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6 year term.Vote for no more than two.

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  • Tia Fritz

  • John E Kerrick

  • Rachel A Schickling

  • Lloyd Vought

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Campaign Phone (570) 656-6477
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Education Graduate of Pocono Mountain High School Completed various vocational programs
Current Occupation Operate a Helicopter Flight School and Air Tours
Qualifications for Office Knowledge of Infrastructure Knowledge of Roadways and Drainage Business owner
I am a lifelong resident of Tobyhanna Township and have seen many changes over the years. I would like to bring balance with the local community business to enhance Tobyhanna Township. We have many resources within our community which need to be utilized to bring our communities together and thrive. We as Supervisors need to reach out to our various communities to inquire the direction Tobyhanna Township should be taking with the constant changing times. I would like to maintain and invest in our infrastructure so future generations are able to enjoy our area as I did. Our many amenities within Tobyhanna Township are the fabric to a healthy community. Our most important goal should be to bring trust back in Government.
Campaign Phone (570) 972-6749
Campaign email
Current Occupation OFFICE MANAGER
I would like to be the "VOICE OF THE PEOPLE". Reaching out to the residents and businesses is a priority of mine. Another priority is to maintain our roads, trails, and parks. Without this we're wasting valuable established resources. In order to grow our parks, library and community programs, I plan to put focus on balancing the recreational, commercial, and industrial zones which serve as the core of our township, all while maintaining affordable taxes. We need to hold our Township to high standards and be accountable for any short fallings. The people who make up Tobyhanna Township play a major role in upholding these values. Reaching out to the community and listening to the people who have made it such a great place to reside is something I want to put emphasis on. Having raised two children in Tobyhanna Township I know the fond memories, traditions and life-long friendships which were created from a strong community. I want the same now and for future generations.
Campaign Phone (570) 436-7514
Website http://None
Campaign email
Education High School Grad. College courses in Real Estate, Finance, Psychology, Industrial Electrician, Basic Electronics, (USN)
Current Occupation Retired, Steelworker, Realtor, Contractor.
Qualifications for Office I now serve on my community board. I had been a USS union rep. for 500 people. Responsible for shipping via rail,trucks and ships as a steelworker. In light of my varied work experience, I feel I will be able to offer a more fair representation of the residents of Tobyhanna Township.
My purpose is to serve our township with a goal to make it a cleaner, safer, more productive place to call "home", I am not motivated by any business interests in my seeking election for Tobyhanna Board of Supervisor; therefore, I do not have a financial position to support or protect. I will improve the Board by presenting points of view that benefit taxpayers, private communities included. In order to accomplish this I need your vote,