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Berthoud is an incorporated town governed by a Board of Trustees and Mayor. Trustees meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, 807 Mountain Avenue. Trustees are elected at-large to staggered four-year terms. Elections are held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of April in even-numbered years. The Town of Berthoud will elect three (3) Trustees for four-year terms on April 3, 2018. This will be a mail ballot. There are six candidates for these three Trustee positions.For more information,
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    Patrick Dillon Supported Employment Coordinator

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    Maureen Dower Equine Veterinarian

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    Tim Hardy Business Manager

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    Kevin Pischke Sales

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    Heidi Short Historian/Archaeologist

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    Pete Tomassi Certified Financial Planner Professional

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1. Describe your background and experiences that prepare you to serve as a Trustee. Why are you running for this office?

2. Would you support a future county-wide ballot issue for a mental health and substance abuse facility? How would that benefit residents of Berthoud?

3. Do you think Berthoud should continue to rely on Larimer County for law enforcement? Why or why not?

4. According to the Berthoud Planning Department report “Berthoud Town Demography from 2000-2025”, the population could grow from 15,000 to 22,000 by 2025. What should be done to make sure that Berthoud has the necessary infrastructure and can pay for it?

5. What do you think should be the top three priorities for the Berthoud Board of Trustees?

Background Community advocate focused on improving access to human services, affordable housing, youth programs, and creative solutions that promote Berthoud tourism and economic activity.
Contact phone 970-294-8446
I supported the creation of the Youth Advisory Commission in Berthoud. Submitted the petition to create a Housing Authority, while working with countless regional nonprofits, government agencies, and community leaders to secure more human services for Berthoud families.
I support this proposal 100% because it is smart policy, and it will have an amazing impact for Berthoud families trying to deal with substance abuse, and long-term mental health concerns that are currently being underserved and sadly left untreated. We need this to pass for Berthoud and the county.
Berthoud's partnership with county law enforcement has been a net positive for our community. Their staff follow state guidelines and get access to training that smaller local agencies would not have to follow. The agreement with the county should stay for the long term in my view.
As Berthoud grows so will the net funds from future businesses, homes, and sales. This, however, will only meet some of the needs related to these costs, over the next several years the board will need to seriously consider asking the town to allow access to new funding sources as well.
I believe the top three priorities facing Berthoud is clear as day. The need for Affordable housing options, securing upgraded traffic/transportation plans, and promoting economic diversity and activity within our community. These three issues will determine large parts of Berthoud's future.
Background I am an equine veterinarian, have a wonderful husband and two teenage children. I have lived in Northern Colorado since 1990, and just south of Berthoud since 2002. In 2014 we left the country life to live in town. We love our neighborhood and town, and I want to give back to the community.
Contact phone 970-214-3044
I am running for Trustee out of a love of Berthoud with all that it offers and its future possibilities. As a vet, I am trained in critical thinking, gathering and analyzing data, and developing solutions. As a volunteer on the Parks committee, I understand the current challenges and opportunities.
I would support a county-wide ballot issue for a mental health and substance abuse facility. This would benefit the citizens of Berthoud in two ways: direct help for residents facing addiction, and indirectly preventing crime and increased incarcerations through addressing the addiction of others
Yes, I believe that outsourcing our law enforcement to Larimer County’s Sherriff’s Office has been successful. There is tremendous engagement with these fine peace officers and our townspeople. In addition it is the fiscally responsible decision.
In order for Berthoud to develop the infrastructure needed for a rapidly expanding population, there needs to be a careful evaluation of current impact fees, management of reserve funds, estimation of future maintenance cost, and identification of ongoing funding sources.
I believe the top three priorities for the Berthoud Trustees should be: 1) Finalize our Parks, Open Space, Recreation and Trails Master Plan including a funding initiative on the Nov. '18 ballot, 2) Update our development plan addressing growth, and 3) Pursue economic (retail/dining) development.
Background I am a Berthoud native. I am a 2nd generation resident of our town. I have 3 children and married for 24 years to my wife Charalotte. I have been on the towns planning commission for the last 3 yeras. I have a bachelors degree in business management.
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Contact phone 970-690-4213
I was raised in Berthoud and have watched this town grow. I believe I understand what people see in Berthoud and why they want to live here. I believe I make sound balanced decisions by listening to both sides and come up with solutions that will hopefully satisfy equally as possible.
