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Terre Haute City Common Council, District 3

Term length: 4 yearsDuties: The legislative body (City Common Council) may pass ordinances, orders, resolutions, and motions for the government of the city, the control of the city’s property and finances, and the appropriation of money. The legislative body may, by ordinance, make loans of money and issue bonds for the purpose of refunding those loans. The loans may be made only for the purpose of procuring money to be used in the exercise of the powers of the city or for the payment of city debts. The legislative body may investigate the departments, officers, and employees of the city; and hire or contract attorneys and legal research assistants. The city legislative body shall, by ordinance, fix the annual compensation of all elected city offices and approve the compensation set by the city executive (the mayor) for each appointive officer, deputy, and other employee of the city. After reviewing the budget report from the fiscal officer, the legislative body shall prepare an ordinance fixing the rate of taxation for the ensuing budget year and an ordinance making appropriations for the estimated department budgets and other city purposes during the ensuing budget year. The legislative body, in the appropriation ordinance, may reduce any estimated item from the figure submitted in the report of the fiscal officer, but it may increase an item only if the executive recommends an increase.Salary: $14,165.84Incumbent: Karrum Nasser

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    Tess Brooks Stevens

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    Cheryl A. Loudermilk

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What, in your view, is the next necessary step for the city’s finances and why?

Various projects have been proposed related to local economic development (including but not limited to a casino, convention center, downtown planning, riverfront development). Please describe your vision for economic development in Terre Haute, including how any or all of these projects fit into your plan.

What measures, if any, would you propose to increase the quality of life in our community and/or to ensure that quality of life reaches all community members?

What do you see as the order of priorities for new and improved infrastructure in our community, and how do you propose each of those be funded?

What is your philosophy as to subsidizing business and industry, e.g. tax increment districts, tax abatements, public/private partnerships, development bonding, etc.?

Education BA Genetic Counseling MDIV
Occupational history and current position Cert. Pharmacy Automation Tech. Pastor
1. The City need greater support of its citizens. When a city invests in the citizens financial stability occurs. a) Home ownership b) Living wage opportunities c) requirements in conjunction with tax abatements d) Increase support for entrepreneurs 2. Terre Haute is no longer the retail magnet a new direction is necessary for economic development.
The various project present opportunities for both entrepreneurs and dislocate workers. Future plans will move Terre Haute into the tourism in addition to a college town. A stable housing market will attract more investment in to an inclusive environment and infrastructure improvements.
Actively, seeking wholistic inclusion in government, schools, law enforcement and banking. Terre Haute could benefit from leadership participation in multi different community events in and out of election seasons. We have four major academic institutions and we should utilize the graduates to assist with making out comments better.
1. Vocational trading starting in high school. 2. Employ students to work in parks & recreation and street department. 3. Employ a grant writer or development a partnership with the energy companies for solar lighting.
When offering tax abatements we should also require an investment into our city and its citizens. Companies should offer a minimum number of paid tuition for employees and tithe a percentage into a fund for community improvement and programs.
Campaign (Public) Email Address
Campaign Phone (812) 249-4615
Education Diploma Terre Haute North Vigo High School 1985 Indiana State University - Accounting/ Business
Occupational history and current position 1998- Present, Vigo County Auditor's Office Chief Deputy Auditor
Other public or political offices held, and when None
Other past candidacy for public office City Council 3rd District - 2015
The next step should be the first step…always oversite and following up. The Council must demand timely and accurate reports from the City Controller. It is vital that the very body that provides fiscal oversight is given the information necessary to made decisions about spending when it is brought before the Council. Further, when constituents ask questions not having a solid answers bad public policy.

As a Council we need to continue to monitor the budget, the spending and the revenue that comes into the City. Working with the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) and the State Board of Accounts (SBOA) will allow the City to gain respect within the state and allow us to obtain a good "Exit Audit".

Fair distribution of funds that come from the new LIT or the possibility of a casino needs to fill the gaps that currently exist before committing ourselves to other obligations. Growth is necessary but some restrain needs to be exercised.
As a City Council Peron to support local business in any way possible, needs to be a primary goal. Without growth, the City will surely perish. Large projects like the Convention Center and a Casino are very important and could spur great growth in our City. However, I would also like to see more focus on neighborhood projects like the enhancement of Plaza North area and the 12 Points area. Since I have lived in the north end for 20+ years I know firsthand that we have forgotten some of these neighborhoods and it's time we make an effort to change that. I would work with the EDC and other units of government to market Terre Haute. It takes a TEAM effort.
The City Council typically serves in a supportive roll for these type of activities. Things like downtown festivals, enhance church activities, the arts and theatre all give Terre Haute a better quality of life. Supporting any and all of these, activities are one of my goals. I believe that the quality of life has a direct impact on the economic development that affects the City. Public private partnerships see to work well when approached correctly and fairly. The key is to support all the activities that make Terre Haute a great place to live. Whether it is a jeep ride, an athletic event or something related to the arts, involvement and support from elected officials are vital for the success and growth of Terre Haute.
We need 4 steps. Identify - we need to identify those areas that need repair or new infrastructure and rank those by need. Plan - Once a list is formulated we need to plan on how, when and with what revenue we will pay for these items. Example, with some projects Federal and State funding can be utilized and with other projects local funds could be used. Planning these projects will allow us to spread our investment across several revenue streams to get the most out of our funding. Fund/Allocate - Support the administration in applying for grants, lobbying at the State House for more funding for Terre Haute, and manage our local resources. But identify from where the funding will come and ear mark it. Repair - Get to work. Use more than one shift per day. Other communities use evening shifts and get the projects done quicker. I would propose doing the very same thing. Putting more people to work, getting the job done quicker and returning to normalcy faster.
I do understand the necessary evil of providing incentives to businesses to help them succeed which allows employment. If incentives are managed correctly and a solid vetting process is conducted, then incentives can be a very useful tool to help business get started and to help existing business stay in Terre Haute. This process is used all over the United States. However, I do believe they should use local labor, contractors and suppliers. If they are going to receive some sort of tax break then at least they should use local resources. I believe every instance should be looked at closely and decided upon based on what is best for the community and then monitored.
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