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Goose Creek City Council

Goose Creek City Council
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    Kimo Esarey (NP) Realtor

  • Debra Green Fletcher (NP) Realtor

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    Christoper Harmon (NP) Icu Nurse

  • Tom Keefe (NP) retired

  • Corey McClary (NP) Independent Contractor

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    Jerry Tekac (NP) Banker

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What are your plans to increase awareness and interest in voting for the citizens of Goose Creek for the April 3, 2018, election?

In your opinion, do you think there are adequate Fire and EMS services in Goose Creek? What are the plans to increase services to the rapidly growing area?

Goose Creek residents often ask why Goose Creek does not have more full-service restaurants available to them in the city. What can be done to address this challenge?

Will the existing and planned mix of single-family homes and apartments be sufficient to accommodate affordable places to live?

Are there plans to provide/increase senior citizen services, including affordable housing and recreational activities in Goose Creek?

How will the planned overpass, soon to be constructed at Highway 52 and Redbank Road, affect traffic congestion and safety for Goose Creek citizens and commuters traveling through the area? Will nearby businesses be impacted?

What do you believe are the top three critical needs that need to be addressed to ensure quality of life for citizens?

The Berkeley County School Board operates independently from the city of Goose Creek. Students and parents however, are affected by those members’ decisions and actions. As a result of the guilty plea of embezzlement from the recent Finance Director, will taxes increase to stabilize existing operating needs?

Campaign Phone (843) 693-0187
Facebook Kimo Esarey
Education BS in Business Administration and Office Mgt. with concentration in Computer Science
Experience Worked for Westvaco and Westvaco Development and MeadWestvaco for 28 years. Been a Realtor for 8 years
Candidate Email
While voter apathy is so prevalent in our community (and in our nation), I believe that we will have a stronger turnout due to the mayoral election. Both candidates are good people and each has his own message. I do hope that younger members of our community will exercise their civic rights. I have been encouraging citizens to vote as I walk the neighborhoods and meet with people. I let them know the importance of their vote and participation along with the specific date, time, and place, as always noted on my handouts. Going forward, I believe we should move our voting date to the November election cycle to help bring more people to the polls.
At this time, I do. We just completed building a new main station house and remote substation. Is our coverage ideal? No, it would be best to have a station in Carnes Crossroads and the Liberty Hall communities, but we feel we can cover them adequately at this time with what we have. Our response time is around 6 minutes or less. Could we use more? Absolutely; and we have plans to build those. All it takes is money, and we try allocating our money in the most responsible way. We do not wish to raise property taxes for these services. This, and many other issues will be addressed in our annual strategic planning sessions starting in April. Hopefully, through our newly established economic development initiative, we will draw more planned commercial development to increase our tax base to expand services.
This has been an on-going question for years. It is my belief that since we are not a destination city, we do not draw people to visit and spend their money here. We are a bedroom community - most of our citizens work somewhere else and come back here to live. We do not have large businesses that employ lots of people that would go out to lunch. We also have a location problem in that Century Aluminum borders us to the north and the Weapons Station to our east. This eliminates half of the area of “draw” that the larger family restaurants need to get enough clientele to stay in business. We have tried going to the restaurants and asking them to come, but they decline.

With the new hospital’s completion, and more medical facilities being established, I believe we will see some major restaurants come into our area. The most likely locations will probably be near the hospital and in the Carnes Crossroads area.
? I believe the mix of homes you are seeing today will continue for the near future. As long as the economy stays healthy and the influx of workers for jobs at Volvo, Mercedes, Boeing, and other industries continue to come and purchase houses, the mix we have now will continue and prices will rise with this demand. Will we have affordable houses for the workers? That depends on what you consider “affordable”. Current builders want to make profits while they can – we all remember the recession of 2007, which was devastating. A housing market that targets the $150,000 or below price range is not profitable to builders with limited land availability. Apartments may be the more affordable option.
I am not aware of any plans at this time. Affordable housing, or workforce housing, is a great idea but nobody wants it in or near where they live. The term “section eight” always comes up and that seems to have a negative connotation. It will take a village to make affordable housing affordable and maintainable. We are always looking for new and resourceful ideas to address this problem.
The overpass should eliminate the bottleneck effect and help traffic move more efficiently and safely. However, the cost keeps escalating and the fact that it will probably involve eliminating businesses will make it extremely expensive. The state continues to tell us they have no money now for making any infrastructure – roads, bridges, or repairs. We passed a 10-cent gas tax increase over the next five years to help pay for this, but that will not be enough. The first phase of that money is to repair and replace unsafe bridges and roads. The second phase is for fixing and maintaining current roads; and the final phase will address new construction. We have to look for other solutions. Will it be rapid transit, buses, light rail, or some other innovation? Stay tuned.

