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Bandera County Justice of the Peace Pct 3

Hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only. Hears civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy. Hears landlord and tenant disputes. Hears truancy cases. Performs magistrate duties. Conducts inquests.
  • Randall J. Boysen (Rep)

  • Lisa Knight (Rep) Attorney

  • Misty Morrow Frantzen (Rep)

  • Mike Murehead (Rep)

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1. What are your qualifications for the position of Justice of the Peace? (limit 75 words)

2. What are the most important duties and responsibilities of the Justice of the Peace and how would you prioritize them? (limit 75 words)

3. What are the most pressing problems facing this office and how do you propose to handle them? (limit 75 words)

Campaign Phone (210) 355-1505
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Mailing Address 292 Settlement Rd. Bandera, Texas 78003
I have resided in Precinct 3 of Bandera County since 1993 when I transferred to Bandera County as a Texas Highway Patrolman, promoting into the Criminal Investigations Division of DPS in 2002. After retiring from DPS in 2011, I started a successful Security Consulting business specializing in the oil field industry. I served on the Medina School Board as a member and officer from 1998-2010. I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

In Texas, the Justice of the Peace (JP) Court hears Class C traffic and criminal cases punishable by fine only, hears civil cases up to $10,000, hears landlord and tenant disputes, hears truancy cases, performs magistrate duties, and conducts inquests. All duties share equal importance as each duty is important to those involved.
The JP is required to adhere to the Code of Criminal Procedure and follow the rules of judicial conduct while operating within an allocated budget and successfully performing statutory duties. I am proficient in criminal law and civil depositions. I have helped adopt large school budgets, ensuring that the needs of the students, employees, and constituents are met. I have prided myself on being fair and impartial, treating others with courtesy and respect.
Campaign Phone (214) 228-3959
Email for public contact
Mailing Address PO BOX 1355 MEDINA TEXAS 78055-1355
Facebook page Facebook: Lisa Moye Knight
Fax (830) 589-2510 please call first
Licensed attorney for over 30 years; Felony prosecutor for 18 years and presided over 150 jury trials and 300 non-jury trials giving me expertise to ask meaningful questions of witnesses to bring out the truth in cases so that a fair and just decision can be made. I am an active member with the MVFD and the Medina United Methodist church and care deeply about people and our community.
The duties and responsibilities of the Justice of the Peace are numerous, but the most important is to give all litigants a chance to be truly heard and give every citizen their day in court. It is critical to “humanize” the court system and for the decisions to be based upon the evidence and the law and the decisions to show justice, yet tempered by common sense and mercy.
To enforce the laws of our community and apply it fairly with equal justice for all litigants. I am committed to make Precinct 3 a better place for everyone by serving with character, respect, intelligence and wisdom. I previously enforced the laws of the State of Texas as a prosecutor for 19 years and will continue to do so as your next Bandera County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3.
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I am fair, honest, have integrity and common sense. The JP court is a people's court and should remain as such. I bring no baggage, such as prior commitments, relatives or good old boy club promises to the office.
The duties and responsibilities of the Justice of the Peace in my Precinct are to hear cases of traffic violations, small claims, misdemeanors, foreclosures, issue warrants, administer oaths, take depositions, perform marriages and verify deaths.
There are no pressing problems in Bandera County Precinct 3 since we have been well represented in the past. However, there is a continuing battle everywhere to suppress drug use and manufacturing. This will be the foremost priority if I am fortunate enough to be elected. We must protect our youth. Apparently there are some known suppliers in our area and I will shut them down.