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Top three vote getters will serve four year terms. Fourth vote getter will serve a two year term. This is a change from the original top-two getting four year terms and the third and fourth getting two-year terms. The change is due to the appointment of a trustee due to a resignation.
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    Libby Fay Certified Public Accountant

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    Sarah Haughey Owner of The Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar

  • Amanda Krost

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    Morgan Mahala Nail Technician

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    Norm Nyberg Head custodian at Avery-Parsons Elem Sch

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    Jerry Steinauer Dentist

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    Cindie Swisher Co-Owner of Swisher Diesel & Automotive

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    Dave Volpe Owner of Boneshaker Cycles & pharmacist at BV Drug

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    Scott Whitcomb President of Wilderness Country Taxidermy and Archery

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    John Williams General Manager and Buyer at The Trailhead

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    Tonya Wyles Owner of Slug& Chug food truck

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Why are you running?

What specific qualities and skills will you bring to the office?

What specific goals would you like to achieve while serving as Mayor or Trustee?

Having made Buena Vista my home, I would like to contribute to my community in this way. I have the time and energy to bring my talents to the Board of Trustees. My strong financial background, my positive and diplomatic personality, and my enthusiasm for working together for a healthy Buena Vista make me an ideal candidate.
I will bring financial expertise to the board as a CPA & MBA from Stanford University. I worked at a “Big 8” accounting firm & then built my own CPA firm, with $700,000 of annual revenue & 10 employees when I sold it after 20 years. I spent my career assisting thousands of individuals & hundreds of businesses with planning, budgeting & accounting. I worked with the C&C of Denver & other cities, accounting for millions of dollars of transactions, assets & obligations. I am a champion of fiscal responsibility.

I am congenial and level-headed and willing to listen to people, having been described as a “power listener” rather than a “power talker”. Although we have differences of opinion we all have the right to our opinions. I will make decisions in the best interest of our community.

I have worked as a board member, treasurer & volunteer for many nonprofit organizations. I bring my skills of diplomacy, accuracy, integrity, honesty, and positive attitude to these & to the BV Board.
Fiscal responsibility—Use revenues carefully to maintain quality of life, efficient services, infrastructure improvements & maint. Plan for the future.

Responsible growth—Maintain our small-town character with growth of 35-60 people per year, requiring homes, water taps, sidewalks, playgrounds, etc. Strong P&Z.

Affordable housing—Incentives for affordable units, more ADUs, density in central area, & multifamily. Use Habitat, Chaffee Housing Trust, & HPAC to seek solutions.

Small business support—BV, its EVAB & Chamber support small bus. & attract employers of 20-50 paying living wages & benefits.

Historic preservation—Value historic look & feel of downtown & parks. Downtown archi. guidelines, streetscape design & draw tourists downtown.

Trails & bike paths—Pedestrian & bike friendly, finish AZ Trail, add other trails, & better bike lanes on W. Main & Crossman.

Clean & safe town—Good police, fire dept. & code enforcement of sidewalks,weeds,fire hazards,leashes & waste.
I am running for the Town of BV Board of Trustees both as a resident and as a small business owner. I moved to Buena Vista in 2015 with my fiancée and opened a business on East Main Street just over a year and a half ago. I have loved this valley since I was a child growing up in Denver and now love being a part of the strong community of Buena Vista.

We are at a very unique tipping point in our small town. Change is here and we can't change that. But, what we can do is come together as a community and find solutions that make this change beneficial. We all get to help determine the identity of BV, keeping the things we love, while putting systems in place so that change flows in a positive direction.

