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Pennsylvania Congressional District 18

Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District is located in western Pennsylvania and borders the states of Ohio and West Virginia. It includes portions of Greene, Washington, Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. The district is currently vacant, following Rep. Tim Murphy's resignation effective October 21, 2017. The winner of this election will complete the unexpired term.
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    Conor Lamb (Dem) Attorney

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    Drew Gray Miller (L) Attorney

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    Rick Saccone (Rep) State Representative

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Do you believe that our climate is been effected by human activity? If yes, what actions would you take to protect the environment?

What action, if any, would you support to change the law to limit the availability of semi-automatic weapons and what action, if any, would you support to expand background checks for gun purchases?

Date of Birth 06/27/1984
Education B.A. University of Pennsylvania, 2006 J.D. University of Pennsylvania Law 2009
Qualifications United States Marine Corps, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Marine Corps Reserves
Twitter @conorlambpa
Municipality Mt. Lebanon
Yes. I believe in science, and the science on climate change is clear. I support safe, responsible energy development. I am against pollution. I’ll work to reverse the budget cuts that have prevented our government from performing the basic inspection and enforcement activities that we rely on to protect the clean water and clean air. I also support investments in renewable energy and clean technology. These industries have the potential to bring jobs and new economic opportunities to our workers and our region, and I’ll work to make sure we capitalize on that opportunity.
I support universal background checks and I support closing the loopholes in our background check system, including, most importantly, the gun show and online purchasing loopholes. To keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals and people with dangerous mental illnesses, we need a universal and comprehensive background check system. I’m focused on where we can take action right now. Most people agree that we need universal background checks. This is an issue where we can actually pass a bill and make an enormous difference. I know from my experience as a federal prosecutor that strengthening our background check system and closing the loopholes is, right now, the most effective thing we can get done to prevent violent crime. We do need to take action, and I will work hard to end the terror that has come to children and parents as a result of these school shootings.

Date of Birth May 8, 1980
Education BS - Broadcast Journalism, Syracuse University JD - Widener University School of Law
Qualifications Served as Legal Counsel to the former Majority Whip of the Pennsylvania Senate where I researched and drafted legislation and resolved constituent issues. Therefore, I have both a law degree and experience in the legislative branch of government.
Twitter @drewgraymiller
Municipality City of Pittsburgh
Yes, I believe humans are likely the primary cause of climate change. I do not believe it is the government's responsibility to protect the environment. We need to be responsible for our own actions. That is, we need to make a personal choice to protect the environment. We can do that by choosing to recycle and by not supporting companies that we feel are endangering the environment. If we make "being green" popular and affordable, people will not only want it, but demand it. However, I would support legislation that would give tax cuts to "green companies". That way, the free market would control. If we allow the market to make green energy both affordable and readily available, I believe most people would choose it over a more expensive and less environmentally friendly option. Currently, I'm helping to end pollution by only creating 100 plastic yard signs and asking my supporters to instead use "digital yard signs" to share on social media.
We can't allow anything to infringe upon our 2nd Amendment rights. This question likely stems from the recent school shooting, and as such, we should try to determine what steps can be taken to prevent further mass shootings. A ban on various types of guns or an expanded background check will not stop a person from killing people. That particular person could steal a gun from a friend or family member and commit the crime -- or find another way to kill. The only way to prevent future mass shootings would be to address the root cause: mental illness. If we appropriate funding toward mental health, while learning to identify those in our community who are depressed or lonely, we will not only reduce gun violence, but we will also be able to compassionately solve a plethora of societal issues without stigmatizing those who are mentally ill.
Qualifications Rick Saccone is a man of integrity and principle; a faithful husband and father; a military veteran; an expert in counter-terrorism who served his country in North Korea and Iraq; and an experienced public servant who will fight for his constituents
Twitter @Saccone4PA18
Municipality Elizabeth, PA
A: I look forward to hearing all sides of the debate and taking the right steps to address this issue. I think that this issue has become very politicized and my first priority in Washington will be protecting jobs in Southwestern PA. Any proposed environmental regulations must not harm our local industries.
A: In the State House I supported a number of bills to streamline the background check system and create harsher penalties for gun crime offenders. While it’s vital to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, disarming law-abiding citizens is not the answer. We should also take a look at the sharing of information between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies since there were so many warnings and red flags in the recent Parkland tragedy that were missed.