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Justice of the Peace Pct. 5

Hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only, hears civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy, hears landlord and tenant disputes, hears truancy cases, performs magistrate duties, conducts inquests.
  • John-John Chatman (Dem)

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    Kathryn Lucero (Dem) Development Management Specialist

  • Lucilla "Lucy" Najera (Dem)

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Do you believe there should be more transparency in the deliverance of services in the Justice of the Peace's office? If not, why not? If so, what changes would you make?

What do you wish to accomplish if you are elected to this office?

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Campaign Phone (915) 203-2537
Education/Degrees Bachelor Degree in Social Psychology Masters Degree in Human Resource Development
Professional Experience Kathryn is a mother, leader, and advocate - currently serving as a Trustee on the Ysleta Independent School Board, which is the only entity in the County of El Paso that has actually lowered taxes this year. Kathryn attended Bowie, Del Valle, and Ysleta High School. After dropping out of high school and getting a GED, Kathryn knew she wanted to provide her daughters with a better life and went back to school as a working mom. She juggled work, school, and being a mother and was able to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Kathryn didn’t stop there and continued her life-long commitment to learning and earned a Master’s Degree. A big part of Kathryn’s work has been helping students obtain money to attend college as a member of the Ysleta Education Foundation, which she was a part of until she became a Trustee. Often the students were the first in their families to attend college. Kathryn has built a career on helping the marginalized in our area and has been actively advocating for the community for nearly 20 years in a range of capacities in the government and non-profit sectors. Currently serving as a Commissioner on the El Paso County Housing Authority, Kathryn has helped improve living conditions for residents and made the Authority run more efficiently, which has been a benefit to tax payers. She has also helped dozens of people with special needs achieve the dream of become first- time home owners while working with a local non-profit. Kathryn is probably most known for her work with colonias and rural communities across El Paso and West Texas. Kathryn has connected hundreds of families with clean drinking water, something many of us take for granted every day when we turn on our faucets. Kathryn is a member of Our Lady of the Valley Parish in the Mission Valley has four children, two are still in school, and a grandson.
Community Involvement YISD Trustee representing the Del Valle learning community El Paso County Housing Authority Commissioner
Transparency is the cornerstone of building trust with the community, especially in places like El Paso that have wrestled with public corruption. I believe there needs to be more transparency in delivery of services in the Justice of the Peace office. I think a major problem with Justice of the Peace courts is a lack of transparency as it relates to political contributions to the judge, work schedules, travel, and most especially, the amount of money pocketed by judges by performing weddings.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 has taken contributions from large property owners and attorneys that do business in his court. This gives the public the appearance of a conflict of interest. The public has access to campaign finance reports, but unless they are someone “in the know” they are almost never aware of the fact that people on that report do business with the JP court. I would propose a policy of disclosure of campaign contributions from parties that have business in the JP court wit
If elected I would focus on 3 benchmarks within the first year. First, maintain a focus on reducing backlog of cases. Running an efficient court is paramount to saving taxpayers money. Second, I would focus on reducing the travel expenditures of the JP court to trips that are mandatory or necessary for the productivity of the court. And finally, I would focus on improving customer service by investing in the training of staff to obtain master clerk certification.
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