I am running for trustee because I want to be a part of the process of putting these systems in place and ensure Buena Vista has a solid foundation to build upon. I am invested in this town and in this community, and want to see it thrive.
I have a business oriented way of thinking and examine all sides in order to make informed, fact-based decisions. Through setting up my business, I learned a lot about the inner workings of town and county processes. I work well with others and I'm a firm believer in collaboration. I am goal oriented and work hard to achieve what I set my mind to.
My biggest goals as Trustee are to make informed decisions that lead to outcomes that are best for our town; Listen to both sides so as to find solutions that have our entire community's best interest in mind; Ensure the board's actions are for the betterment of Buena Vista and will be effective for guiding the future of this town.
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The decision to run for the Board of Trustees came from a sense of responsibility to my community. I am not only a Buena Vista native but a native who has taken the opportunity to re-invent myself here. My intimate knowledge of the history of this place and the sentiments of its diverse residents coupled with wide ranging travel experience and colorful chapters in life has allowed me to see Buena Vista through a unique lens. I truly feel that I'm able to understand and sympathize with the differing perspectives challenging the current social dynamic and how that effects how we proceed in handling current obstacles and in moving forward as we grow. I believe that as someone with this unique perspective, who also recognizes this to be a very crucial and influential time in our community, that it is my responsibility to help stabilize the growing divide between our citizens. More importantly, I desire to positively represent and contribute to the community that I've always called home.
Specifically, curiosity, tenacity, honesty, transparency, integrity and the ability to think independently. In running for this position, I am committed to dedicating my time to being a balanced, well-rounded and well-informed public servant. My time on the Board of Directors for the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurial spirit and business management experience will provide me with the ability to participate in board activities with confidence. Equally as important, having grown up in this beautiful town and my familiarity with the changes that are challenging the growing dynamics of our residents and businesses gives me the ability to bring together forward thinking open mindedness and a sense of understanding of where our community is socially. I feel this perspective would be an invaluable asset to the Board of Trustees as Buena Vista continues to grow.
Most importantly I'd like to continue the momentum of an informed and balanced board in the face of growth. Next would be continuing the example of leadership within the community through the ability to have informed constructive discussion regarding current events and the ability to compromise when necessary. Third would be continuing to work with the various groups focused on the growth of Buena Vista in setting realistic goals, guidelines and boundaries for what is acceptable as an “end result” for the future of our citizens and our community and to use this as a basis for consistent and balanced decision making. Lastly, to help bring people together with the understanding that we have a unique opportunity to grow in a way that is respectful and beneficial to everyone, past, present and future. We can respect our history, empathize with our different perspectives and be the change. It will take stepping out of our comfort zones and compromising but I believe we can do it.
We as a "community" need to maintain the integrity of our town not only for future generations but for current citizens who live here because Buena Vista IS a well rounded community that promotes health, safety & small town living at it's finest. Having grown up here & raised a family here, I've seen Buena Vista change in moderation, keeping it's hometown charm & sense of community. Growth is inevitable, but smart growth needs planning & monitoring so that Buena Vista doesn't lose the hometown community spirit that could take away everything that has been achieved in our beautiful valley.
I grew up here, I know the valley, I have common sense and I do not have an agenda. I have served on Town Council previously for almost 8 years. I understand that each situation that arises is different & needs to be looked at individually & not as a whole. I listen to the citizens concerns & realize that I am a voice for them, not just myself.
I would like to see Code Enforcement continue to work on issues that take away from the serenity of our town. I would like to see efforts put into renewable energy in our area. We need to continue efforts to acquire water rights for our growing town. I would like to keep recreational marijuana businesses out of our town. I would also like to see TRUE affordable housing built here. We also need industry that will provide job opportunities in our town. We need to have smart growth and come up with a plan for incentives to get businesses to look at our town as a viable location. The airport & the new FED EX ground location can be used as a positive draw. Tourism is at an all time high and because of our beautiful area we have people who are moving here more often now. We have to come up with the means to maintain the influx of the growing population.
I am running for Trustee because I have a lot to offer from the stand point of having been there and done that since 1976. Our Board of Trustees in 1978 spawned the idea of the Gallery system which has served the Town in the Winter for 100% of the water needed in the Winter months. I have been Mayor as well as Trustee into the 2000’s. Even though the Airport is looked upon as an Albatross by some it is finally beginning to come into its own. We proposed and built it while I was Mayor. It just took longer to become a help than anticipated. Now we have something to offer to an expanding audience. One day we will have service.

