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Texas House, District 121

Members are elected by District to represent the people of their District in the Government of Texas.
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    Steve Allison (Rep) Attorney

  • Matt Beebe (Rep)

  • Carlton Soules (Rep)

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    Adrian Spears (Rep) Attorney

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    Marc K. Whyte (Rep) Attorney

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    Charlotte Williamson (Rep) Small Business Owner

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What processes do you support to improve elections and voter turnout in Texas?

Identify three measures that you would support that reduce gun violence.

After publication of the 2020 census, new congressional, state and State Board of Education districts will be redrawn. What process do you support to ensure fair representation?

What would you do to provide and fund an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-k through grade 12?

What are your legislative priorities for the Texas environment?

What would you do to ensure healthcare for all Texans?

Explain three priorities for the Texas government in the next three years.

What policies would you support to protect against sexual harassment and assault?

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Experience - Board of Trustees, including the two years as Vice Chair, VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority - Chair, Alamo Heights ISD Task Force on Character Education, Wellness and Digital Citizenship - Steering Committee, “SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan” - Board of Trustees, including three terms as President, Alamo Heights ISD - Board of Trustees, Texas Association of School Board - Statewide Special Committee on Revenue and Funding, Texas Association of School Boards - Vestry, Chair of Youth Education, Delegate to Diocesan Council, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
- Refine and expand early voting and voting by mail - Move primary to uniform date in May - More candidate screening and voter information
- stricter enforcement of existing laws - enhancement for offenses involving guns - enhanced identification and treatment actions regarding mental health conditions and violent propensities
We must provide a practical, fair and equitable approach to the drawing of all districts to be established by the Legislature.
Ensure that the State provides adequate funding for the provision of an efficient and equitable public education for all children of Texas, as required by the Constitution, and to reduce the increasing dependency on local property taxes. The State must prioritize public education spending with existing funds. Finally, the Robin Hood system which redistributes local tax dollars is broken and must be overhauled to address this longstanding problem.
The health and safety of the people is a top responsibility of government. We must provide a balanced regulatory approach that protects air and water and minimizes pollution while maximizing business expansion and job creation.
We must open the insurance market to inject meaningful competition and allow free market principles to pave the way for affordable basic healthcare protection for all Texans. It is also important to foster the expansion of community health centers and charity hospitals.
- Provide true property tax relief for families in a way that addresses our public school finance debacle. We can address both problems at the same time. - Maintain our commitment to making Texas the job creation capital of America through effective statewide economic development. - Prioritize the building and maintenance of vital road and infrastructure that focus on reducing congestion and facilitating mobility.
- Foster a positive culture of respect through essential school and workplace policies and education programs. - Strict education and enforcement of existing laws and policies. - Provide for an effective means of reporting harassment and assault incidents with Good Samaritan protections, especially on college campuses.
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Experience Adrian Spears is a constitutional conservative with a passion for local government reform. A third-generation Texan with deep roots in House District 121, Adrian grew up in a family of public servants who instilled in him a deep respect for our Constitution and the American system of government. Adrian's philosophy of public policy encompasses a strict adherence to the Constitution, the protection of individual liberties and an understanding that the proper role of government is to serve the people. Over the past decade Adrian has led a distinguished legal career focusing on complex litigation, while also serving several cities as city attorney, prosecutor, and municipal judge. As a third-generation public servant, he follows in the tradition of his grandfather and namesake, Adrian A. Spears, who served as Chief Federal Judge of the Western District of Texas and his father, Monroe Spears, who served as Assistant District Attorney for Bexar County. Over the past three years Adrian has been a vocal advocate for local government reform. He has been invited to testify before Senate and House committees on local government issues and has helped draft legislation to curb municipal overreach. Adrian has the experience and expertise to lead the charge on local government reform in the Texas House.
Increased penalties for election fraud

Continued enforcement of Voter ID Laws

Reform the procedures used for Mail-in ballots by improving data availability and uniform dates for election contests

I believe its important that candidates for trial court benches run non-partisan races as all judges should be fair and impartial.
I believe its important to address the causes of gun violence. As such I would allocate funds to our mental health system and to addiction recovery and family violence.

Stiffer penalties for family violence.

Continue to support and allocate funding for increased border security and anti-gang measures.
In order to ensure a fair redistricting, we must first ensure an accurate and thorough count of the citizens of the state in the upcoming census. Districts should then be drawn to reinforce regional cohesion and tie together communities of interest.
As a father to three young children, it is paramount to me that we recruit, retain and reward top performing educators and improve curriculum. This is best accomplished by reducing administration, facility expenses, and overhead. We must end Robinhood and find a more equitable system of public school finance in Texas.

Additionally, I also believe that the M & O portion of tax should follow the child to the school of their parent's choice.
Improved air quality in metropolitan areas.
We need to seek opportunities for greater competition in healthcare in order to make it more affordable again. We then also need to address fraud in the healthcare system as that has contributed to the rising costs of healthcare. Lastly, we also need to encourage opportunities that will increase the number of healthcare providers in Texas.

Local Government Reform - Local government should focus on providing necessities such as good streets, lower taxes, good schools and public safety which will attract more residence and businesses alike. A higher level of protections and consent are needed for municipal annexation and other significant actions by cities.

School Finance Reform - To improve the quality of public education in Texas we must recruit, retain and reward top performing educators. Therefore, we must dramatically reduce administration, facility expenses, and overhead in order to increase teacher salaries and improve curriculum. We must end Robinhood and find a more equitable system of public school finance in Texas.

