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City of Shelton Council Member #7

This contest is a primary for the April election of new members of the Shelton City Council. The two candidates for each seat from this primary will advance to the special election to expand the council, to be held April 25th. The city council sets the general policies of the city, which are implemented by the city manager and staff. One of council's main duties is the adoption of policies and the enactment of the city's annual budget. City council sets fiscal policies and approves all spending , whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for city employees.
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    Mary Eagleson Retired/ running for City Council Seat 7

  • Tracy Moore

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    Bob Rogers Forest Inventory/Geographical Information System Manager (recently retired)

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What do you see as the most pressing environmental issue in Shelton?

How can you balance development with sustainability?

How do you see making your city more livable for seniors and the disabled?

How do you see bringing more living wage jobs to your city?

What is your experience in preparing and administering a budget?

Experience (Max 350 characters) I have owned and operated three businesses. I have also managed businesses, so I find myself qualified for this position. Other than a bookkeeper doing my taxes, I did all my budgeting and finances myself.
Town where you live Shelton, WA
Let me begin my saying that you cannot just say that there is one environmental issue for the City of Shelton. We have forest out there that is being cut down faster than we can plant new trees, we have water to protect so as not to become polluted. We have roads that need fixing, and pipes underground that need to be put in place. But I feel the biggest environmental issue is our surroundings. If we destroy what we have, our natural resources, our trees, our wild life, then we have destroyed ourselves. If we suck the earth dry for our own greed, than we have no one to blame but us. Look around people, notice what is happening to your land. You sit back and expect everything to be done and taken care of by others. When in fact everyone should be putting fourth an effort to maintain a healthy environment. Are you willing to sacrifice your children's future, your grandkids future, your future? With expansion and growth remember comes greed, materialism. Save your surroundings.
In order to balance development one must ask, what kind of development and what is it going to sustain? Are you going to develop much bigger businesses, as in big corporations here? Or are you going to develop the kind of growth we need for the people? To sustain who you are, and where you are, and what you have, I say it all come around to an environmental issue. Using up our natural resources is going to change how we can sustain in the town. We need to find other resources that are not going to harm our society. We must find ways to use energies that differ from the past. If you use up everything then you have nothing. You cannot then balance development and sustainability. Looking at what we need to sustain, we have to ask is it materialistic greed? Or do we want to preserve our home land. What is more important here for the future? Definition of sustainability: TO YEILD TO PROFIT TO GIAN OR TO KEEP AS IS. Remember that when you think of development with sustainability.
Well, to make this city more livable for seniors and the disabled is an easy fix in my book. Let's begin by building more affordable apartments for the seniors and disabled. Why is it that people of this town think that those less fortunate will just fade away. It doesn't work that way. If you only concentrate on building homes and businesses, then where do you plan on putting the people who come to live here. We don't even have enough places now for people to live.. And let's not even go there on how high the rents are here. There has to be big corporations out there that want to build in or around our town, but they have to be willing to give to the town also. Maybe they can do that by helping the town to build more affordable apartments. We live in a town of many good people, but I have seen the most profound religious people turn there backs on seniors and homeless. What kind of town does that, I ask you? I would like to see Shelton be the best caring town around.
To bring in more living wage jobs we need places for people to live. Now think carefully. What kind of businesses does Shelton want in it's city? Do we want more restaurants, like a bigger variety? Do we want more shops, so we don't have to leave Shelton? Do the women want more variety of dress shops, and shoe shops? Maybe Home Depot or Lowes? If we are to bring in more living wage jobs, consider three things. Is it economically good for us? Will it help us sustain what we already have? Are they going to contribute to the city of Shelton? Personally, I don't see bringing in anything unless we start to take care of what we already have. We need places to live. How can you bring in big industry and expect people to stay in your town and purchase things in your town, if they have to live outside of town. This doesn't build a city and isn't operational.. Shelton will just be a small place on the map Whatever comes in must our growth and to the people of Shelton.
My experience in preparing and doing a budget comes from owning and operating three businesses and managing others. When I see something put before me, I question it. I don't just agree to it. When doing the budget for the city, one has to factor in many questions. If it's something that needs fixing then how much are the materials? Can we get cheaper material that will last just as long? And how about labor? Can we obtain the right kind of workmanship for the price we are willing to put fourth? Budgeting and spending are a big part of success. But it must be thought out. It is a strategy just like playing chess. Which is the best move, and is it good for the city? That's what I would bring as experience in preparing and administering a budget. But remember any budgeting has to be for the good of the people and the city. WE the PEOPLE, cannot let GREED and MATERIALISM take over. This will destroy Christmas Town USA.
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Experience (Max 350 characters) I have worked professionally as a forester, accountant, and manager. These positions made or supported others who made natural resource and financial decisions affecting hundreds of millions of dollars. I have also been on the board of several non-profits, often as treasurer or finance chair.
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Town where you live Shelton, WA
The city must continue work on improvements to city sewer/storm water systems, the C-Street landfill, and city streets in the most cost effective manner. Creating a more friendly business climate in town will enable more residents to work and shop in Shelton, reducing the impacts of commuting and travel.
Managing the city’s finances prudently allows us to do things that promote a vibrant economy while keeping debt and city fees in check. This will allow for smarter and sustainable growth. As our financial situation improves, we will have greater control over our development and sustainability options.
By making sound decisions regarding infrastructure and other expenses, in order to reduce the financial burdens on current residents especially those on limited income, we can make the City of Shelton more livable for everyone. The city should look for targeted improvements, such as crosswalks, as part of larger projects, which would benefit individuals with disabilities. Improving neighborhood streets, lowering building fees and raising the bar on code enforcement will make our community more livable for all residents. It is also important to explore alternative housing types, such as tiny homes, as options for various income levels.
The city should attempt to make permitting for new or expanding businesses as simple as possible, with permit fees reflecting actual costs of permit review. The city should not arbitrarily impose local regulations that restrict the ability of private businesses to run their operations as the owner deems best. We should encourage Shelton High School and Olympic College to provide skill classes that lead to higher wage jobs with our existing area employers or those who may locate in the area.
I have been responsible for budgets of various sizes throughout my entire career. While working as an accountant, by utilizing input from managers of multiple departments, I prepared and administered multi-million dollar budgets. Most recently, after being promoted to forest inventory manager, I accurately evaluated and statistically calculated the value of timberland assets totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. I also managed a budget of nearly a million dollars, which included both operating and capital expenditures.