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Folly Beach Mayor

Folly Beach Mayor
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    Tim Goodwin (NP) Retired

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What experiences qualify you to represent the citizens of Folly Beach as Mayor?

Other than beach preservation, what should be the top three priorities for Council during the next four years?

What should the City do to improve pedestrian and bike safety?

Should the City require beautification of commercial parking lots?

If the City provides funds or services to support a special event, should the organizers be required to reimburse the City out of any profits?

Would you vote to abolish the Folly Gras Festival?

Because cigarette butts are a primary source of litter on the beach, would you vote to ban smoking on the beach?

What do you think should happen to the Folly Boat?

Campaign Phone (843) 729-0298
Age 65
Education BS Degree Limestone College in Business Management and Marketing
Experience Eight years on City Council and eight years as Mayor
Candidate Email
I have sixteen years of public service for the City of Folly Beach; eight years on City Council and eight years as Mayor. I am also the first Folly Beach elected official to have completed the South Carolina Municipal Association's school for Elected Municipal Officials.
Infrastructure, Livability issues, and budget
We need to continue to develop pedestrian paths for the people to be able to move through the city without using the roadways as walkways.
I think this is a question that has been raised for a couple of years now. It seems reasonable to require these commercial lots to provide a buffer zone between their property and the Rights of Ways they are adjacent to. This would provide some beautification as well as serving for a divide between their lots and the City's ROWs.
My answer would be absolutely.
I think we as a City Council need to look and debate this as a whole. It could be some new "branding" takes place or maybe moving the date of the festival. There is no easy answer when it comes to festivals but an ever moving opportunity to always get better.
No, because we would have no means to enforce that rule.
Since Mother Nature brought the Boat and Mother Nature took it away; I think it is time to move on. Most people don't want to spend their tax dollars on moving or preserving the boat. They also don't think it will be the same when the City has to enforce the rules of The Boat. I have to agree, like all other old loved landmarks that have gone by the wayside, Bushey's, the Atlantic House, Captain Blackie's camp ground, the Dumbwaiter bar, etc.. It is time to move on to our next new love of Folly Beach.