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  • Michael Ted Evans

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What [will you/should our nation] do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

In building a vibrant U.S. and local economy, would you emphasize reforming tax policies, addressing income inequality, job opportunities here, or something else?

What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women & minorities in the United States?

What should the federal government do, if anything, to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

Please explain why you do or do not think it is important to reduce the role of money in American elections.

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

What are your views on gun control?

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We got a good start by offering states the chance to expand Medicaid to their citizens who work, but can't afford regular health insurance. Unfortunately for our healthcare industry, Mississippi failed to do this. So our rural hospitals are struggling, and many of them are closing because of that bad decision. I support expanding Medicaid into all states and not leaving that service to political chance. I also believe we should protect Medicare. It is a promise we should keep to our elders, who, like us have contributed to that program so we can get healthcare when we get older. It's only right.
I do not support giving big corporations tax cuts while forcing local citizens to make up the difference, and I will oppose such actions in Congress. Additionally, I will work hard to close the growing gap in incomes by increasing job opportunities in the rural areas through development projects and grants. While I'm not for increasing taxes, I do know that taxes support a civilized society.
I have always supported equal pay for equal work, and I’ll do the same thing in Congress – that goes for all people in every work sector. My wife works our farm just like I do, and I can assure you that her pay is the same as mine. I believe that we should enforce all laws that prohibit discrimination of any kind. This is America.
I think federal money for schools should follow state money – if the state is doing their part, then the federal government should help make up the difference to make every school great. In Mississippi, our state leaders cut public education funding every year and expect the federal government or local taxpayers to make up the difference. I think that’s wrong. Our public schools form the foundation of our economy and community life.
I think that transparency is more important than limits. Right now, folks can hide behind “dark money” to influence our elections. Any person or company that donates to a candidate or issue should be made public, along with the amount. Stopping sneaky contributions will go a long way to make our elections reflect the will of the people.
I support greater efforts to patrol our cyber-borders and use good, common sense in monitoring the various electronic devices in use for voting. If our voting system were a bank, we wouldn’t put up with holes in the walls, the door propped open, and the vault combination on a poster above it. We shouldn’t ignore obvious threats to our voting system, either.
I support the second amendment. I’m a hunter, and I own guns. I also support common sense steps to keep guns away from dangerous individuals. We’ve had a law against felons owning guns for at least 100 years, so I don’t see anything wrong with implementing guidelines to make sure we can keep automatic weapons out of the hands of those who are documented to be emotionally and mentally dangerous. My heart goes out to every parent who has to say a prayer every time they drop their child off at school these days. There must be a better way.
Michael Ted Evans, his wife Heather and their daughter Hannah live in the Preston community. Michael graduated high school at Nanih Waiya and pursued his lifelong dream of a career as a fireman when he joined the fire department for the City of Philadelphia. He served the citizens of Philadelphia for 21 years in that post and continues to serve as a volunteer fireman in the surrounding counties. For the past 17 years, Michael and Heather have owned and operated a poultry farm for Peco foods of Philadelphia. In 2012, Michael wanted to take things a step further and serve people in his surrounding counties as well, so he ran for Mississippi House of Representatives and continues to represent and fight for his people in House District 45.
Mississippi AFL-CIO
Mailing Address PO Box 470
Brandon, MS 39043
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As I travel throughout our state and district, I see a continued need for a better healthcare system for our citizens. Throughout the campaign, I have met with several healthcare professionals to discuss how our country can improve our healthcare system to work better for all Americans. To address the issues of affordability and access to healthcare, I would support repealing Obamacare and instating a system that would allow businesses and individuals to purchase healthcare insurance across state lines. I plan to continue to meet with experts in the healthcare field so that we can build a better healthcare system for our nation while prioritizing solutions, such as telehealth, that would positively impact our citizens here in Mississippi. I would also like to see rural hospitals receive the help they need so that they can have the tools and resources to provide 24-7 access to acute medical services for individuals experiencing life threatening illnesses or injuries.
For an economy to flourish, we need to build an environment for businesses to excel and create more opportunities for their current and future employees. In my conversations with small business owners, the same message is heard over and over: regulations and government mandates are strangling small business innovation in the district. By decreasing unnecessary regulations and excessive taxes, businesses will be able to reinvest their capital to create more jobs for our citizens and higher wages for our workers. If elected to Congress, I will fight to reduce taxes and regulations so that our economy will continue to flourish and create opportunities for Mississippians to be successful.
Inequalities faced by women, minorities and anyone else should be identified as unfair and unjust. Over the course of our shared history, we have continued to decrease discrimination across our great nation. As a prosecutor, I have stood up for people who faced discrimination and I will continue to support inclusive programs that will unite our country instead of dividing us.
As a graduate and proud parent of two boys enrolled in Brandon High School, I greatly value the public school system. Additionally, I have continued to stay involved with the local public school system by serving as the President of the Rankin County Educational Foundation, volunteering to coach the Brandon High School mock trial team and mentoring students from across our school district. Through my involvement, I have learned that public schools need more technical training programs and job training opportunities. If I am elected to Congress, I will make sure that public schools have the tools and resources needed to provide an equitable, quality public education for my children and our students across the state.
I believe that transparency should be the most important aspect of elections. Our electoral process should focus on creating as many opportunities for voters to learn and directly interact with candidates before election day. If voters have a chance to personally engage with candidates, they will have the ability to be more informed before casting their vote. With this in mind, I strongly support increased transparency of candidates and their funding sources while also protecting the rights of candidates and all Americans to utilize free speech.
The electoral process of our nation is unique to our land and separates our great country from the rest of the world. This sacred characteristic is what has held America together for so long and should be strongly protected. I would support increased voter fraud protections and would support our current voter identification laws in Mississippi.
I’m a proud supporter of gun rights and believe the Second Amendment should not be infringed upon. I am happy to have received the endorsement of the NRA and will continue to champion protecting our nation’s Second Amendment.
Michael Guest is the current District Attorney for Madison and Rankin Counties, and is a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Mississippi’s Third Congressional District.

