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El Paso County Clerk and Recorder

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Contact phone (719) 459-6065
Background Current El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Nationally Certified Elections/Registration Administrator Certified Colorado Election Official Bachelor of Science Degree-Business Management Associate of Science Degree-Electronic Technology Associate of Science Degree-Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Twitter @none
o The Clerk and Recorder’s office of El Paso County is a very hands-on technical decision-making position which I often work over 65 hours/week. Over the past four years, I have used my private sector experience to drive innovation and improve efficiencies in our operations. I have also worked hard to create an election structure that is fair, transparent, accurate and secure. My office has dramatically increased citizen’s access to vote via a greater number of vote centers and 24/7 hour ballot drop boxes. o During my tenure, our Election Department has been recognized as one of the best in the country with awards from The National Associations of Secretaries of State, The National Association of Counties, and The Election Center. I am very proud of the award we received from the Federal Election Assistance Center for our outreach and collaboration with the disabled community. All of these awards recognize our excellence in election administration and voter engagement.
1.Cyber-security-As we learned from the 2016 election, there are outside actors who wish to weaken the public’s confidence in our election system. I recently participated in the first election cyber-security event in the country. With the purchase of state-of-the art election equipment in El Paso County, our office is recognized as a leader in insuring physical and cyber-security threats are eliminated from the voting process. Our tabulation equipment is in a secure and tightly controlled location that is not connected to the internet. 2. Growth-Answering the demands of 640,000 motor vehicle and recording customers a year; we strive to be “Not your parents DMV”. Our average wait times are under 25 minutes. We added an office at Fort Carson and are the only county in the state that has Saturday office hours. We also installed 24/7 kiosks that enable the customer to "skip the wait". We also added a smart phone app (GOV2GO) that provides another way by which citizens can "skip the wait"
The Clerk and Recorder's office has been fortunate that the Board of County Commissioners has ensured that we have adequate funding to perform our mission. Throughout my time in office we have been able to utilize operational savings to upgrade many of our business systems. We recently invested in state-of-the-art high-speed, secure, transparent election equipment. This upgrade has saved labor costs and provides quicker results on election night. We upgraded our recording equipment to enable citizens to record documents online. 70% of all documents recorded in El Paso are performed via this e-Recording function saving citizens valuable time. Our recent upgrade of our Clerk to the Board agenda management system allows citizens to follow online the video proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners thus increasing transparency to the citizens of El Paso County.
Background 15 years of work experience in the Information Technology (IT) field in a variety of departments. Developed skills in project management, business intelligence, efficiency, finances, and more.
Twitter @LisaWilkesEPC
I was in the corporate work environment, specifically the IT realm, for 15 years. In that time, I did a variety of jobs, to include Program and Project Management, Invoicing, Procurement, Business Intelligence, and Help desk. The position of the Clerk and Recorder covers 4 wheel houses, and all these skillsets will be utilized in this position.
Currently because of the two large hail storms that happened this year, people are buying new cars, and this directly affects the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), as they must process the titles for all the new cars within a certain amount of time. Also a few months ago, a new Colorado-wide system was rolled out to do title and registration services. Unfortunately, this increased the processing time and is contributing to wait times at the MVD being in upward of 2 to 3 hours. Currently the MVD employees are on mandatory 6-day work weeks to be able to cover the load, which causes a very high payroll cost paying for the hourly employees. Though it takes time to hire new employees and to teach them how to use the system, I would go this route instead of the mandatory overtime. Long-term it will lead to a less expensive cost to the budget. Hail storms are going to continue to happen here in El Paso county, so we need to think further into the future.
Because of the stress that is on the Motor Vehicle department, we really need to prioritize a reallocation of resources in the budget, in order to cover additional employees. Cross training between the departments is also useful, but we need to incentivize the cross trained work, for when teams help coverage in another team due to illnesses, or work load increases that happen with regularity, such as the increase because of the storms at the Motor Vehicle Department, or the increase in work load that happens because of election procedures. In order to pay for the priorities, I would need to look at the numbers and analyze the usage data. Once that has been reviewed, I will move the money, people, and resources to make them most useful for the betterment of the system as a whole. I think this will be a boon to both the employees and the customers.