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Wellington Mayor 2018

The Mayor is elected at large for terms of 4 years. The Mayor presides at all meetings of the Board of Trustees and has the same voting powers as any member of said board.In 2018, this in-person election will be held on April 3 from 7am to 7pm at the Wilson Leeper Center, 3800 Wilson Avenue.Wellington is a statutory town with legislative and corporate authority vested in the Board of Trustees, consisting of the Mayor and six elected Trustees. Mayor and Trustees are elected at-large for four-year terms in even-numbered years on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in April. Trustees are elected for staggered terms. The town opted out of term limits. Town Board meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the Leeper Center, 3800 Wilson Avenue, Wellington, CO. The public is always welcome to attend these meetings. Town Hall office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.
  • Troy Hamman Commercial Construction Manager

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    Tim Singewald Retired, Entrepreneur

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    Paul Willmon (WI) Self-Employed

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1. Describe your background and experiences that prepare you to serve as a trustee. Why are you running for this office?

2. Would you support a future county-wide ballot issue for a mental health and substance abuse facility? How would that benefit residents of Wellington?

3. What do you think will be the top priorities for Wellington? How will you address these issues?

4. What is Wellington’s chief infrastructure need as you plan for future growth? How will you meet that need?

5. What are your leadership plans for Wellington for the next four years?

Background Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1991 Norwich University military college of Vermont . 25 years of commercial construction on the front range of Colorado
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I moved to Wellington with my parents at the age of 8 years old and was raised on a small ranch outside of town. I went to Eyestone Elementary, Wellington JR High, and attended Poudre HS. After graduating from college back east, I returned to Colorado to join the family business and raise my own family here in Wellington, where my kids also attended the local schools. These are some of my fondest memories. The friends, families, teachers we have known over the years have enriched our lives, and it is because of them and you that I seek the office of Mayor to give back to a community that has given so much to me.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1991 Norwich Military College, Northfield, Vermont

Career/Credentials: I have spent the last 25 years working with my father in our commercial construction business, based here in Wellington. We work with some of the biggest General Contractors in Colorado and have completed some of the highest profile projects in CO.
I would definitely support help of that kind to a ballot. Having known friends and other citizens of Wellington that have struggled with additions and hard family issues such as: divorces, pregnancy and drugs in the house, I can assure you that a local help center would be well received by those looking for support, programs and help here in Wellington. I have had the experience of getting counseling myself when I was faced with the hardship of divorce and I know my friends who have benefitted and are alive today because of help with addictions and problems. I think it is a great benefit. .
Our town has grown rapidly over the past few years and faces many challenges as a result. Some of these challenges include

• Future residential/commercial growth in keeping with our small town’s heritage. • Growing traffic concerns and road conditions. • Town water quality, treatment, conservation, water storage and future supply. • New school construction and current conditions of existing facilities. • Mainstreet Development, new Town Hall, Boys and Girls Club. • Added crime and safety concerns accompanied by the influx of growth. • Updating town ordnances and codes. • Effective advertisement and communications of town matters and events.

If approached carefully and collectively as a community, we can set an exciting path that is sustainable for future growth, while preserving Wellington's small-town heritage/identity...a place where we, as well as people from neighboring communities, come together to enjoy our parades, functions, amenities, and services.
Water supply, treatment, quality, and traffic access issues are the most immediate concerns. Currently we have a plans in place to upgrade our treatment facilities and water quality, while at the same time keeping up with our 3-5 % annual growth. We need to secure more water shares through NOCO, Elco and other water brokers. Based on our current growth we need to have this done within the next 10 years. Plus we will need to upgrade plant facilities for that demand. Regarding the main access on HWY 1 form I-25, WE are on the list for expansion with CDOT but we are far down on it for any changes,. The current traffic system, although cumbersome is effective and with a couple of adjustments would help more. One other option is to provide access to the North and South from the next overpass south of the the wellington exit. This will alleviate some of the traffic backup on and off of the interstate and is more economical for CDOT to fix.
Again, I believe If approached carefully and collectively as a community, we can set an exciting path that is sustainable for future growth, while preserving Wellington's small-town heritage/identity...a place where we, as well as people from neighboring communities, come together to enjoy our parades, functions, amenities, and services.

My strengths are in areas of team building, customer relations, contracts, budgeting, cost analysis, forecasting, and problem solving.

