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Bexar County Commissioner Precinct 2

Commissioner's Court makes the budget for the County government.
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    Paul Elizondo (Dem) Bexar County Commissioner

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    Queta Rodriguez (Dem) County Veterans Service Officer

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Please describe what combination of education, motivation and experience qualifies you for the office.

What ideas do you have to support Small, Women and Minority Business development in Bexar County?

How would you balance spending between rural areas and urban San Antonio?

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Experience I was elected to the Texas House of Representatives from San Antonio’s District 57-I in 1978 and served for two years. My committee assignments included the House Committee on State Affairs and the House Committee on Public Education. Re-elected in 1980 to the 67th Legislature, I again served on the House Committee for State Affairs and the prestigious House Committee for Constitutional Amendments. Following my career in the Legislature, I was elected to serve as Bexar County Commissioner for Precinct 2 in 1983. I was re-elected in 1987, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. My current term expires in 2018 bringing my total years of service on Commissioners Court to 32 years.
I have served 32 years on Commissioners Court and am grateful for the opportunity to make public service my life’s work. I've worked to improve access to world-class healthcare, make neighborhoods safer, provide needed services for veterans and seniors, and expand scholarship opportunities for our youth. I've also helped created 10,000 new jobs and voted to cut taxes three times in the last ten years.

I'm more engaged and involved than ever and will: continue expanding access to healthcare; build a public multi-modal transit system and increase Bexar County's minimum wage to $15/hour.
Bexar County has an award-winning Small, Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (SMWBEs) program in place, helping ensure SMWBE's have a fair opportunity to compete for all Bexar County contracts. Bexar County's program serves as a clearinghouse of information, identifies opportunities for qualified SMWBEs and offers technical support. Commissioners Court has established a policy seeking a minimum of 20% of all procurement dollars are spent with minority and women-owned business enterprises, and a minimum of 30% of those procurement dollars are spent with small businesses.

Although there are still rural areas in Precinct 2, the tremendous population growth in these areas has changed the discussion to balancing the needs of those fast growing areas and the older areas of the community. Each area has very different needs and I work to use every tax dollar efficiently to focus on the projects and programs that provide real, long-term value to our constituents. Balancing the two means funding projects like the expansion of 1604 and FM 211 to shorten residents commutes and the redeveloping of San Pedro Creek to create economic development and transform our Westside.
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Experience 20 year career in the U.S. Marines, responsible for policy development, planning and operations; 4 years in management at Bexar County
25 years leadership experience, including 20 as a Marine, both Enlisted and Officer. I hold a B.A in Government & Politics from the Univ of MD, College Park. I have served in Bexar County management for 4 years, leading the Veterans Service Office. Using visionary ideas and disciplined execution, we transformed our agency into one recognized as a model in the state of Texas. I have established exceptional relationships with government agencies and non-profits in order to maximize resources and taxpayer dollars. I am by nature highly motivated. I am ready and qualified to serve our community!
Having spoken with many business owners, I believe we can expand Small, Minority and Veteran owned businesses opportunities by revising existing County policies to ensure a more creative, open, and fair contracting process that contains a clear small business component. I will work to establish clear goals related to SWMVB development, use performance measures, and report outcomes in order to drive new initiatives. I will strengthen partnerships with public, private and non-profit agencies that assist existing and future entrepreneurs through small business development courses and networking.
I would begin with developing a comprehensive needs based plan for spending. We have a great opportunity at this time given the City of San Antonio's approach to resource application using an "Equity Lens." I believe Bexar County should use a similar approach, capitalizing on partnerships with local, state and federal agency resources. There are many areas, both rural and urban, that are historically underserved; those would be placed at the top of the priority list. I will prioritize use of taxpayer dollars to meet our community's basic needs first over funding less critical projects.