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Wellington is a statutory town with legislative and corporate authority vested in a Board of Trustees consisting of six elected Trustees (and a Mayor). The Trustees are elected at-large for staggered terms of 4 years. The town has opted out of term limits. Three of the six Trustees stand for election on alternate even-numbered years held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in April. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Wilson Leeper Center, 3800 Wilson Avenue. The public is welcome to attend these meetings.In 2018, this in-person election will be held on April 3 from 7am to 7pm at the Wilson Leeper Center, 3800 Wilson Avenue for four (4) trustees. The three candidates for Trustee with the highest vote total shall receive four year terms and one candidate will have a two year term.
  • John Evans Construction Crew Lead

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    John Jerome Industrial Supply

  • Wyatt Knutson Structural Engineer

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    Tim Whitehouse Timber Framer

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    Scott Wolfe OTR Fleet Scheduler/dispatcher

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1. Describe your background and experiences that prepare you to serve as a trustee. Why are you running for this office?

2. Would you support a future county-wide ballot issue for a mental health and substance abuse facility? How would that benefit residents of Wellington?

3. What do you think will be the top priorities for Wellington? How will you address these issues?

4. What is Wellington’s chief infrastructure need as you plan for future growth? How will you meet that need?

Background I worked for Water Departments in California, mainly in water distribution and a short period in water treatment. I recently moved into road construction.
Contact phone 970-581-6678
I have worked for government agencies since I began working in construction 19 years ago. I have learned how the government process works and at what kind of pace it runs. I have an eye for detail and hope to use this in my capacity as trustee. I hope to be elected to be a voice for the citizens of Wellington. I am looking forward to connecting with the community and hearing opinions and concerns for the town's direction.
I would definitely support a mental health and substance abuse facility. I believe mental health issues have been over looked for too long and there should be more resources out there to obtain help. Substance abuse is a growing problem and we can't turn a blind eye to this situation. There are plenty of qualified individuals that are well educated to assist in recovery. I would like to see both of these issues addressed in the near future.
I think the town is heading in a good direction for water infrastructure and I am excited to see the construction of our new plant start. I think we need to continue to address further infrastructure improvements and hold developers responsible to do their part in improvements for future developments. If someone wants to build in Wellington they should have the town's best interests in mind.
Along with the improvements to the water system I would like to see more roadway improvements. I think connecting with CDOT in regards to Cleveland and working with the county for our surrounding county roads we can get improvements done with less impact to the finances of the town.
Background Sales and Management
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My background is in sales and management. I believe I possess many desirable leadership attributes that would make an effective Trustee. Those attributes include: • General understanding of municipal government • Willingness to learn about a wide range of topics • Integrity • Consistency • Confidence • Strong communication and team-building skills, including being a good listener • Openness to the thoughts and ideas of others • Approachable and accessible • Willing to work cooperatively.
I would support a county-wide ballot issue for mental health and substance abuse facility as long as it is clearly spelled out how and were the money will be used. I feel sometimes the public is asked to support ballot issues but are not given all of the details. A mental health and substance abuse facility would benefit the residents of Wellington by providing local access to services they may not normally have.
Responsible growth, infrastructure, economic development and the need for a community rec center/pool/town hall. I would address these issues by only being in favor of new developments that make sense for the entire community. Make sure that the water/sewer projects that have already started are finished on-time and within the budget. Look at partnering with local groups and organizations to attract new businesses. Start the conversation about building a multi-purpose community building.
Water/sewer upgrades are in progress so roads and bridges are the next biggest need. The town needs to be more proactive when it comes to dealing with CDOT and our issues with access to I25 and the current traffic issues at the north bound exit onto HWY1/Cleveland Ave. A second off ramp to access is imperative to the growth of Wellington and widening the existing bridge over I25 that is the main artery connecting the housing and businesses on the east side to the rest of town.
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I am an engineer and a business owner. As an engineering I have the technical background to help make good decisions on the towns infrastructure, utility and street needs. As a business owner I have the background to understand and process the towns financials and make good decisions as we grow the town in a controlled manner. I am running as trustee because I was appointed to an open trustee position a little over a year ago. I have been involved in several projects that I want to see finished.
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1. Firming up our utilities - I am already involved in the upgrades to our current water treatment plans and will continue to work on these until they are finished. We will need to start looking at adding additional capacity to our waste water treatment plan that I will help get started. 2. Future Water Acquisition - I am currently working with the town to look at multiple option of future water acquisition. The are expensive option and will be need to continue growing and developing Wellington.
Water is Wellington's main concern as with any front range town. Our recent extreme growth has put us behind. We have already started the process on several alternatives for future water needs. This includes improving efficiencies of our existing systems, starting a water efficiency study, upgrading our existing plant to take full advantage of our current water contracts and looking into alternative water sources. As our water needs continue to grow we will need to stay in front of them.
Background Since 2000, I have been a professional timber framer and a Journey worker in The Timber Framers Guild. This journey has led me to work and teach in the US, the UK and Poland, including advanced studies with a traditional craft guild in France. If you are persistent, all things are possible
Contact phone (617) 678-0035
As a resident for 10 years and a Wellington business owner, I have seen the rapid changes and their impacts.