Transportation Funding - Texans should not pay tolls on public roads. Greater transparency regarding the spending of tax dollars to improve transportation and ensure that all monies allocated to roads and transportation are spent on roads and transportation.
I will support any policies that protect against sexual harassment and assault.
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Experience Business degree from Wake Forest, law degree from St. Mary's. Practicing attorney. Port of San Antonio Board of Directors. City of San Antonio Ethics Review Board. Former President, Defense Counsel of San Antonio. Valero Alamo Bowl Committee. Board member, Faith Family Clinic. Leadership San Antonio, Class 40.
I believe we have made voting simple and accessible in Texas. Simple mail in registration and the long no-excuses early voting period provide ample opportunity for people to exercise their Constitutional rights and perform their civic duties.
I believe we need to enforce existing laws and not simply propose more laws for the sake of doing so.
I support the current process of the Legislature drawing new lines. If necessary, new districts will be reviewed by the appropriate courts and/or the Department of Justice.
I would like to see the state come back up to it's previous share of public school funding and will work to ensure local school taxes stay in local school districts.
1). Lower property taxes by reforming the appraisal process to value homes for what they're actually worth, not how much money local governments think they need.

2). Economic development and the creation of good new jobs.

3). Border security that protects our economic and public safety interests.
I support reform efforts that open insurance markets across state lines and allow self-employed people and others to be part of larger pools to provide more and better coverage options.
1). Stop out of control, skyrocketing property taxes.

2). Continue to grow our economy and create good new jobs for Texans.

3). Border security that protects our economic and public safety interests.
Enforce laws against harassment and assault. Vigorously prosecute those who violate them to hold people accountable for their actions.
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Texas has some of the strictest voter identification laws in the country. As a result, the risk of voter fraud in the state is almost non-existent. Critical to improving voter turnout is increasing faith in the system which will require voters and potential voters to believe that they have a stake in the legislative outcome. As a Representative, my first priority will be increasing awareness and education on issues important to my constituents and I will work to increase polling accessibility by extending ballot by mail opportunities to other vulnerable or disabled groups.

As a strong proponent of the second amendment, I believe that most gun violence is caused by mental health disorders. To help prevent gun violence, I will substantially increase the funding for the states mental health treatment centers. Moreover, I believe in early intervention among recurring domestic violence offenders as such behavior is highly correlated to future gun violence if left unchecked. Finally, better coordination between all branches of law enforcement to apprehend known predators as well as constant updating of watch lists from law enforcement and the military- the right hand has to know what the left hand is doing in order to prevent gun violence.
Texas should follow the example of other highly populous states (like California) and appoint a non-partisan and academic body to draw fair maps. It is important that the new maps respect the Voting Rights Acts and at the same time ensure a fair balance between urban and rural communities. The committee should consider only objective criteria that is set by legislative statue and must be subject to legislative and judicial review.
Texas’ school finance system is a total mess. With a huge number of conflicting legislative priorities, unfunded mandates, and an ever declining pool of willing teachers, it is time for Texas to think outside of the box. This starts with ending the so called “Robin Hood” plan which unfairly punishes school districts with strong tax bases and seeks to redistribute those funds to other communities. Over the course of this program, schools in my district, Alamo Heights ISD and Northeast ISD have had millions of dollars “recaptured” and sent to lower income districts. Critical to an equitable distribution is ceasing all programs that seek to punish students by removing funds on the basis of the relative success of their families.
The biggest problem facing the future of Texas is water. It’s no secret that Texas is an incredibly popular destination for families and individuals from other states. As our population grows, Texas must figure out how to fund our water infrastructure commiserate with our growth. Water is an immediate crisis, so kicking this can down the road will have devastating consequences.
Increasing employment opportunities is the rising tide that will raise access to healthcare for all. Hence, my major priority will be making sure that government regulation does not become too burdensome. The “Texas Miracle” (Texas’ economic success under Governor Rick Perry) relied on getting government out of business’ way, and that is a trend I would like to see continue. Critically, we must increase opportunities for small business and entrepreneurs as they employee the vast majority of the Texan workforce.
Texas needs to substantially increase their investment in roads and transportation infrastructure. Increasing the number of lanes on our major highways will help, but long term solutions require considering traffic before development starts. I am adamantly opposed to toll roads. The State should incentivize rideshare programs as a private sector alternative to traffic concerns. It is critically important to protect our community’s senior citizens from their two biggest threats: influenza and abuse. I will increase access to flu vaccinations for seniors who may have weakened or compromised immune systems. We must drastically increase penalties on all crimes that take advantage of seniors. By imposing drastic penalties on those crimes, we can prevent these problems from continuing. Property taxes are, far higher than necessary and primarily empower liberal City and County governments to tax and spend recklessly I want to lower the year over year appraisal cap to 2 percent.
Thankfully, our society is waking up the sad reality of rampant sexual violence between individuals with unequal power. 10 years ago, I experienced regular sexual harassment as a Congressional intern in DC, but had nowhere to turn for help. The Texas Legislature and its’ employees should be subject to mandatory sexual harassment training and a clear protocol must be established. My experience makes me uniquely qualified to develop such a protocol.The legislature needs a permanent HR committee that reviews claims of sexual harassment and the reporting system needs to be improved to protect victims from retribution. In our zeal to rid ourselves of bad actors, we should not start a baseless “witch hunt” on all men. By evenly and fairly applying a well defined standard of sexual harassment, we can be sure that everyone is playing by the same rules. My goal is to protect all Texans by instituting a forward looking, transparent process.