In my opinion, yes. It may involve eliminating businesses in the process as noted in my statement above.
As I state in my platform, we should concentrate on the safety of our citizens first. It’s imperative that we maintain a strong and seasoned police force, fire department, sanitation department, and recreation department. We are currently losing our police and firemen to other agencies that provide better pay and benefits. Second, we need to manage and plan our growth better. We are presently a reactive city. We have never planned for commercial development. We have a lot of commercial growth, but it has not been strategically planned. We have hired an Economic Development Director that can help us determine and plan for this inevitable development, but without the support of our leadership, it still will not happen. Thirdly, we need to work more effectively with the surrounding governments and entities so we control storm water runoff, safety, and other regional issues.
The city does not have any control over school system issues. It is my belief that the recent embezzlement matter will not have any effect on our city taxes.
Campaign Phone (843) 607-6444
Age 66
Education High School and attended Ohio State University
Experience Serving my first four year term on Goose Creek City Council
Candidate Email
Facebook, Calling Citizens, Announcing at Candidate Forums, Talking with citizens when knocking on doors, Mentioning election to everyone.
The immediate need is Station IV at Carnes Crossroads. There are a lot of concerns from the citizens about adequate Fire and EMS. I believe there will be more evaluation of our services by staff, city council and the Mayor to determine the services.
Our city has hired an economic development director to be a strong advocate in the market place to raise our visibility for businesses considering to invest. In addition, we have an Economic Incentive Program that is important to addressing this challenge.
Housing issues are complex. To the best of my knowledge, the city hasn't done a supply study. We seem to have a balance for now and that can change at anytime. As the area grows, we could continue to see a shorter supply. Also, there could be a higher demand and rising prices. We will need to increase the number of jobs and promote economic development to help affordability.
City of Goose Creek has a community center that has a fitness center, cardio-deck, and walking track. They also have Pickle Ball . There are many classes available. In addition, the city golf course is also used by seniors. Senior housing can be found in Goose Creek. The police department has services available to help seniors. This information can be found on the city website. The departments do a great job in addressing the needs of the seniors. I think this issue is something the city will be evaluating as we grow.
It is my understanding that the overpass is not a consideration at this time.
Attract business, medical and keep current business for the daily needs and services to the citizens. Promote Hiker/Biker master plan. Job Growth.
Campaign Phone (843) 327-0420
Age 33
Facebook Vote4harmon
Education Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Experience I have been a nurse for 11 years. Working in ICU settings for 8 of those 11 years. Working with patients and families in times of need has given me listening and communication skills needed to serve my community. Working side by side with some of the best medical professionals in the world to deliver quality, life-saving medical care has given me the insight and teamwork skills to find problems and create solutions.
Candidate Email
Engage younger voters. Disseminate voting information via social media.
After speaking to both the fire chief and police chief I have created a preliminary grasp on issues. We need to retain the current staff we have and by doing this we will increase their rapport with our residents, therefore reducing crime and increasing public education. This can decrease the cost from recruitment and training. This solution does require paying the police and fire professionals a higher wage and creating a better benefits package.

