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SAMPLE Ovilla City Council, Pl 2

The governing body consists of the Mayor and 5 Council Member seats. City Council sets the strategic vision and policies for the city, establishes a budget, adopts the property tax rate and hires a city manager. Each council position is elected at-large and represents all citizens. Whichever candidate receives the most votes wins. There are no runoff electionsThe City Council meets at 6:00 pm on the second Monday of each month, beginning with a Council Briefing Session, followed by a Regular Council Meeting. Both are open to the public. Special meetings may be called as needed.

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    Bill Gatlin

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    Alicia Hernandez

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: What specific actions would you support to advance economic development?

INFRASTRUCTURE: What priority would you give to upgrading the city’s infrastructure and how would you propose paying for needed upgrades?

HOUSING: As home prices escalate, pressure increases for affordable housing options for families. Do you support apartment construction in the city? What solutions would you support?

CHALLENGE/OPPORTUNITY: What is the city’s greatest challenge and opportunity in the next several years?

Age 52
Education Frontier Regional High, Two Dot Montana; Dartmouth College, BA
1. Keep tax rate as low as we can thru sensible and controlled spending. Lower taxes in a safe and friendly city attract commercial and residential controlled growth for our citizens. 2. Along with other council members, direct city staff to offer and promote a "business friendly" welcome to our city, but ensure we bring in quality businesses that meet the strategic plan that has been developed to maintain a rural atmosphere.
1. Continue our long-term planned road improvement program for upgrading roads from chip and seal to asphalt surface longer lasting roads within yearly budgetary limits. 2. Install sewer lines to undeveloped commercial and residential areas along Ovilla Road so planned developments can be started. Funding for project thru cooperation between developers, Economic Development Board funds, and city budget. No new taxes. 3. Continue to upgrade current older water lines as budget will allow. No new or higher taxes.
1. While our city has an area zoned for multi-family housing, I do not support apartment construction in our city. The overwhelming vote of the citizens in a city wide survey was to maintain the "small-town rural atmosphere" as much as possible along with building quality, lower density housing. The majority of homes in our city are on larger lots unlike most other cities.
1. Greatest challenge: With the rapid growth engulfing the surrounding cities, it will be up to city leaders to carry out the mandate of the citizens to have controlled quality growth in order to provide a safe, small-town rural atmosphere.

2. Greatest opportunity: To continue to be considered the premier smaller city of Ellis County for decades to come thru our actions of today.
Age 48
Education West High Torrance California; Mt Holyoke College (BA); Northwestern University (MBA)
This is a small community with little space for businesses. I am encouraged by the development along Main Street and hope to see additional opportunities. Now we need to develop more housing so the city can support additional businesses along Ovilla Road. We need to assess the options for additional housing on smaller lots to provide an option for our own citizens who need to live in smaller homes on smaller lots and make that attractive to developers.
We are constantly evaluating and currently are fully staffed on the police force, the fire department and city staff. Our utilities are in line with current needs and the ability to expand is there working within the budget.
I would support apartment development in the approved zone at the north end of the city.
Reaching the point of home rule would make a big difference to our city. We have to increase the number of homes and residents in the city to reach that point. Continued focus on bringing in new residents and the growth to our city in all areas is the best opportunity for all of us.