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Bexar County District Clerk

Responsible for the court records and administration of all District Courts.
  • Mary Angie Garcia (Dem)

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    Larry Romo (Dem) Retired

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What improvements do you suggest to the County Information Systems to better facilitate the District Clerk's duties?

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Native San Antonian, Highlands High School graduate, Bachelor of Science degree from the USAF Academy and a Master of Education degree from Northern Montana College. Served on USAF Active Duty and Reserves retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Nominated by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the US Senate as the US Selective Service System Director serving over seven years. I was the Chief Executive Officer for this Agency reporting to President Obama.

Lead every Agency department to include Headquarters Staff, Operations, Human Resources, Logistics, Financial Management, Public Affairs, Information Management, Computer/Cyber Operations, Data Management Center, three Regional and Equal Employment Offices, Military Reserve Officers, State Directors, and Board Members. Developed extensive experience optimizing employee, customer service and technology processes.

My candidacy motivation is a Lifetime of Public Service and much needed improvement in the District Clerk office.
It is an absolute must that the Bexar County District Clerk Office protects all Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This information must not be disclosed as it could result in harm to the individual whose privacy has been breached. Sensitive PII should be encrypted while transmitting and when data is in storage. Some example of PII includes personally financial information and passport or Social Security numbers.

I will do a thorough review within the first month in office of all Sensitive PII data maintained in the District Clerk office, District Courts and Magistrate Courts to ensure we are encrypting the data during transmission and while in storage. I will also review the computer/cyber security program to ensure that the data is protected from hacking to prevent identity theft. We will also train our personnel on Sensitive PII handling procedures.
• Bexar County Information Systems needs to work with the District Clerk office, the District Courts and the Magistrate Court to create an action plan to fix the mistakes and implement the recommendations from the IBM Review and Audit, “Bexar County Five Year\IT Strategy (Detail), January 19, 2016.”

• Collaborate with the District Clerk Staff, judges, court staff, attorneys, clients and other customers to see how we can speed up the information they need for their work and ask for their suggestions how to optimize customer service and other work processes.

• Create a District Clerk Information Technology Board to meet with end users, County Information Technology staff members, and others as needed, to review and complete ongoing technology-related projects as rapidly as possible.

• Analyze District Clerk Office Computer Security Practices and Training and look to enhance and/or revise standards where needed.