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Bandera County Justice of the Peace Pct 1

Hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only.Hears civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy.Hears landlord and tenant disputes.Hears truancy cases.Performs magistrate duties.Conducts inquests.
  • James Goldsmith (Rep) Attorney

  • Scott Sharp (Rep)

  • Mike Towers (Rep)

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1. What are your qualifications for the position of Justice of the Peace? (limit 75 words)

2. What are the most important duties and responsibilities of the Justice of the Peace and how would you prioritize them? (limit 75 words)

3. What are the most pressing problems facing this office and how do you propose to handle them? (limit 75 words)

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As a trial attorney for over 10 years, I have tried many cases before Justice Courts across the State. I bring an expertise in the law and procedure beyond that of a non-lawyer serving as a JP. I have served as a licensed foster parent, and have adopted children from the foster system. As JP 1 presides over the County’s truancy cases, I bring a unique perspective to the adjudication of cases involving troubled ///
A Justice of the Peace must understand that he is not a law enforcement officer. That is the job of the police, sheriff and constables. He is also not a prosecutor, a job delegated to the attorneys representing the State and the County. A Justice is the referee: impartially applying the law prescribed by the legislature, being fair and ethical toward all parties, and holding Plaintiffs and prosecutors to their burden of proof.
Justice Court No. 1 maintains the highest volume of cases among the four Justice Courts of Bandera County, including truancy cases. An intense focus and a full-time Justice is necessary to bring that volume down. I have experience in managing over 100 litigated cases at a time, which has cultivated the exact type of intense focus necessary to make the Court more efficient for the citizens of Bandera County.
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Mailing Address  2850 Timbercreek Road Pipe Creek, Texas 78063
In addition to meeting requirements set forth by the Texas Constitution, I have numerous years of experience as a peace officer. As the primary search and arrest warrant writer for Bandera County (2005-2008) I understand The Four Corners Rule and other aspects that judges require. I’ve never lost a search warrant challenge which is critical because cases can be lost, rights can be violated or criminals can be set free. 
The most important duties of a Justice of the Peace would be to conserve the peace and insure the safety of the community. There are numerous duties that must be prioritized through judicial proceedings. If elected, I will enforce the constitution and serve the constituents with honor, integrity and fairness. 
Although I have not previously served as Justice of the Peace, from my perspective I believe that, not only the appearance of but the actual practice of neutrality and impartiality, must prevail. A good Justice of the Peace should protect your property from an overzealous affiant. I believe in the constitution and that democracy depends on a system of checks and balances. I will ensure that the scale of Justice is balanced in my court. 
Campaign Phone (830) 510-6600
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Mailing Address PO Box 63350 Pipe Creek Texas 78063
I am a sitting Justice of the Peace, and have completed thousands of hours in JP training from the TJCTC. I have performed dozens of death inquests, civil trials, criminal trials, hundreds of magistrations. I have also examined dozens of Probable Cause Affidavits, which I ruled on, and issued dozens of warrants, both evidentiary search warrants and arrest warrants, misdemeanors and felonies. I also hold a Texas Master Peace Officer’s License.
Judge, Magistrate, and Coroner. The Judge hears criminal and civil cases up to $10,000.00 As Magistrate I must ensure that persons are arrested according to the constitution, evaluate their mental health, and set bail, and add any bond conditions I deem reasonable. I also issue Emergency Protective Orders when appropriate. As Coroner, I attend scenes, examine bodies. I determine the need for autopsies, determine cause/manner of death. No priority.
The cost of housing prisoners. It costs $60/day to feed and house prisoners. AND, the county must pay for medical care including medication and mental health care. I propose to order the release of prisoners who are not dangerous are in jail on minor charges to avoid those costs. To the county. My 17 years in law enforcement and years experience on the bench make me well suited to make that judgment call.