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Hidalgo Co. Judge, County Court-at-Law No.5

  • Arnoldo Cantú, Jr. (Dem)

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    Armando Marroquín (Dem) Attorney

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What leadership qualities do you have that make you uniquely qualified to preside over County Commissioner's Court?

What, in your view, are the most important challenges to the office you are seeking, and how can you best serve your constituency during your term of office?

What is your position on the use of county, state and federal funds for conservation of natural resources?

What is your position on the Second Causeway? West Loop project?

How do you react to accusations of bribery and corruption in the county?

What is your position on granting future tax abatements for the two remaining proposed LNG companies locating here? Would that position be different if it were another company wanting to locate in Cameron County?

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Age 42
Education University of Texas- San Antonio- BBA- Management with a Concentration in International Business. Thurgood Marshall School of Law- Juris Doctorate
Experience Assistant District Attorney: juvenile, misdemeanor, felony prosecutor Attorney: civil and criminal practice. Numerous jury trials. Represent several municipalities. Mediator Municipal Court Judge for city of Edcouch
Military Service None
I believe my experience in and outside of the Courtroom gives me the knowledge, experience, and empathy which are needed as Judge of County Court at Law # 5. As a husband, father, business owner, and attorney, I believe that hard work and dedication to the position is sorely needed. I also want to bring integrity and respect not just to the attorneys that practice in the Court, but to all the litigants that pass through the Court.
There are several challenges facing the Court. First and foremost, we need to respect people’s time and Court should start punctually at 8 am. It makes no sense that a Court require litigants to show up to Court at 8 am and the Judge doesn’t take the bench until 10 am. Litigants time is just as important as the Court's. Additionally, justice must be served in the courtroom, not in the judges chambers. We need transparency in our judicial system and litigants have a right to be heard. The Court needs to move cases effectively and efficiently. There are too many cases that have sat on the dockets for years while people wait to have their day in Court. Lastly, I believe there are processes that are being used in other counties that if implemented in Hidalgo County, we would be more efficient and effective in our Courts and that equals saving tax payers money.
Corruption is an issue that has plagued our community for some time. I am angry and tired of our area being seen as a very corrupt area. I believe some of these issues stem from low voter turnout which enables some to stay in office for too long. Voter apathy has also led to the election of the same recycled candidates time and time again. I strongly believe that if there were more contested elections, the voters would have better choices and incumbents would have to do more to stay in office.