Adding additional personnel, equipment and infrastructure will require more money and this will be what we put as a top priority moving forward. We need to assess total needs, cost, and solutions to paying those cost.
I believe creating a place for our community to congregate, like a master-planned with mixed-use zoning around that area will attract full-service restaurants.
I believe it will be sufficient.
I would like to create master-planned parks that have activities for all age groups. A multi-purpose facility that can be used for a many different activities.
I don't think this project will happen secondary to cost and the negative impact on the nearby businesses.
First, we must secure green space across the city for a series of master planned parks. Second, we must create responsible commercial growth to help increase our tax revenue. Thirdly, we must fully assess our current and future needs for our first responders and plan accordingly.
I'm not able to answer this question in totality at this time.
Campaign Phone (443) 945-5496
Age 65
Education MBA
Experience I have served in leadership positions in fraternal organizations and management position for over 40 years such as Knights of Columbus, American legion, USPS. Currently serve as president of our HOA, volunteer Tudor with Reading Partners, and I am a Guardian with SC Guardian ad Litem program.
Candidate Email
I have been discussing the upcoming election with the citizens of Goose Creek at retail stores , fraternal groups , etc. I have been registering citizens as I meet them. I carry registration forms with me at all times.
I believe we currently have adequate service. The future includes a new fire station in the Carnes Crossing area. The city is currently recruiting for EMS, law enforcement, and fire personnel. See the city websites for opportunities.
The city can reach out to the corporate offices of full service restaurants and make sure they are aware of the opportunities in Goose Creek. There are over 150 restaurants in Goose Creek.
I believe the existing plan will serve this need. The plan is regularly reviewed to keep current with this goal.
Construction is about 90% complete on our new recreational facility located near the existing facility. The current senior center provides senior services , including meals on wheels and services can be expanded as need dictates.