Michael Guest is a lifelong conservative Republican who believes in limited government, traditional Mississippi values, free market economic principles of lower taxes and fewer regulations, protecting the right to life of the unborn, a strong national defense with full support of our men and women in the military, and keeping our 2nd Amendment gun rights and the other individual rights and liberties guaranteed to us by our Constitution.

As Madison and Rankin Counties grow, District Attorney Guest has sent a message to criminals and would-be criminals that if they break our laws, they will be punished and that strong sentences will be imposed. Since being sworn into office as the Madison and Rankin County District Attorney in January 2008, Michael Guest and his staff have prosecuted nearly 20,000 cases. Michael Guest has a proven record of fighting for Mississippi’s families to prosecute criminals—and he will take that same spirit and determination to Washington, D.C. to fight for Mississippi’s interests while serving in Congress.

District Attorney Guest has worked with the media to launch The DA’s Most Wanted, which has been successful in capturing dozens of criminals who had failed to return to court to face the penalty for their crime. His office has supported law enforcement agencies by providing them more than $20,000,000 in money seized from those who sell or transport drugs. The District Attorney’s office has also successfully recovered more than $3,500,000 through their Bad Check Unit to help local merchants and businesses.

As District Attorney, Michael Guest built a team of outstanding professionals whose goal is to keep neighborhoods safe places to live, raise our families, worship and build businesses. With more than 12 years as an Assistant District Attorney, Guest prosecuted hundreds of cases and obtained guilty verdicts against criminals charged with murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, sexual battery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, house burglary, and drug sales.

District Attorney Guest has worked with the law enforcement community training state and local law enforcement officers. He served as an instructor for the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, Hinds County Sheriff’s Department, Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy, the Mississippi State Highway Patrol, and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

District Attorney Guest serves as President of the Educational Foundation for Rankin County Public Schools and serves on the Boards of the State and Central Mississippi Crime Stoppers. As a member of the Brandon Baptist Church, Guest serves as a Sunday school teacher and as a deacon. Michael Guest is a Rankin County resident and a graduate of Brandon High School. He received a degree in accounting from Mississippi State University and his law degree from The University of Mississippi. Guest is also a member of the Rankin County Bar Association and the Mississippi Bar Association. He is married to the former Haley Kennedy and they have two sons, Kennedy and Patton.
Governor Phil Bryant National Rifle Association National Right to Life Association National Federation of Independent Business Bully Bloc Mississippi Automobile Dealers Association National Realtors Association Mississippi Manufacturer’s Association