My main reason for running is to attempt to bring badly needed water to BV that will take it into the next century and beyond. Without different ideas and more water we cannot grow in an orderly manner which is my second reason for running. Without more water we will be a small town forever. Growth is a good thing. We cannot stand still.
As noted above, I have been here a long time and have helped guide the Town. Although not original ideas, I have proposed and been able to get needed infrastructure and services into the Town at the right time. From some of us paying for paved streets to water and sewer and airstrip, I have tried to stay involved. We replaced leaking boiler pipe to stop water loss without borrowing money The list goes on and on.
My main goal I have already mentioned above in “why am I running” and that would be WATER. We have purchased water once since I have been here. It is known as the Gorrel and it supplies most of the drinking and irrigation water that the Town uses. We put a collection system under ground that supplied the Town with water for over twenty years without using the water treatment plant.We have grown enough to need the treatment plant again. It may need upgraded or replaced but that is just one of the problems of growth, which brings me to the main goal to accomplish. We need more water. There is very little for sale because of the over appropriation of Cottonwood Creek. So we need new ideas to get more water.
For the love of our town and community. I want to ensure through our growth we remain a friendly, caring, safe, and affordable community to raise our families. I want to see controlled growth. I want to be able to retain our Town's uniqueness and some of the innocence. When I look at our town, I see Buena Vista, Colorado. I do not see West Main, East Main, the Highway corridor or South Main. I see Buena Vista, Colorado, and that is an awesome place to be!

My parents were very active in our community. They instilled in us that you give back to the community you live in.

Our Town has a strong heart beat. The time I have served on the Town Board has been uplifting, challenging, and rewarding. I want to continue serving our community.
I have been attending the Town meetings for about 2 years and I was appointed to the Town Board in June of 2017. I am aware of Town's current goals and concerns. I have (with my husband, Ed), operated Swisher Diesel & Automotive since May of 1992. We have been able to maintain and grow our business thru down economical years in Buena Vista. I have served on my church finance committee and as a Chamber of Commerce Board of Director. I have worked with the budgeting process for our business, the Chamber, our church, and for the Town. I am a level-headed 'middle child' that stands for peacemaker. I believe by the use of compromising and respect for the different areas of our Town, we will keep Buena Vista the special place that it is. I do not always have an immediate answer.......I like to think the issue through, ask questions, weigh all sides, and pick what I think works best for our entire community.
UTILIZATION OF OUR INDUSTRIAL PARK. This is so the Town isn't totally relying on tourist trade in a down economy and it should bring technical, higher paying jobs to Town. This would allow some of our youth to be able to return to the valley. OBTAINING WATER RIGHTS AND WATER STORAGE. This will allow Buena Vista to grow. MAINTAINING EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE. As we focus on newer growth, we need to maintain our existing infrastructure to ensure that all parts of Town have service and doesn't need replacing in an emergency and all at once. AFFORDABLE WORKFORCE HOUSING. it is vital to our businesses and service providers to have the ability to hire the employees they need and have them as active/committed citizens of our community. FUTURE SERVICES.The Fire Dept. struggles to find qualified/trained volunteers. There might come a time we need to have more paid positions for the safety of our community.
Serving the past 4 years as a trustee has taught me that being an elected official not an easy task. It took me a few years to find balance between my role as a public servant and that of citizen. While the process is never finished or perfect, during my tenure Town has made progress in regards to water, housing, recreation, infrastructure, and community relations. We have installed recycle stations on Main St, paved a Remote Control Airstrip, partnered to develop a 2.5 megawatt solar project, built workforce housing, collaborated to build new school amenities, established a water accounting system, enjoyed a robust local economy, and a many other wonderful developments. I have come to realize that my job is not done yet and believe that my experience can help maintain balance as we grow.
A little about my background: -Trustee for the the town of BV, 2014-2018. -My wife and I moved to BV in 2002 to raise our family. -We have 2 children enrolled in the public school system. -My wife is a teacher at BVHS. -I am a part time pharmacist and full time business owner. -I'm an avid skier, cyclist, and river sport enthusiast.

