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Timnath is an incorporated town governed by a Town Council. Timnath’s Town Council consists of five members – four council members that are elected at-large, that is, not elected based on wards or council districts. Council member terms are staggered. Elections are held in even-numbered years on the Tuesday following the first Monday in April. All positions are unsalaried.Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 pm at the Timnath Administration Building, 4800 Goodman Street. Town Administrative Offices are open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. The Town of Timnath Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. This election will be a mail ballot election conducted by the Town of Timnath. This election will be for two (2) Town Council Member seats.
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    Rick Collins Consultant

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    Ken Foley Retired Department of Defense Analyst

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    Lisa Laake Health Education

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    Mike Morgan Fire Chief (retired)

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    Aaron Pearson Residential Real Estate Agent

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    Todd Sharpe Safety Coodinator

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1. Describe your background and experiences that prepare you to serve as a Council member. Why are you running for this office?

2. Would you support a future county-wide ballot issue for a mental health and substance abuse facility? How would that benefit residents of Timnath?

3. Timnath is one of Colorado’s fastest growing towns. How would you pay for infrastructure, including water requirements, that will be needed since the town has rejected an increase in sales tax?

4. What do you think should be the top three priorities for Timnath’s Town Council to work on?

Background Over 30 years experience serving in high level positions of trust in both public and private sectors. Born and raised in Colorado. My parents instilled a strong work ethic in all six of us kids. Married for 41 years, two children and four grandchildren.
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Contact phone (303) 909-1433
BA in Political Science, CSU; Masters in Public Administration, ASU. Served as Chief of Staff for Governor of Arizona and Arizona House of Representatives. Secretary's Representative, Region 7 U.S. Dept. of Labor. I am running because I think my experience will be an asset to Timnath's future growth
Mental health and substance abuse impacts everyone. I would keep an open mind regarding future county-wide ballot issues.
I have had a hands-on role in preparing more than ten state budgets. I plan to use my expertise in this area to address all of Timnath's budget matters in a transparent and open manner.
1) Open budget process and commitment to transparency 2) Addressing critical "needs," i.e. Public Safety and Traffic concerns 3) Responsible and prioritized spending
Background I have been married for 39 years and a resident of Timnath for just over one year. I recently retired from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, having served 26 years. I am an Air Force veteran and have a Bachelor's Degree from the U of Iowa and a Master's Degree from the U of Nebraska.
Contact phone 402-990-4310
I'll answer the second question first - I have always believed that the most effective way to better my community is through active involvement - to roll up my sleeves and get to work for my neighbors and my family. As a career analyst, I have developed the skills necessary to address tough issues.
I would support this issue if well-thought out, researched - and most importantly - supported by the majority of my Timnath neighbors. I believe such a facility would benefit those in our community who face these challenging issues. As an elected official, I must advocate for the welfare of all.
In its 136 year history, Timnath has never witnessed the growth it has seen the last 6 years, or will see in the next 6. It is incumbent upon the Mayor and the Town Council to show effective fiscal leadership. This focus will require a creative and cooperative approach to paying for infrastructure.
We should focus on: responsibly building a safe community that we can be proud of and one that continues to attract positive growth, intelligent stewardship of Timnath's financial resources and on listening to input from our neighbors to ensure that their best interests dictate all of our actions.
Background I've been a resident of Timnath for almost 6 years, and of Northern Colorado for 19 years. With more than 12 years of experience in public service, I am looking to expand that into the role of elected official. I love living in Timnath, and want to keep it a great place to live.
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Contact phone 970-214-0753
I have over 12 years of experience working in public service (parks and recreation, health education, and substance abuse prevention). I was an HOA president and currently serve as secretary of the Bethke PTO. I love living in Timnath and want to be involved in keeping it a great place to live.
Yes. While most Americans are affected by mental health and/or substance abuse issues in one way or another, many of those people aren’t able to get the help they need. A County facility could provide affordable care close to home for any Timnath resident who needs it.
To pay for infrastructure, various options should be considered, including: Local, state and/or federal grants; Public-private partnerships with developers; Collaboration with other communities; Increase in fees or taxes (impact fees, sales tax, property tax, etc).
Managed growth: Services and infrastructure must be prioritzed to meet the demands of a growing community. Economic development: Bringing in new businesses would benefit all residents. Community development: Offering residents the opportunity to participate in activities and events.
Background Assistant Fire Chief, County of Los Angeles Fire Department, CA. 19.3 million residents, 59 cities. Fire Chief, City of Costa Mesa, CA. 112,000 residents. Fire Chief, City of Newport Beach, CA. 87,000 residents.
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Contact phone 949-246-5576
Mailing Address 6432 Engh
Timnath, CO 80547
Budget management and responsibility for Fire and EMS, Training, Emergency Communications, Homeland Security, Urban Search and Rescue, Information Technology. Local, state, and federal resource coordination and management.