I definitely see a need for more easily attainable mental health and substance abuse services for those who are need. Suicide and opioid drug abuse is on the rise in our area. I would rather see many smaller clinics spread throughout our cities and county rather than having one large central locatio
At this time, i believe the services provided by LCSO has been superb. We are getting the best service we have ever had in the history of our law enforcement. But we should be prepared to eventually support our own department because we may eventually become to large for LCSO
we need smart growth. We need to keep a balance of residential and commercial. Residential growth maybe give us a one time cash inflow, but we need the commercial development with large and small business to sustain the tax collection for the town to be able to sustain a steady cash stream.
planning ahead by keeping our design standards to the highest quality possible. ensuring we have a balance of affordable housing, affordable commercial, recreation opportunities to keep people in Berthoud and supporting our town, as trustee will listen to all sides and will make balanced decisions
Background I am a native Coloradoan. I have lived in Berthoud for the last six years with my wife Kendall and our three children. Jack (5) Presley (2) Sloan (2 months). I attend Colorado State University majoring in Political Science and History.
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Contact phone 7208393492
I was born and raised in Louisville, CO where I watched a small, quaint Town grown into a thriving community while keeping its charm. I was involved with Government at CSU. I am running for Trustee to be the voice for families and my leadership and vision is what Berthoud needs right now.
I believe it is always a win if you put an issues before the voters and let the collective voice be heard. After Parkland and the nationwide opioid crises I think a facility would be something a County as large as ours could use. I do not believe Berthoud could or should house the facility.
I believe that Berthoud should continue to rely on Larimer County for its Law enforcement. As we grow the need for more deputies will arise and, but overall having the resources the County provides is far better than what the Town can afford.
We need to plan ahead and be prepared for growth, and have new leadership. By creating growth plans and implementing incentives for business, creating tax buckets to make sure essential services are covered, roads, parks and police are sufficiently funded. Failing to plan is planing to fail.
1.) Growth and the need to address essential services, new vision and Leadership 2.) Creating a destination Town and insuring Main street is the main focus 3.) Parks and recreation, building on the current parks and creating a master plan
Background 25 years as a computer technician then switched to my passion and went back to school for History and Archaeology/Anthropology. Although I still do a number of things with computer I now spend more time researching.
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I've lived here for 25 years and have been on the Town of Berthoud's Historic Preservation Advisory Committee for a number of years. I know how things work here our town and want to help keep our town going in the right direction, because as I tell people, "This is our Town."
Yes. All residents of the county should benefit from such a facility. It should not be limited to the bigger communities.
Yes. It is extremely expense to have a police-force. With the current situation we benefit more because we couldn't afford the cost or the needed training need to support a local town police department. We gain much from having the law enforcement from Larimer County.
Metro districts where designed to deal with infrastructure, improvement and amenities for areas of a town or subdivisions of a town. If they are done properly I think them to be a great way of offer the needed support for the community.
Getting more business in our community so local residents can work and shop here. Expanding our knowledge of what is going around our community to promote our community. Broaden our safety programs for both adult and children, ie. crossing guards and flashing signs.
Background Married to Jinger for 24 years. Father of three active duty Air Force Service Members. Owner of Tomassi Financial Planning, LLC. Adjunct Professor of Finance in the Liberty University School of Business. Member of the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
Contact phone 970-232-8851
My answer to that question is simply this, I'm running for trustee because this is how America works. Ordinary citizens take their turn to step up and serve. After benefiting from years of strong, wise, and effective leadership in other communities, it's my turn to step up and serve Berthoud.
While I certainly see and understand the need for a mental health and substance abuse facility, I want to understand both the short-term and long-term finances prior to making the commitment to construct and staff the facility. I want to ensure that any project undertaken is financially sustainable.
Yes. Our Berthoud community is the beneficiary of a well-trained, well-organized, and well-lead law enforcement squad. Sgt. Anderson and his team are second-to-none when it comes to community service, professionalism, vigilance, and commitment to duty. Our town can't replicate what they offer.
We must look at the growth in Berthoud from both an aesthetic and fiscal perspective. People move to Berthoud because the small town Americana lifestyle appeals to them. We want to preserve that legacy. New homes and residents place a strain on infrastructure and town services. That takes money.
My top three priorities are to LISTEN to the voters. I represent them and their dreams and desires for life in Berthoud. PLAN accordingly. Winging it is not a viable strategy in business or government. IMPLEMENT those plans. I want to improve the efficiency at which our town operates and delegates.