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Texas House, District 117

Members are elected by District to represent the people of their District in the Government of Texas.
  • Michael Berlanga (Rep)

  • Philip Cortez (Dem)

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    Terisha DeDeaux (Dem) Office Manager

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    Carlos Antonio Raymond (Rep) REALTOR

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What processes do you support to improve elections and voter turnout in Texas?

Identify three measures that you would support that reduce gun violence.

After publication of the 2020 census, new congressional, state and State Board of Education districts will be redrawn. What process do you support to ensure fair representation?

What would you do to provide and fund an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-k through grade 12?

What are your legislative priorities for the Texas environment?

What would you do to ensure healthcare for all Texans?

Explain three priorities for the Texas government in the next three years.

What policies would you support to protect against sexual harassment and assault?

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Campaign Phone (210) 966-4673
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Experience I do not hold any political experience (yet!). I currently have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management. I am a concerned citizen like you and am willing to fight for better.
I support the process of expanding early voting, as well as passing automatic and online voter registration which will help improve elections and voter turnout.
The three measures which can reduce the gun violence that I would support would include gun safety, Sensible gun laws, and safe communities. According to the, gun safety means to implement a mandatory training and licensing along with safe-and secure-gun storage. By implementing Sensible gun laws the assault weapons would be banned immediately and a background check will be made mandatory. suggests by supporting the city wide planning and implementation of comprehensive violence prevention place to include prevention, intervention, and enforcement can possibly prevent shootings, killings and violence in the long term. In order for this measure to work successfully our communities need the proper resources. (Resource provided:
The process that I would support to ensure fair representation is to make sure that a third party neutral organization or qualified individual helps with the redistricting process. In order for it to be fair, I believe it should be done this way. Elsewise we would focus on how many Democrats, Liberals, and Republicans are in the district to ensure re-election and that is not what the purpose of redrawing the district should be about.
I support the funding for increase in education that is what I am running for, however without having the adequate knowledge of the current education budget I can't answer this question (yet). I will work hard to ensure our students will receive the quality education along with access to more extra curricular activities.
The environment is an important factor when it comes to our everyday living and the some of the Clean Power Plan, Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act are legislation that I support and would prioritize for the Texas Environment.
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Campaign Phone (210) 232-0666
Campaign Email Survivor0253@Aoll.Com
a. Give people a reason t vote by letting them feel SPECIAL b. Letting them know that their beliefs are represented by elected officials in their district c. The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Give people free food or coupons d. Candidates sponsored Lottery Drawing For Lucky Winner: - Money, Vacation, Gas Debit Card etc.
(1) STOP PROMOTING GUN-FREE ZONES. "Politicians pass laws for gun free school zones, they issue press releases bragging about them. They post signs advertising them. And, in doing so, they tell every insane killer in America that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk."

(2) STOP COPY-CATS BY NO GIVING SO MUCH MEDIA COVERAGE TO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND OTHER MASSACRES. Learn how to identify when someone’s at risk: Help people identity at-risk behaviors, especially on social media, and learn how to respond effectively.



(5) HIRE ARMED GUARDS TO PROVIDE SECURITY FOR SCHOOL: REHIRE qualified and active retired police, active reserve and retired military, security professionals, certified firefighters, security professionals, rescue personnel, an extraordinary corps
(a) Establish independent redistricting commissions (b) Ensure clear redistricting criteria (c) Promote public input and transparency in their redistricting processes
The quality of an early childhood program is dependent on the following three key factors.

1. INTERPERSONAL INTERACTIONS: The experiences that a child has in their earliest years shape their development, and teachers play an important role in creating those experiences. A WELL-TRAINED AND HIGHLY SKILLED TEACHER tailors their interactions to fit the needs of the child.

2, THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: CHildren need a physical setting both indoors and outdoors where they can play, and learn safely. 3. EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY LEADERS: Can provide instructional and moral support to teachers and the business sector. 4. FAMILY ENGAGEMENTS: We must find ways to encourage families (parent) to participate in their children's learning. (5) SUSTAINABLE AND SUFFICIENT FUNDING MECHANISM BY CUTTING FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE.
1. NO ANNEXATION: I will introduce legislation opposing the city of San Antonio from Annexing far west Of 1604. 2. EDUCATION: I will focus on prevention, early child development, core biblical principles, health, nutrition and fitness for families. 3. CRIME VIOLENCE AND ABJECT POVERTY: 4. INFRSTRUCTOR AND TRANSPORTATION: The citizens of House District 117 have the right to safe, clean, reliable water supply for quality of life, as well as the right to a safe and efficient transportation system impacted.

1. CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY OF FIREARMS: Passing open carry and concealed carry on campus, church.

2. SB 2 PROPERTY TAX REFORM: Texan pay the sixth highest property tax in the natinand the high rates are taxing people out of their homes and hampering business growth. This Must change.

3. SB 3 – SCHOOL CHOICE: There is broad support for legislationto ensure that every parent has the school they believe is best for them.

4. SB 4 – SANCTUARR CITIES – NO coty in Texas should be allowed to Ignore the law. This practice should end once and for all.

5. SB 5 PHOTO VOTER ID IS ESSENCIAL – We must maintain the integrity of the voting process.

6. SM 6 – WOMEN ANG GIRL’S PRIVACY ACT: Privacy and safety In public Restroom, showers and locker room is a fundamental Moral Code.

7. SB 10: SPENDING CAP: We must continue the fight to strengthens the state spending limit so our government lives within its means.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND ASSAULT POLICY is a clear and complete documented set of broad guidelines and establish the rules of conduct within an organization outlining the responsibilities of both employees and employers in the workplace in place to protect the rights of workers as well as the business interests of employers. lays down the firm's response to known and knowable situations and circumstances.

(1) ZERO TELERANCE IN BLACK AND WHITE (NO GRAY AREAS) – Defining and Giving illustrations of what can be construed as sexual harassment will clarify one’s policy.

(2) DUTY TO TIMELY REPORT: Employees who feel they’ve suffered sexual harassment have to understand that their part in the process is a timely and accurate report to the appropriate management authority. (3) RETALIATION PROTECTION: Since sexual harassment is often a power move by a supervisor over a subordinate, those who’ve been subjected to harassment or witnessed it must know they have protection against later vengeful a