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Member of County Council District 2

Initiates and adopts ordinances, makes appropriations, adopts annual balanced budget, adopts an administrative code, approves Executive appointments, conducts investigations of County Departments, accepts grants,gifts or donations on behalf of County, may modify or eliminate departments,agencies or functions that no longer serve citizens.

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    Christine Allen

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    Cindy Kirk

Biographical Information

What are your top three priorities for the office?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

The renewable energy industry is providing a significant increase in good jobs in PA. If elected, how will you use your elected position to continue this economic growth?

What action, if any, would you support to improve air quality in Western Pennsylvania?

Last Name Allen
First Name Christine
Middle Name Susan
Age 53
Campaign Phone (412) 983-7586
Campaign Web Site
Education Point Park University University of Pittsburgh
Qualifications for office Incumbent Council Member, Borough of Sewickley 10+ years experience as a community organizer I care & I always show up. I have a strong sense of responsibility & high ethical standards. I’m empathetic, endlessly curious, and hard working.
District 2
1. Provide Good Government that is: accessible & friendly transparent & honest responsive to the will of the people effective in acting for the public interest

2. Protect public health, including: clean air safe water access to local, high quality healthcare.

3. Ensure equal access to quality public education
I’ll protect free, fair & accessible elections& to work to prevent voter suppression &gerrymandering. I’ll work to support maternal and infant health and to decrease infant mortality, because Black infant deaths over the four-year period (2008- 2012) constituted 42% (225) of all infant deaths, in Allegheny County. This racial disparity in the infant mortality rate is 27% larger in Allegheny County compared to the national rate.[]

I’ll collaborate to create a fairer, more effective local justice system.
Renewable energy and good jobs go hand in hand. I’ll advocate for policies to increase use of renewable energy, spur private investment, and continue growing good renewable energy jobs, in Allegheny County.
Children in Clairton, PA, have the right to breathe clean air- so do we all.The American Lung Assoc gives Allegheny County a failing grade for top measures of air quality: ozone, daily particulate matter levels & long-term particulate matter levels. [] We must act, now, to hold polluters accountable, consistently enforce regulations-including permitting requirements & emissions standards.
Last Name Kirk
First Name Cindy
Middle Name A
Age 62
Campaign Phone (724) 935-0596
Campaign Email
Campaign Web Site http://none
Education Masters of Science in Nursing Administration - University of Pittsburgh; Bachelor in Science in Nursing- University of Pittsburgh
Qualifications for office A. Sitting County Councilwoman B. Skills acquired thru Nursing Career, including listening, advocacy and problem solving. C. Life long County resident D. Life long history of volunteer service throughout the community
Facebook Cindy Kirk 2019
District 2
A. Responsibility to the taxpayer who funds the government to ensure their tax dollars are used wisely and efficiently and to live within our means just like we all have to do in our own lives.

B. Promote job creation and a healthy economy; to keep Allegheny County open and welcoming for business.

C. Advocate for my constituents to ensure the effective delivery of services and public safety for our citizens.
At the core of social and racial justice is the desire for all people to have a fair shot at the American dream. We need a healthy economy to achieve social and racial justice. I support job training through our skilled trades and Community College of Allegheny County. I will also continue to promote programs within our Human Services department designed to strengthen families and communities by rescuing people from drug addiction, lives of crime, and dependency. I believe a "hand up" is more important to break a cycle of poverty than a hand-out but I appreciate sometimes both are needed.
The growth of the renewable energy industry has been exciting to watch and I will continue to promote the long-term benefits renewable energy provide. For the industry to continue to grow, we will need skilled workers in this industry, so I support job training programs to prepare workers for the continuing growth of renewables, energy storage, and vehicle electrification.
I support the adoption of energy efficiency programs including renewable energy systems and the continued transition to clean fuel and electric vehicles as costs decrease & operating ranges increase. On the regulatory side, our Health Department needs to immediately be open and transparent whenever they detect air quality issues that impact the health and safety of our citizenry and take appropriate action. We also need to look to our neighboring areas to do a better job of reducing emissions