If you have kids, have lived in BV for a while, ever had a rash, ride a bike, kayak, or been to a town meeting, chances are pretty good that we have met. By being involved with so many diverse individuals and groups I am particularly capable of "connecting the dots" within our community. I bring no agenda other than to try to make the best decisions for our community as a community.
1. Continue to develop policy oriented governance. 2. Empower our community to guide decisions through advisory boards. 3. Focus attention on resource management and economic resiliency.

"Change is will happen either to us or for us. Together will can work to choose the latter".
*I have a strong desire to bring my skillset, knowledge and common sense decision making to the City Government Offices. *My push is sustainable year-round commerce/activities, as well as properly metered/controlled growth to the City of Buena Vista. *Additionally, we as a community need to retain the diverse, small town, agricultural, and outdoor flavor and atmosphere. *Lastly, I feel we need to offer truly affordable housing for the large amount of people desiring to work and live here.
*Owner/Operator, Wilderness Country Taxidermy and Archery, LLC *Systems Engineer by training; self taught taxidermist & archer *Christian Conservative *Chose BV for my home and shop after living in small towns & metro sprawls world-wide *Common-Sense, down-to-earth decision maker
*Advocate for healthy, feasible town growth (affordable housing, enhanced sustainable commerce) *Lifelong continued enjoyment of hunting, fishing, and hiking, while protecting the environment *Specific real-world planning, and research *Commerce helping commerce within the city/County
I started working in Buena Vista during my summers in college. After spending time exploring our community, I quickly realized that Buena Vista was the place I wanted to settle down, build a future, and invest my time, energy, and expertise. During my years here, I have faced challenges, especially when I was looking for housing and trying to make it work as a young professional kicking off my career in business. As I’ve become increasingly invested in BV, I’ve noticed that our community at large also faces many challenges, whether in the workforce, running a business, finding housing, or building better schools. Hearing my friends and community members voice these challenges has caused me to want to give back, listen, research solutions, and implement decisions so that we can work together to strengthen and better the town of Buena Vista.
I started out my career in Buena Vista as the Business Manager for one the largest guiding services in the valley. I now work as a General Manager, Operations, and a Buyer for a successful business in Buena Vista. I enjoy taking on lots of information, processing through the data, and making analytical decisions based off the facts. I do this often in my role as a buyer, as I have to anticipate sales months in advance based on the economy, tourism, gas prices, weather, seasonality, cash flows, fads, and many other internal and external variables. My business knowledge and my analytical thinking will correlate well into the role as a Trustee when listening to public opinions. I am prepared to listen to the Advisory Boards and the Town Administration and make wholistic, logical decision for the town.
As a public servant, I will take time to listen to your voice, become well versed in all things Buena Vista, and make educated decisions based upon the facts in front of me.
I am motivated by the sincere belief that I can make a positive change in my community. I find that a handful of the BV Board of Trustees have values that are antithetical to my values and what I have come to love about BV, and use their position for their own gain, not the gain of the entire community. They clearly do not share my vision or that of our growing, vibrant, community. I have passion, I have creativity, and I have conviction that I can make a positive difference.
I am a veteran & entrepreneur. I have made Buena Vista my hometown. My family has been spending time here since 1952, so while I am still a fairly new actual resident, I have seen the changes that have been happening in our town over the last 50 years. I am dedicated to BV and I love all of it, not just a small part of town. I have communication & public speaking skills, leadership skills, & a commitment to serve.
I’d like to help bring BV together with a shared vision of the future. Lately, it seems the ideological & philosophical divisions in town are insurmountably sharp, and compromise appears nearly impossible. We, as a town, need to strive to be more willing to listen and even compromise with each other. We are reaching the point where division becomes so strong that both sides are unwavering in their beliefs, & it becomes toxic. We need to be respectful and realize that while we may disagree we are all living in the same town, with fairly general similar goals and dreams. I don’t want to see a beautiful thing fall apart.