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LaPorte Fifth Ward

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    Sarah Brown

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    Miles Fettinger

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Education Master's In Educational Leadership Bachelor's in Education, minor in reading
Campaign phone (765) 469-4679
I am actively involved in the community and care about La Porte. I am the President of the La Porte Kiwanis Club, a board member of La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership, and a member of Women In Leadership. I am a financial advisor at Edward Jones and I have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. I have twelve years experience in education and know how to work with different points of view to gain buy-in for the overall benefit of the majority. Before working at Edward Jones, I worked as an education outreach coordinator with Chrysler to create partnerships between manufacturers and schools in order to better prepare students for the various careers that they offer. My experience in both education and finance can help bring in higher paying jobs so that our children can stay in our community and raise their families here.
My top three priorities are to bring high paying jobs to La Porte, to increase the quality of life, and to repair the roads. Improving the employment opportunities in our community will create residual economic opportunities for other types of business and service industries. Personally, I wish to see opportunities for my three daughters and other in our next generation have opportunities to remain in our community. My experience in education, finance, and community involvement are assets.

Our community has unique features. Emphasizing and enhancing our community assets will help improve the quality of life by increasing community awareness, usage, and support of them. Additional to increasing the quality of life, ensuring that we have roads that are adequately paved & repaired is linked to increasing the quality of life. Our community has made strides toward addressing the roads issue, but we need to continue to evaluate our process to ensure a long-term solution.
I hope to be a voice of reason while balancing pragmatism and progressivism. I wish to help lay the groundwork to an improved LaPorte. I desire to be involved in the decisions to be made, and look forward to representing the voices of my ward. Ultimately, I want to do the things that will draw quality employment to LaPorte.
I believe I bring a level of professionalism, pragmatism, and job experiences that will better position me over any other challenger. I possess a long history of community involvement, holding various leadership roles in the various groups I have been elected to. Additionally, I have experience in organizational leadership, and understand the importance of maintaining a vision, communicating that vision to key stakeholders, generating buy-in, delegating responsibility to those with the necessary talents, and measuring success.
Campaign Email
Education Graduated LaPorte High School in 1989. Graduated Indiana State University in 1993 with a bachelors of science. Graduated the University of Southern Indiana in 1999 with a master of science in education degree. Attended Bethel College in 2005 and was awarded certification to teach driver's education.
Campaign phone (219) 608-2475
My experience in public service stretches back more than twenty years. I have served in the election process as a judge and inspector making sure everyone's vote and voice is heard. I served multiple terms as a precinct committeeman in the 5th ward. I was appointed by La Porte Mayor Morris to the Plan Commission more than ten years ago and I am still on that commission to this day. I am also the liaison to the Airport Authority, a member of the Traffic Commission, and the Human Rights Commission. Having served a term on the council I have had the opportunity to get involved with GLEDC and the business community.
Infrastructure, I almost want to say it three times. The City Council can't make business come here but we can offer every opportunity to make the businesses that choose to be here prosper by providing a great water/sewer system and parks. We need to pave as many roads as possible as it directly reflects the quality of life in La Porte.

Safety and Security has to be a priority. We can make sure we hire and retain police and fire fighters and provide them with the tools they need to get the job done.

We need La Porte to grow at every opportunity, every time we add land to the City it lowers everyone's tax burden. We need to support local businesses through common sense economic incentives and a simple building process for all new business coming to La Porte.
In the first term we paved over fifty percent of the roads in La Porte by the end of my second term I'd like to see one hundred percent. I hope that the Police Department get the equipment updates they desperately need. I hope we have a separate wastewater and stormwater system finished to address flooding to peoples homes and streets. I want to see our water service contract outcomes and expansion into lighting and other areas. It is a great way to update systems and increase what taxpayers get for their money while at the same time not raising taxes. I want to see the way finding initiative I participated in come to life showcasing all of what La Porte has to offer. I would like to see a continuation and expansion of drug interdiction efforts and address our lack of treatment options for victims trying to recover from addiction.
I have the experience, drive and focus to make La Porte number one. I'm raising my family in La Porte and like all parents I want them to have all the opportunities I can give them. That means a safe environment, supporting the police, fire and the street department working hard to make our travel safe in the traffic commission. I am working with local businesses to grow through economic and logistical improvements with the Airport Authority. Every city needs a good plan so my work on the Planning Commission aids businesses to know what is expected of them and how the City can help them grow. I have had more than a decade of experience in helping La Porte improve and I have so much more to do.