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Colorado House District 24

The Colorado House of Representatives is the lower house of the Colorado General Assembly, the State legislature of the U.S. state of Colorado. The House is composed of 65 members. Representatives are elected to two-year terms, and are limited to four terms in office but can run again after a two year respite.

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    Monica Duran

  • Arthur Erwin

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What would you cite as the number one issue facing constituents in the district you’re seeking to represent, and specifically what legislation would you champion to address it?

What specific changes, if any, do you think should be made to Colorado laws concerning access to abortion and reproductive health care?

What specifically are the most urgent needs of Colorado’s education system and the best legislative strategies for meeting those needs?

It is projected that Colorado will face a water shortfall by 2050 or sooner. What specific measures would you support to prevent a water crisis?

If elected, what specifically would you do to make health care more affordable in Colorado?

How would you address the growing lack of affordable housing in Colorado in terms of a specific policy or policies?

Contact phone 720-275-5144
Background A grassroots activist who took on powerful developers and won. A community leader and progressive Democrat who will fight for Jeffco in the Colorado State House. Monica has lived in Wheat Ridge for 25 years and currently serves on the Wheat Ridge City Council.
Twitter @MonicaDuran24
I believe that the cost of healthcare is the number one issue that I hear about from constituents at the doors. I will work as hard as I can to find ways to expand and improve the states Medicaid program so that it would be an affordable option for all Coloradans. Beyond that I will remain open to any options that present themselves to reduce the cost of health care in our state.
We should strive to improve access to all reproductive health care. I firmly stand behind a woman's choice to do what she believes is best with her body. Improving access to preventative reproductive healthcare can help to improve the overall cost of healthcare for all Coloradans.
I think that the most urgent needs for Colorado’s education system is that we don’t have enough teachers to meet the rising needs of our population. To do this we need to increase the amount of funding available for education. We need to invest in our teacher pay so that we can make sure that the education that we offer our students in Colorado is the best that we could provide as a state. Beyond that we need to make sure that our public education system prepares our students to be successful. I think that expanding trade programs in our schools would be beneficial to both students and the states economy.
Water is essential to all Coloradans. We as a state need to find ways to best use and conserve our water so that we get the most out of our water. I think that we need to look at all of our options to improve our infrastructure to reuse and recycle water whenever possible so that we can both succeed agriculturally as well as environmentally. If elected I would work with other legislators and state agencies to make sure that we stick to the Colorado water plan and that we can make the necessary legislative adjustments to make sure that implement the most effective plan for our state.
I would research and work on legislation that would reduce the price and increase the coverage of preventative care in Colorado. Increased preventative care coverage would help to reduce the cost of healthcare overall by helping to reduce the need for expensive procedures for ailments that could have been mitigated with preventative care.
I think that we need to create a policy environment that requires or encourages the development of affordable housing. We need to make sure that we do not put burdensome regulations on builders while still making sure that they are building responsibly. I think that we need to look at ways to incentivize the construction of new affordable housing in Colorado while working on policies that also make it so that folks do not get priced out of their neighborhoods as easily.
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