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DCCCD Board of Trustees consists of 7 members elected from single member districts who serve without compensation for 6 year staggered terms. The Board oversees 7 colleges with over 72,000 students and 7000 paid faculty, staff and administrators. The annual budget for the DCCCD is over $550M. The Trustees set the tax rate to cover the cost of operations of the DCCCD.

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BUDGET: In preparing a budget for the district, how would you prioritize between raising revenue (through property taxes, tuition or fees) vs cutting costs (primarily salaries)?

FOUR YEAR DEGREES: The State Legislation has authorized DCCCD to offer four year bachelor’s degrees to address skills shortages in the local workforce. Should, in your opinion, DCCCD continue to expand its offerings in the future? Please discuss the ramifications you see of this decision.

ONLINE COLLEGE: Registration in the eCampus (online) has continued to rise. How do you view this development? What steps would you support to integrate this form of education into the traditional college format in the future?

GUNS ON CAMPUS: If DCCCD is given local control option for concealed handguns on campus, would you support or ban guns on campus? Please explain your position.

OPPORTUNITY/CHALLENGE: What do you view as DCCCD’s biggest opportunity and/or challenge during the next Trustee term?

Age 51
Education Dallas Baptist University, Bachelor of Business Administration Mountain View College, Associates
I prioritize costs by evaluating the items that contribute to assuring quality programs that add value to the student educational experience and maintains the highest standards. We don't cut salaries. Whenever a decision is made with regard to expenditures sustainability is a primary consideration for me.
Based on the need to address local workforce shortages I expect decisions to be made using concrete data and the viability of the District to succeed in meeting identifiable goals. I only make decisions that make sense for the District, such as need, potential enrollment and costs that are sustainable for the long term, that provide a quality educational credential.
We have integrated online courses into our overall operations. Offering online courses offers student the maximum flexibility needed to meet the demands of work and family life. We try whenever possible to remove barriers for our students to obtaining a higher level education and training. We have students that because of identified limitations take a mixture of online and on-campus courses to meet their degree plans in a reasonable time frame.
I am against having any type of weapon on campus. I believe that students are on campus to attend classes and fulfill their educational aspirations. If you don't have weapons I believe it makes everyone safer.
New trustees will be challenged with implementing the campuses' Long Range Strategic plans that shape the District for the future. Key issues that must be addressed are aging structures and infrastructure, technology, safety and security, responsible fiscal decisions and how to manage any resulting debt. The biggest opportunities will come from public/private partnerships that can contribute to addressing local workforce needs and maintaining the affordability of a valuable education for the citizens of Dallas County.
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