community committees.