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Pennsbury School District School Director Region 3 (4 YR Term)

A school board is a legislative body of citizens called school directors, who are elected locally by their fellow citizens and who serve as the governing body of each public school district. Each board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office. Unlike most other elected officials, school directors receive no compensation for their work. Principal duties include appointing and/or dismissing superintendents, principals and teachers; levying school taxes; purchasing land; locating new buildings; adopting textbooks and courses of study; fixing salaries of teachers and other appointees of the Board.

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    Christian Schwartz

  • Timothy Watkins

Biographical Information

What concerns or issues prompted you to run for School Board, and how do you propose to address them?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience Local electrical contractor. Certified electrical inspector. Founder of Yardley-Makefield Lions Club.
Education Bristol Jr/Sr High School; Bucks County Technical High School; Rutgers Union Leadership Academy
Campaign Phone (215) 499-1046
Four years ago, I ran for the Pennsbury School Board because I saw severe needs in the conditions of the learning environments that I felt my professional experience would be beneficial. During my first term, the facilities committee has successfully put out to bid the renovation project for Pennwood, now at its completion, on time and under budget. We've hired excellent professionals who have formed a partnership to best steward this undertaking. As chair for the last three years of the facilities committee I feel we have made great strides in getting out of the hole created by the Campbell-Weisel years. We have interviewed and found a Director of Facilities that is making improvements in better preparing the district for long term outlooks in the areas of building safety, and vehicle & equipment replacements that make the jobs of the maintenance staff more efficient. Looking ahead we have needs at East, Boehm, Edgewood, Fallsington, Village Park, and transportation.
In my 40 years in the electrical construction industry, I have been an installer, foreman of small and large projects, interacted and coordinated with other trades, architects & engineers, and worked with clients to understand and meet their needs. I feel using and sharing this experience has led to a better understanding by the rest of the board to much of the processes around building renovations. I have applied my experiences already in negotiating lower inspection and permit fees, interviewing and hiring of architects, a project management firm, and discussing bids and bid alternates with the design teams. I am actively involved in the current process of building utilization studies and educational specifications for the buildings of need. I am working with our architects to map out a process to address these building upgrades so that the public can see and follow our vision of the future of our facilities. Better learning environments lead to improved student achievement.
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