In June 2017, I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the BOT. I have worked to understand and help resolve the issues our town faces. I am a planner and a doer.

2018 will be a year of strategic planning. The decisions that are made in the next 2-3 years will set the future direction and growth for Wellington for the next 20 years. I would like to continue the work I have started.
Yes. Both of these health issues have been underfunded; neither have been a priority. Ballot issue 1A was narrowly defeated in 2016. My support for this issue would be based on the specific ballot language.

I have had people in my life who suffered from mental illness and substance abuse. More readily available treatment and support would likely have helped some of them. I doubt my experiences are unique. I believe others in our town and the county would benefit from such a facility.
Revise the comprehensive plan for future development. This will guide the appropriateness of future growth. We need a balanced growth of commercial, retail, and residential development. This is currently underway.

Develop and implement capital improvement plan for roads, and other essential services such as water with appropriate long term financing. This is being implemented now.

Build a new town hall to more efficiently provide critical information and services for our citizens.
Water acquisition

Our town, like other municipalities, is actively searching for new sources of water. The demands of population growth, and concurrent development are continuing. Without new long term water sources, the town’s growth will be limited.

Securing a new long term water supply is a complex issue. The cost of water and associated infrastructure are significant, with long term financial implications. The BOT are weighing the options and will make a decision in the next few months.
Background I am originally from Wisconsin, moved to Colorado in 1987. Have lived in Wellington for 14 years. I had my own business for 20 years in the household goods relocation field.
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I have spent many years seeing numerous towns around the United States deal with growth while traveling to and from. Have seen what works and what doesn't. Being of an open mind and listening to both sides of an agenda/dispute and the people involved. Having an unbiased mind. Thinking before doing. Realizing that not everything is cut and dry, thinking outside the box.
I would. This would benefit the people of Wellington in the short term for the permitting fees. It would help the town with updating infrastructure depending where build. In the long term it would help with jobs in the town, where people don't have to commute. It was also help support other business in town from people coming to use/visit friends and family members in the facility.
Some of the top issues for Wellington is managing, funding, maintaining the growth of town. This would be accomplished by listening to the community on what they want and managing a steady growth over time. Another key issue is to attract and help businesses open up in the community whether they be a Mom and Pop or Corporate business. Taking each business in a one on one basis, not grouping together. Community services is another issue.
Maintaining and growing the infrastructure already in place. Updating the pieces as they get worn out, outdated, overwhelmed. We will have to meet this need by having a balanced budget, planning for the future in terms of plans and money. Realizing that in growth there are cycles that have peaks and valleys, during the peaks we would need to put money away for the valleys. Also to help pay for improvements by making sure we take advantage of all government incentives and grants.