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District Judge, 238th Judicial District - 2018

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    Chris DeAnda (Rep) Attourney

  • Elizabeth Leonard (Rep)

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The 238th District Court primarily handles criminal cases, but it handles a smaller percentage of civil cases. I was a prosecutor for the Midland District Attorney's office and worked in the 238th District Court. I served in the US Navy with a TOP SECRET clearance and understand different methods that can be employed to handle different types of people. Also, I manage a criminal and civil caseload in my law firm.
This court is not much different in the pressing issues that it faces. Relationships between the criminal judicial system and the community have some tensions. Communities need to trust our judicial system again and know that it is impartial to all sides. I would make sure the court was fair in hearing all sides and provide justice under the law to all sides. In reference to the legal civil matters in the court, I will be open-minded with all parties. Also, if some ruling needs to happen immediately, then I will rule immediately. However, if the situation deems it necessary to wait a week to rule on a legal matter, then I will advise all parties that they are welcome to submit a brief to me on the subject matter for me to review. The bottom line is that a judge's job is not to create new law from the bench. The judge's job is to follow the law as already written by the legislature. A judge's decision must remain unbiased, fair, and objective based on the facts.
I would work closely with the District Attorney's office, criminal defense attorneys, and civil litigation attorneys. A "Fast Track" could he established for cases that are qualified to be on the "Fast Track" docket. All parties would be part of this process to ensure that their interests and rights are not being infringe. The District Courts would need to work together as one-unit instead of working as an isolated unit. Each court has a docket and judges should be able to work as a team to ensure that no court is being left behind and alone. We must all work together and not attempt to resolve matters of justice and fairness alone.
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