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Buena Vista Mayor

The mayor's term is four years.
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    Duff Lacy Co-owner of BV Automotive

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    Jed Selby Builder, Hotelier, Developer, Farmer, Music Lover

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Contact phone 719-395-6653
We moved to Buena Vista over 20 years ago, purchasing a business and to allow my children to have the opportunities I had had growing up in a small community. I have had thousands of people pass through my door and consider many friends and just as many family. I am able to communicate on a daily basis with five to ten of my customers and get the feel of Town as well as surrounding areas and also tourists. I have been able to associate with all of the people young and old to get a broad spectrum of views. I feel as though these people are family and it is in my best interest to watch out for family, Town.
I have been on the Buena Vista Board of Trustees for over eight years. That being said I have eight years of government procedures and processes. I will continue to see that the policies that have been implemented over the last several years continue. I am budget minded and have brought a business background to the budget process as well as other Town functions. Having the experience I have I will be able to make sure the complete information is presented to the Trustees for decision making. I have a working relationship with the current Town Staff and hope to see that positive balance continue.
As this Election progresses I have to think my priority will be Town. I want to have all of the citizens look at Town as I do. The whole Town, not just East, West or South Main Streets. All of Town needs consideration. I hope to bring good constructive conversation back. That in itself will be a major undertaking.
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I am running for mayor because I love BV and I believe I have something valuable to contribute. I have come up with my “High Five” list of the most important issues our town faces that I believe I can help solve.


One of my favorite quotes is: “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.” Proverbs 29:18

I think people that want to invest in a place, whether in the form of building housing or starting a company, need to know our vision for our place. “We don’t want to be Vail” is not a vision.

I believe it is time for us all to put words to what we do want to be and get everyone in town on board. I believe the vision lies somewhere in a combination for honoring our roots as a historic Colorado mining and ranching town with a well informed and planned out eye for the future. Once the vision is clear, I believe there will be a sense of relief for everyone. A shared vision for the future will bring people together
I am a hard working, results oriented person with the skill to convert a vision into a high quality end result. I have started several successful companies, I have built over 70 homes, 20 of which are long-term affordable rentals. I employ nearly 100 people and have very high employee retention because we bring passion to our work and work hard to maintain a positive work environment.

I am intimately familiar with infrastructure costs, building and zoning codes. I have faced many of the challenges that other people will face trying to get their projects complete, homes built or businesses open. I truly want to see our town and its residents prosper. I am offering my time and expertise to help others achieve their dreams, whatever their dreams may be.

Sometimes, people just need a high five and some encouragement to know they are appreciated and stay the course. It's risky and hard out here in the wild west and I want to help people succeed that are committed to this place.
I would like to build 10 miles of trails per year and obtain water rights and storage to meet our needs for the next 100 years. I would like to make any necessary changes to help the housing supply keep up with demand and allow rents stay reasonable. I would like to see existing businesses thrive and attract new businesses with a compelling, united vision. It would be my goal to attract some light industry and other good paying, year round jobs.

I'd like to see this prosperity happen without changing the character of the town and keeping taxes as low as possible. While we want to grow thoughtfully, we also want to preserve the aspects of this place that we all love.

And more than anything, I'd love to see people from all parts of town come together and give some high fives. With a good plan in place, I believe we can all be inspired for the future and excited for changes that may come.