The overpass will improve safety and traffic flow at the intersection. There will be access to nearby businesses.
1. all council decisions should be viewed as to how they impact families and citizens of Goose Creek. 2. work closely with the county to assure that the infrastructure keeps up with the growth. 3. continue the excellent city services that are currently provided.
The Mayor and council have not discussed the need to increase local taxes.
Campaign Phone (843) 469-8842
Facebook Coreyforcitycouncil
Education The Citadel, B.A Psychology
Experience * Married to my Bride, Kim * Father of 5 children * US Army veteran * Served as full time Youth Pastor locally * Served as Juvenile Arbitrator- 9th Judicial Circuit * Parent/ Family Advocate Administrator- Charleston County School District * Berkeley Electric COOP Community Outreach Board Member * Citizen Advisor for the city of Goose Creek
Candidate Email
I believe that part of the role of the local government is to make voting as easy and convenient as possible for all of its residents. Candidates for election should always engage the community and remind all the citizens about the upcoming election. I plan to increase awareness and interest by continuing to appeal to all of the electorate through social media, neighborhood meet and greets, and print media. This appeal would emphasize the importance of citizens exercising their rights and the value of their vote in matters of local politics. #FAMILIESFIRST
I believe that we should always be recruiting First Responders. There is no doubt that the city needs to address the need of a new Fire Station in Carnes Crossroads. That area of the city is rapidly growing both residentially as well as commercially. I believe that both Fire and EMS services should continue to always seek adequate and proper certifications. I believe that we should consult with the Fire Chief, Mayor, and Berkeley County representatives to address concerns, solutions, and future outcomes. As a city, we need to implement new and additional measures to proactively be in position to pay for adequate Fire and EMS services. These measures would include also increasing pay and benefits for our First Responders. #FAMILIESFIRST
Restaurants are definitely coming! However, the administration can make sure that the city is as business friendly as possible, that the zoning is applicable and appropriate to commercial growth, and utilize our new Director of Economic Development to actively recruit commercial businesses to the city. We can market the city as one that is business friendly and ready to actively engage potential investors. The hospital being built is going to stimulate and invigorate businesses (including restaurants) to that entire upper level of Goose Creek. Full-service restaurants will make Goose Creek home along with several other commercial entities. #FAMILIESFIRST
I don't think so. As the city continues to grow, there will be an increasing need for affordable housing for its residents. I believe that this is something that should always be a priority for the administration. I would like to see if we as a city could do more to assist in accommodating the affordable places within our city limits. #FAMILIESFIRST
I would love to see more emphasis and awareness to the services provided to our seniors. Our seniors are valuable treasures to our society and need to be valued and protected. As our population grows and ages, there will be even more demands for services and activities for our senior citizens. I believe that families should communicate the needs of those most vulnerable and partner with the city to alleviate all potential issues facing our seniors. #FAMILIESFIRST
As of right now...there seems to be a shortage of money to complete that planned overpass. Obviously traffic will/would be SEVERELY affected. That intersection is the busiest intersection in the city. It also appears that businesses will/would be impacted by the planned overpass. Furthermore, this has the potential to greatly increase the costs of the entire project. Serious considerations need to be made to lessen the impact of this project on the residents of Goose Creek. All local, county, and state officials would need to be included in that assessment and work together to lessen the impact on the quality of life of the citizens. #FAMILIESFIRST
1. Families and resident concerns 2. Infrastructure 3. Economic Development #FAMILIESFIRST
I will need to research more before giving a confident and sure answer. However, I would encourage all parents to actively exercise their right to vote and to remain active in the future of the their children's lives and the affairs of BCSD. #FAMILIESFIRST
Campaign Phone (843) 701-6339
Age 52
Facebook Tekac for Goose Creek City Council
Education 1987 Graduate of Heidelberg University 2004 Graduate School of Banking at LSU 2001 South Carolina Banker's School
Experience 8 years on Goose Creek City Council 2008-2016 8 years on Goose Creek Planning Commission
Candidate Email
I have been actively working with Stratford High School, where my daughter is a senior to encourage and promote voter registration among the students. I've had numerous discussions with those young prospective voters emphasizing that their vote does matter and that they can make a difference in their community. I have posted links encouraging residents to sign up to vote on my FB campaign page, as well as my personal FB page and Twitter page, with the deadline being March 2nd.
In my opinion, the city needs at least 2 additional fire stations in our community to service the residents and businesses in our community. The unfortunate part is that the city at this time, does not have a mechanism in place to not only pay to construct these facilities nor to man them. It is imperative that the city become much more active in recruiting potential commercial development to our community otherwise, the burden will fall to the taxpayer, which is something that I am against.
First and foremost, Goose Creek has the ability to support new full-service restaurants, but our leadership continues to claim that we do not, despite the Economic Consultant report that was commissioned by the City a few years ago that disputes the leaderships claim. With the establishing and hiring of our Economic Development Director, this will help Goose Creek compete with the surrounding municipalities that are also looking at these type of establishments. We are behind the curve with this and will need to make this a primary focus, not just on full-service restaurants but other retail opportunities. As money leaves Goose Creek and is spent elsewhere, this is a great opportunity for the city to help our residents with different options and get property tax relief with our Local Option Sales Tax rebated back to our residents.
Goose Creek has seen a dramatic uptick in the number of single family homes and apartments over the past 4-5 years and this will only continue in the future with the Carnes Crossroads development being the key driver along with the development along Montague Plantation, since that road has now connected to N. Rhett. The City will continue to have a wide variety of home opportunities from those looking to purchase their first homes, to those wishing to upgrade into something a little larger and finally to those looking for those homes to retire into. The price points for homes and apartments provide options to all that are looking to move into our city, which is a good thing as it provides us with a very diverse community
The city continues to provide recreational opportunities to our residents that live inside the city limits as well as the Goose Creek Recreational District. These opportunities are not limited to just sticks and balls but opportunities for different types of activities. The city has a wide array of hiker/biker trails along to enjoy and is currently constructing Phase II of the Rec Center, which should be completed sometime over the next 60 days. I don't know of any plans for the city to get involved with affordable housing at this time.
While I have seen plans for the overpass and it will clearly alleviate traffic congestion at this intersection, I don't believe that it is project that will start during this election cycle. The cost is staggering and the traffic needs of not only our community but others will stretch those construction dollars even more. When it is started, it will impact those businesses surrounding the intersection both negatively, during construction, and positively once it is completed. You can only get into the Elam Crossroads plaza heading out of Goose Creek now so that should improve once the project is completed.
Complete the construction of the proposed fire stations sooner rather than later Hire additional safety personnel to protect our people and property Become a leader in Economic Development in the area
As I referenced above, the city will likely not have any choice but to continue to look at increasing taxes to provide the essential needs of the residents and businesses, if we don't start promoting commercial activity for our community. These needs are police, fire, water and sanitation. As our population continues to grow the demand on these services will be impacted and unfortunately, the property taxes that our residents pay, doesn't cover the cost of the services that they receive. That is why I believe that it is critical that the we become proactive in our search for commercial opportunities. Roper Hospital will be a catalyst for the city as the corresponding businesses that will are being built and will continue to be built will assist the city with this. The city needs to work much more closely with our business community to collaborate in a win win situation for not just the city but the businesses.