If elected Mayor, I will bring these skills to the table and be a conduit for your voice as we work together with the Board of Trustees and Town Administration.
Background Banking Outfitting Real Estate Investment
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I was elected to the Board of Trustees 4 years ago and voted in to Mayor Pro Tem by the Board. About one year ago when our Mayor resigned, I was requested to step in as Mayor for the remainder of his term. I accepted but only under the agreement we all get active and make the changes needed for Wellington. The last year has been a whirl wind of research, discussion and change. As everyone in Town stressed, the Town was about 3 years behind in making several critical changes. We've brought in experts for consultation, vetted several solutions, debated the different options, and are in the negotiating phase on some of these while others are still being reviewed. I believe in Management by Objectives along with getting people involved to help buy into the solutions. We developed a Citizen panel for interviewing the Town Administrator position. The Board should always remember they represent the people of Wellington and work every day on their behalf.
This is a very controversial issue with strong pros and cons. There are a lot of facets to a successful project. I would advise against a simply emotional response as we all want to help out our fellow man. The details and process are what would rule my decision. I think everyone knows that I dig deeper than most into a project to see what the nuts and bolts are. I've seen several projects that on the surface appear to be beneficial, but after vetting, I would have been better off to have found a better solution. Through deep research and deliberation, better decisions are achieved. I value the limited amount of government funds available and understand budgeting and getting the best bang for the buck - just as I would with my own funds. I would not fall into a complacency of spending OPM (other people's money).
I have an Action Items list of 20 items, all of which are important to the Town. There are a few critical large issues that will take time, and several smaller ones that can get knocked out easier, but all of these are a priority as they are things that need to get done. I've had past Mayors give me lists from 15 years ago and many of these items are still here today. We are working hard and have a plan to finally start getting things marked off the list so the Board and the Community can move on. We desperately need a redundant Water supply. We need additional treated water storage. We need better interchanges (in plural) for I-25. We need a new Town Hall. We need a High School in Town. These top 5 items are well under way but will need a lot of attention to bring them to completion. All along the way, we can direct Town staff and/or bring in people to handle some of the other items, ie: Town maintenance and repairs, Centennial Park, connect the Trail system, Growth Managemen
We need to plan for smart growth. We need to be Proactive rather than the Reactive of the past. Water is the huge issue. We are upgrading what we have right now, and have plans for a redundant source for the future. Old Town has been neglected for way too long and as the heart of our community we really need to do what we can to repair, maintain and/or replace the crumbling infrastructure, while never allowing any other part of the Town to suffer the same neglect. Our new Town Administrator is currently in the final stages of hiring a Public Works Director and we are looking at bringing a lot of the Engineering function in house by hiring one or two Engineers over the course of the year.
I feel that anyone who has been paying attention over the past year to the Town Trustee Board Meetings has seen a huge amount of positive progress. Most of the work happens outside the view of the public as a lot of foundation work and goal setting needs to be set for each project. Research and deliberation helps get everyone's buy in. When everyone gets a voice in the decision process better results often come together. You either get a consensus - or you have a vote and move to the next point. It's not a personal issue, it's what works best for Wellington. I don't see changing what's been working over the next four years, just finding ways to do it better.
Background Colorado Import, Honorably Discharged Veteran, Small Town Roots, but Grew Up in the Big City.
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I got to experience the joy of the 90's in Colorado when I moved to the Denver area in 1996 as a teenager from a small town in Oklahoma. I ventured around in the mountains with my friends and family and down to the grasslands of our neighbors. This is a beautiful ecosystem that most don't get to enjoy or be privy to. I joined the service and chose to return to Colorado after my time in the military because of those experiences. I have learned times were simpler and more fruitful then. I have seen a lot of changes throughout different communities and the landscape that makes up this state. Times are hard, jobs are scarce, and individuals need to be represented with elected officials who have more in common with their community with a vision and drive to help. These are the reasons why I am running for Mayor for the Town of Wellington.
I would support a future county-wide ballot issue for a mental health facility. However I would not support the substance abuse facility. I feel that there is more of a need for mental health facilities than substance abuse facilities. The county already contracts with different organizations in and out of the county for substance abuse individuals, mainly those that are in trouble with criminal activity. Harvest Farm is one such location and is located north of Wellington. A mental health facility would benefit the residents of Wellington by giving them an option to seek better assistance than currently provided. But a county official has already stated it is cheaper to just put individuals in jail than have these kind of facilities.
I believe that the top priorities for Wellington residents are welfare, safety, and growth. The Town of Wellington manager and staff members are working on future outlook plans and impact research for the future growth of Wellington and its residents. I would continue this outlook and assist with the information that is provided to make better sound discussions with the Board of Trustees and the Town of Wellington staff. The Town of Wellington currently contracts work for infrastructure outside of Wellington. There are some prominent changes going on in and around the Town of Wellington that is showing continual progress moving towards a self sustaining town which I would continue to strive for.
Currently the chief infrastructure that is being implemented is updating the towns water supply to a new water treatment plant. Roadway improvements will be needed and accomplished by collaborating with CDOT for access issues from the interstate. The need for business development to bring jobs and income for the residents as well as the Town of Wellington to promote growth. I will continue to assist the Town of Wellington staff with the overall master plan that is being reviewed and updated.
I plan to continue to work with the Town of Wellington staff and fellow Board of Trustees to move towards a self sustaining town with better revenue sources to assist the growth, safety, and welfare demands of the community. I expect that this first year as Mayor I will meet plenty of challenges from the community, county, and state. This will be the time to build the foundation for the future of the Town of Wellington. There are policy changes, municipal codes, existing town limits, and infrastructure concerns that will be reviewed and updated accordingly. The follow-on years will be a continued effort to keep the vision and goals of the Town of Wellington in becoming a better self sustained town. There will always be challenges and unforeseen changes in the future and I look forward to being here to assist the Town of Wellington grow.