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    Amy Klobuchar

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Jobs: What action, if any, will you take to help your Minnesotans get steady work and living wages?

Trust: What action, if any, will you take to ensure Minnesotans trust you as an elected official and have confidence in you?

Civility: What is the responsibility of our elected officials, if any, to encourage Minnesotans to engage in respectful, constructive, civil discussions?

Unity: What concrete steps, if any, will you take to build cooperation between parties and unify the country?

Campaign Phone (612) 378-2018
Twitter @amyklobuchar
My focus has been on moving our economy forward by strengthening the fundamentals that lead to sustained economic growth and more good-paying jobs. We need to be a country that thinks, that invents, that makes things, and that exports to the world. That means investing in education, training the next generation of workers to compete in a global economy, investing in Minnesota’s infrastructure, and addressing our nation’s debt. We also need to make sure that Americans can work their way to the middle class. That’s why I support increasing the minimum wage, providing paid family and medical leave, and addressing rising costs by making it easier for people to pay their bills, send their kids to college, and get affordable prescription drugs.
To build trust, you have to show up, stand up, and get things done for the people of Minnesota. That’s why I visit all of our state’s 87 counties every year, so I can talk to Minnesotans to figure out what’s working and what’s not. As a Senator, I’ve been guided by the values I learned growing up in Minnesota. My grandpa worked 1,500 feet underground on the Iron Range. My dad Jim was a newspaperman, and my mom Rose was an elementary school teacher who taught second grade until she was 70. My husband, John, is a native of Mankato, and we have a daughter, Abigail. Serving in the U.S. Senate, my focus is on what’s right for Minnesota. That’s why I continue to work across the aisle to strengthen our economy and support Minnesota families.
Our state has always has a proud tradition of civic participation and treating people with respect and dignity -- even when we disagree. As I have traveled across our state, Minnesotans have joined me in emphasizing the need for civility, decency, and a government that restores both integrity and common sense to our nation's capital. And as your U.S. Senator, I have always believed that courage isn’t throwing a bunch of insults at one another, courage is standing next to someone you don’t always agree with for the betterment of this country.
At a time when not enough is getting done because of gridlock and grandstanding, and the grip big interests have on Washington, I’ve gotten things done by putting partisanship aside and working with Democrats and Republicans. That’s why the Medill News Service reported I ranked first of 100 senators in sponsoring or co-sponsoring bills enacted into law during the last Congress. I believe it’s important to treat other people with respect and to have the humility to work together. In the Senate, the willingness to search for common ground is often the only way our country can get to higher ground.