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Terre Haute City Clerk

Term length: 4 yearsDuties: The city clerk is the clerk of the legislative body. They preserve the legislative body’s records, keep accurate record of the legislative body’s proceedings including recording ayes and nays on each vote. After an ordinance, order, or resolution passed by the legislative body has been signed by the presiding officer, the clerk shall present it to the city executive, and record the time of the presentation. They keep the city seal, administer oaths when necessary and perform other duties prescribed by law. They also serve as the clerk of the city court. As clerk of the city court they: administer bonds; issue all process of the court; keep a complete record and docket of all cases; collect all fees, fines, penalties, etc.; and make and deliver to the city controller a report of fines due to the city and pay the money to the controller.Salary: $41,351.96Incumbent: Michelle Edwards

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  • Michelle Edwards

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Campaign Phone (812) 298-6488
Education I am a graduate of South Vigo High School and Indiana State University. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from ISU.
Occupational history and current position Deputy Clerk 2004, Chief Deputy City Clerk 2005 - March 2018 and City Clerk April 2018 - Current
I believe the two words to describe my focus as City Clerk, would be Transparency and Accessibility. Since 2009, I have made the City Council ordinances, resolutions, agendas and audio recordings available on the website. Since 2017, video recordings have been accessible on the City's YouTube channel. Since 2010, online payments from traffic tickets have been processed by the City Clerk's Office. In 2011, court case information became available online. I believe these are tremendous achievements but I feel more can be done. Educating the public on how to access this information will be key. I also want to continue being transparent in all processes handled by the City Clerk through my work with the City Court and the City Council. My job as City Clerk is to be the keeper of the ordinances and court records. As steward of these records, I must be diligent and focused on retention and accessibility
The greatest challenge facing a City Clerk is focusing on the duties of the Clerk while listening to the needs of the citizens. The City Clerk has many duties relating to City Court and City Council. Each year brings new laws and regulations that must be followed. As City Clerk, I must become knowledgeable on these changes and apply them accurately. As our citizens become more involved in the workings of local government, elected officials must make themselves available to answer questions and listen to their concerns. As the keeper of the records, in additional to maintaining the records, I must provide access to them. Improving the ease of access to these records is a continuing challenge I will work to overcome as technology and the needs of the citizens change.
Many changes were implemented during my term as Chief Deputy and as City Clerk more changes have occurred. Currently the City Clerk's Office and City Court are finalizing the last step of becoming a paperless court system. My main focus over the last few years was to increase efficiency while maintaining accuracy. This is a delicate balance to achieve but I feel this has been achieved. Working with other government officials, agencies and offices, I will continue to work towards new levels of efficiency.