I'll be Your Voice for Fiscal Responsibility and Strong Decisive Leadership.
Faith-based & family/community-supported programs such as "Celebrate Recovery," "Hope for Mental Health," and "Healing Waters" are the key to success. Support for facility depends on treatment and success models shown by the proposers. I am a results oriented manager and against open-ended taxation.
The 2017 town budget reflects over $700,000 for town events/supportive equipment. This is unacceptable. Public safety and crucial infrastructure must be our clear financial focus. We need to spend wisely and not tax wildly to develop a town that promotes the safety and welfare of our residents.
1: Public Safety; 24 hour continuous coverage and rapid response for Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement, protection of schools and students. 2: Crucial Infrastructure; must support all weather, all risk public safety response, train delays are a concern. 3: Transparent Government; meetings and records.
Background * Business owner for 15 years * Married 18 years with 2 children; one at Bethke and one at Preston * Bachelor's degree - Iowa State Univ * Master's degree - University of CO
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Contact phone 970-460-9268
I moved here in 2012 and served first on the Timnath Land Use Code update committee, followed by a year on the Planning Commission. I was elected in 2014 to Town Council and wish to continue my public service. I am an advocate for smart and sustainable growth as prioritized by our residents’ input.
I supported the 2016 ballot measure to fund and build a new mental health and detox facility. This facility would help to fill a gap in the current Larimer County health care system and reduce the burden on the county jail system. I would support a future ballot issue through Council’s endorsement.
Council is re-prioritizing spending based on updated input from the residents. The necessary infrastructure and lifestyle improvements can still be funded through impact fees, increased commercial development revenue, through the resources of the existing Development Authority, and available grants.
Infrastructure that supports rapid and inevitable growth, for the present and the future. Public safety and service, including a 24/7 police force and an adequate administrative staff. Sense of community, including parks and trails, connections with schools, and events that bring residents together.
Background Experience leading multi-billion dollar government operations/projects, leadership focused, project/resource/operations management, process improvement, cost reduction strategies, risk management initiatives, public relations, and communications
Contact phone 970-988-0362
Retired Military: Directed multi-billion dollar programs / Led Integrated teams of up to 30 working groups / Conducted Cost Analysis / Project Management / Revised Technical Manuals Why running: I feel residents are not being duly represented, I plan to be their voice, bring concerns to the council
Definitely! With all the issues plaguing today's society (PTSD, Abuse, Bulling, & so on) mental health evaluation/treatment is a must. Not sure the context of the 2nd question; but, it would benefit the county as a whole. Location would be an issue as Timnath's projected growth leaves limited space
A budget review would need to be conducted. The Council would need to evaluate and reallocate funds from other areas, for example some projects under "Economic Vitality", in-order to focus on more critical and current issues, such as water requirements.
Information from the Open House, identified six primary categories, with a few listing multiple subcategories. In-order to select a top three, you need to dig into subcategories as well. My top three priorities: 1. Public Safety 2. Phase 4 of Harmony Rd Expansion 3. Community Events