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A school board is a legislative body of citizens called school directors, who are elected locally by their fellow citizens and who serve as the governing body of each public school district. Each board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office. Unlike most other elected officials, school directors receive no compensation for their work. Principal duties include appointing and/or dismissing superintendents, principals and teachers; levying school taxes; purchasing land; locating new buildings; adopting textbooks and courses of study; fixing salaries of teachers and other appointees of the Board.

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Biographical Information

What concerns or issues prompted you to run for School Board, and how do you propose to address them?

What qualifications and experience do you have that will assist you in the performance of the duties of this office?

Experience 30 Years
Education Bachelor of Business Administration Temple University
Email address
The main concern of the local governments are that the State and Federal Governments have slashed educational funding to the bone over the past decades. PA ranks near the bottom of all the 50 States for educational funding. Financial influence from wealthy PACs keeps legislators from passing meaning changes to our taxing structure or any kind of reform to the way Charter Schools take an unfair portion of public tax payer money for private misuse. We constantly address this issue at Centennial by being advocates for reform through public and private governmental correspondence. The Board and I have also worked very hard over the past eight years I have served to have one of the most open and transparent administrations, web sites and budgeting processes in the hopes that the public will jump on board with our efforts.
Over 30 years of banking, finance and real estate experience both as a local bank employee and a mortgage loan officer. Held an active real estate license for over 20 years. Current Chairman of the Operations Committee, past Chairman of the Finance Committee. Serve on the Bucks County Intermediate Unit Board. Served on the Centennial Education Foundation Board and the Warminster Park And Rec Advisory Board. Being a 58 year resident of Warminster Twp and a 1979 William Tennent graduate, I am born and raised in the community.
Education Graduate William Tennent / CPhT in Pharmacy
Email address
One of my concerns is that the voices of the community are not being heard. During school board meetings when a community member is expressing concerns they are often asked to sit down since their 3 minutes have expired. Every member of our community is important and deserves to be heard. The board should listen and follow up with a letter to make certain the concern is resolved.

The Board continues to approve large tax increases that place great burdens on the families in our community. Our young families and seniors on fixed incomes are greatly suffering. We must remove all “fluff” from the budget and be more fiscally responsible. All of these many years of tax increases have not improved the Keystone or PSSA results. We must do better for our students.

I have exceptional listening and problem solving skills. On a daily basis I listen to the needs of my patients and together we search for solutions to problems. I will focus these skills on the needs and concerns of the community and together we can begin problem solving. Our first priority must be to improve the quality of education for our students.
Experience I have over 10 years of experience in the field of education including being a classroom teacher for students in K-12. I have also written multiple curricula.
Education BSEd and Graduate Cert. Temple University, MA History, Gratz College, JD University of Richmond Law
Email address
Campaign Phone (215) 801-9766
My opponents are out of touch with the concerns and problems facing our schools and community. We are sending kids home with backpacks of food while recklessly spending taxpayer dollars sending members to conferences. They continue to raise taxes every year, which is preventing young families from moving into Centennial and taxing seniors out. All of this is happening alongside falling test scores. I want to take a deeper look at the budget, and cut spending that is unnecessary. They may be small expenditures individually, but they add up. I also believe we need to work with our teachers in better preparing the students for the standardized tests. Our opponents have attempted to say that we will have roll cut programming to accomplish our goals. We will NOT cut anything beneficial to the kids. Finally, I promise to go out into the community regularly to learn about their concerns, not expect them to come to me at twice monthly meetings only to be cut off after 3 minutes
I have taught grades 1 through 12 within public and religious schools, as well as having been a college teaching assistant. This recent and 10+ year background in education spanning all grades makes me qualified to understand current educational issues and trends. I have also written many of the curricula that I taught from. This background in curriculum development gives me the ability to understand exactly how curricula can be formed and modified to meet every educational need. I also have a law degree with emphasis in the areas of Family Law, Children in the Law, and Education Law. I believe this background would be extremely beneficial in helping to recognize legal issues within the district before they become problems. Finally, I have spent the past few months travelling Region II of Centennial, and knocked on around 750 doors, and have spoken to hundreds of people. I believe this positions me better than my opponents to act in the best interests of the residents of Centennial.
Experience Teacher, High School Principal, Superintendent, 12 years School Board Member, 6 as President.
Education BS & Masters in Education, Penn State; Doctor of Ed. in Educational Leadership, Southeast Nova Univ.
Email address
Campaign Phone (267) 280-7215
I chose to run again for the School Board to continue the improvements we have been making in student achievements. We now have full day kindergarten, block scheduling for the high school, and the piloting of a new math program. We have achieved improvements in academics while not cutting programs such as music, drama, art, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. We have been forced to raise taxes because of unfunded mandates the state has forced upon us. This includes pensions, special education, and charter schools. If reelected I will continue to support the students and staff of the Centennial School District.
My qualifications and experiences for the Board of School Directors begin with over 50 years in education. My career began as a secondary teacher and coach, then a secondary school principal for more than 20 years, and finally superintendent of schools. I have a B.S. and Master of Education degrees from Penn State, as well as a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Southeast Nova University. I have served on the Centennial School Board for 12 years, six of those years as Board President. I believe these experiences show me to be the most qualified candidate for this position.