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State Assembly District 26

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    June Joseph

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    Lisa Krasner

Biographical Information

What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women in our state?

What should government do, if anything, to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

In building a vibrant economy in our state, would you emphasize reforming tax policies, addressing income inequality, or something else?

What steps, if any, should be taken to curb gun violence in our state?

What is your position on current U.S. immigration policy and what, if any, changes do you propose?

I will fight for women to be paid the same wages as their male counterparts. I will ensure that women and children who are victims of domestic and sexual violence receive representation in a court of law! I will fight for safe housing for women and their children who have to flee domestic violence in their home. I will fight for a woman's right to be in control of her body and her health to include access to affordable healthcare & birth control.
We need to ensure that taxes from Marijuana & the Commerce Tax are given directly to education as they were intended for and voted for by the voters of Nevada. We need to do ALL we can to move Nevada from 50th in the nation in Education and pay our educators a competitive wage to end our teacher shortage.
Our vibrant economy SHOULD be paying a living wage! Our minimum wages have not kept up with the cost of living increase in Nevada. Our tech industry has been given "commerce tax breaks" but are still not offering competitive wages to keep our Computer Science and Engineering graduates in our state!
Members of our community and students and educators need to feel safe in our schools! If you need a license to go fishing in the State of Nevada, I believe you need a license to own a gun. Fees from gun licenses can pay for Safety measures in schools to eliminate the fear of mass shootings. This will NOT prohibit anyone from owning a gun, it simply provides a financial vehicle to fund the protection of our schools. I believe ALL responsible gun owners want to know that their our kids & educators are SAFE in school.
I believe that separating children from the parents seeking asylum in our country is abhorrent! My grandfather had a path to citizenship in 1913 that required a consecutive job for 5 years, paying taxes and the sponsorship by two people who
Campaign Phone (775) 420-8411
Campaign Address 59 Damonte Ranch Pkwy #B-460 Reno, NB 89521
Twitter @LisaKrasner4NV
I will support legislation and policies that ensure that women are treated fairly and equally, especially in employment and salary considerations. Although women have come a long way, there is still more to accomplish to make sure that women are equally compensated in employment.. Additionally, we must make sure that women live free from violence, oppression, and creating and supporting legislation that makes violence towards women a serious offense under our law. I am personally sponsoring two Bills in the 2019 Nevada Legislative Session that address domestic violence.
Our children are the future of our state and our country. Government should actively support policies that ensure that all children have access to quality, public education. Quality education should not depend on a family's zip code.
In building a vibrant economy in our state, I think that we all need to work together to address issues that will continue to move Nevada forward. I love Nevada and the people that live here. I would emphasize issues such as building a stronger economy through economic development and workforce development. Creating quality jobs for people to attract and retain a workforce in our state. Supporting better schools and advocating for quality education for our kids, Protecting citizens by ensuring public safety in our community. Demanding accountability from our government officials. Reforming tax policies that are old or out dated, Addressing income inequality for women.
I respect our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and I am in favor of reasonable restrictions on guns to curb gun violence in our state.
I support upholding the current laws in regard to U.S. Immigration policy. However, I am in favor of a more stream-lined process of citizenship. I support stream lining the process of becoming a U.S. citizen for people who want to immigrate to the United States legally,to work and be productive members of our society. We live in the greatest country in the world and we should welcome and help people who want to go through the process to become a U.S. citizen.