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  • Ilhan Omar

Biographical Information

Jobs: What action, if any, will you take to help your Minnesotans get steady work and living wages?

Trust: What action, if any, will you take to ensure Minnesotans trust you as an elected official and have confidence in you?

Civility: What is the responsibility of our elected officials, if any, to encourage Minnesotans to engage in respectful, constructive, civil discussions?

Unity: What concrete steps, if any, will you take to build cooperation between parties and unify the country?

Campaign Phone (734) 716-9528
Twitter @IlhanMN
One of our top campaign priorities is fighting for legislation that ensures economic justice for working families. I had the opportunity to work at city hall during the conversation about securing a $15 minimum wage and I will fight for those same values on a federal level. We need to fight to establish national fair scheduling standards and stronger wage theft and recovery laws to make sure there are proper living conditions for workers all while ensuring the right to collectively bargain with their unions.
Transparency as a Representative of 60B was one of the many reasons I was able able to be successful as a freshman legislator in the Minnesota House. I was always honest with those around me, and I consistently delivered the views of the my constituents of the district to the state house. I hosted numerous community events to discuss criticism and paths forward for my district and did so before and throughout my term. I continue to take feedback with respect for those who share and disagree with my views. I can be trusted because of the consistency of transparency that I have delivered throughout my career.
Elected officials are held to a higher standard than their constituents because their job is not only to represent those who have voted for them, but everyone who lives within their district. I learned the intricacies of constructive dialogue during my time at the legislature. This is how we shaped legislation to increase funding for summer enrichment programs, expand grants for childcare for student parents, and allocate funds for prevention education to raise awareness during a measles outbreak and encourage vaccines. My values are strong and core to my decisions as a legislator but I believe it’s possible to find common ground with those who disagree with you without compromising those values.
Throughout my career, I’ve built coalitions at City Hall, with my union, and with community advocates. I have no doubt that I will be able to do so in Congress. Building relationships with party leaders is essential to the movement for a fair and free democracy. This vision can only be built by working side by side with neighbors, community leaders, and policy makers. Unity begins by giving everyone a seat at the table, especially those who have been historically left behind by the political process, only then can we work towards a vision that ensures an equitable future for everyone.