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Voting Location: Tolles Parsons Center, 500 Washington St.Wellesley has a representative Town Meeting form of government. There are 240 elected Town Meeting members apportioned among the Town's eight precincts. Town meeting members are elected to a three-year term, with 1/3 standing for election in any given year.
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    COLETTE EMMA AUFRANC Accountant, volunteer, at home parent


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    CHRISTINA W DOUGHERTY Healthcare Management, MBA, mom, and active volunteer in the community.

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    CATHRYN C GOEHRINGER Engineer, MBA, 14 year Wellesley resident

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    TODD E. HIMSTEAD Business Owner (Wellesley Dog Adventues LLC), Full-Time Dad

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    BARBARA H. MCMAHON dedicated volunteer

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    FRANK PINTO Venture Capital & Private Equity Professional


  • ILISSA K. POVICH attorney


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    LAURANCE N STUNTZ Director, Massachusetts eHealth Institute

  • KATHLEEN E. WOODWARD Environmental Attorney

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What are the most important goals for Wellesley to achieve over the next five years?

Relevant Experience PTO treasurer, Central Council treasurer, co-vp WHS PTSO, neighborhood rep working with LindenSquare
Manage the 40B housing challenges, enhance existing tax base to enable robust budgets meeting all town goals while remaining manageable for residents
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Relevant Experience Philanthropic involvement in Wellesley. Parent of children in public school. Lived in town 18 years.
Commitment to excellence in education, development mustn't overburden town resources & schools, environmental sustainability, sound fiscal management.
Relevant Experience Founder and Co Chair Wellesley STEM Expo, Hunnewell PTO President, WEF Board of Directors
- Fiscal responsibility - Instill 21st Century Skills into schools - Continue to improve quality of life for Wellesley residents
Relevant Experience Town Meeting 2000-2018; Bd of Selectmen 2002-2008; Advisory Committee 1999-2002; WHS grad
Maintaining first class school system while balancing budgets; Preserving community character in face of 40B projects; Thoughtful planning
Relevant Experience TMM 2006-2018, Cmte. 21 Rep/Board 2003-12, Campaign Cmte. for WHS bldg., Tolles-Parson Ctr.
Keeping our school program and facilities strong for all students. Preserving and enhancing our community character by getting ahead of 40B challenge.
Relevant Experience Fiske PTO Pres., WMS PTO & School Council, WHS PTSO, Central Council Secretary, Historical Society
To move forward with the rebuilding of the elementary schools in need and to address the 40B projects being considered and the impact they will have.
Relevant Experience Community Preservation Com. Chair; TMM 20+ yrs; Community Rep Hunnewell Schl Council; WFL Found. Dir
Using info gained from Unified Plan, Housing Prod Plan, & HHU work to set Town priorities and make a solid plan for housing and classroom needs.
Relevant Experience Board Member, Wellesley Council on Aging; Chair, Vice-Chair, Member, Wellesley Advisory Committee
Continually improve our excellent schools and services in Wellesley. Take control over meeting state mandated affordable housing requirements.
Relevant Experience Former TMM; Advisory Committee; Commissioner Wellesley Housing Authority; Celebrations Committee
1. Maintain a strong school system. 2. Place tight controls on the budget. 3. Keep Wellesley the town in which we want to live.
Relevant Experience Town Meeting member 12 yrs, School Committee 3 yrs (chair 1 yr), HR Board 3 yrs (chair 2 yrs),
Providing excellent school and town services with continued focus on sustainability and a thoughtful approach to providing affordable housing.
Relevant Experience Town Moderator 2001-8; Former Member and Chair of Advisory Town Meeting Member since 2000
Implementation of strategic plan that establishes town priorities, and maintains high quality schools and town services in fiscally responsible way.
Relevant Experience Town Meeting Member for 2 years in Precinct G, moved this year to H
Responsibly manage the budget for the town while increasing opportunities for residents to actively build community without significant out of pocket
Relevant Experience Planning Bd member; Advisory Comm. 2014-2017; Tolles-Parsons Review Comm.; TMM 19 years; Envir. Atty
Proactively promote moderate income housing while protecting Town character and quality of life. Maintain educ. quality. Strive for sustainability.